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Assistant to Assistant

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn
Edited on on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 10:05pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Deck 5 - Sickbay - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD009 1100 hrs

Zhara was now settled in, but she had yet to stop by sickbay to get her physical and meet the doctors. So, at her first opportunity, she and Sophia went to see who was around and take a plate of cookies.

"Hello?" she said when they walked into sickbay.

"Hello." Hermia replied coming out of the Office. "What can I do for you?" She asked as she approached the visitor.

"Hello," she said, smiling warmly at the doctor. "My name is Zhara Rynn, and I'm a new counselor on he Pioneer." She handed Hermia the plate. "An offering, if you like cookies. Sophia and I are also in need of a physical."

Hermia accepted the plate before handing it off to a nurse. "Thank you, Both, I'll try some in break." Looking from one to the other, she asked "Who wants to go first?"

Zhara chuckled. "Sophia can have the honor. She's a therapy dog, so spends her days working with me. Where do you want her to go?"

Hermia pressed a button on the nearest biobed which caused it to lower to a height where Sophia could climb on. "Just direct her to the biobed." She said. "I'm not a vet by training, but I was a senior medical officer at a Marine base for quite a few years so, I had to learn to treat all sorts, and canine physiology is pretty close to that of humanoids, so there shouldn't be any problems." She added with a smile.

Zhara snapped her fingers and gave a hand signal for the dog to get onto the biobed. The black poodle turned around and sat, facing the doctor.

Once the dog was on the biobed, Hermia programmed the scanners for canine physiology. "Now, Sophia, just stay still a moment and this will be over." She said and activated the scanning sequence."

The dog recognized her name and wagged her tail. The rest of her remained stationary.

Moments later the bed peeped to signify the scanning sequence was complete. Hermia read the results. "It looks like Sophia is in good shape." She said.

"Excellent." Zhara smiled at her dog. "Good girl." She gave Sophia the hand signal to get down and come over to her.

The dog wagged her tail again and went to Zhara for scratches and affection. Then she sat down on the floor to wait.

"Your turn Zhara,." Hermia said as she reprogrammed the bed and returned it to its usual height.

The counselor nodded and took her place on the biobed. "Should I ask how long it's been since you had your psychological evaluation?"

"If you like." Hermia said. "And its probably about time I had my next one." She admitted.

Zhara smiled. "I can take care of that here, or in my office when we're done here."

"How about, I complete your physical and then we can make an appointment for me to meet with you?" Hermia said.

"That's fine," Zhara said, smiling. "Whenever is most convenient for you. I should have waited until after your shift was over anyway."

"Its fine," Hermia said retrieving her tri-corder and began scanning. "So, when did you get, Sophia?" She asked.

"We've been together for two years," she said, smiling at Sophia. "She knows when someone needs her. Sometimes she'll just sit by the person and let them pet her. Sometimes she climb onto the couch and lay next to them to give them comfort. Animals are amazingly intuitive."

"Indeed, we had dogs growing up." Hermia said. "I wanted a cat, but my father wouldn't allow it." She said starring off into the past. "Anyway, you're scans are done and happily I can declare that you have a clean bill of health. I'll take a blood sample and then you and Sophia are free to go."

"Sophia and I thank you," Zhara said. The dog's ears perked up when she heard her name. "I like cats, too, although they tend to train you rather than allow you to train them. But they do require less maintenance."

"Yes, cats are more self-sufficient then most other pets." Said as she took the blood sample.

"There, all done." Hermia said. "Now about this appointment, when's best for you?" She asked.

"Any time you want," Zhara said. "My door is always open."

"I'll be sure to visit you soon." Hermia said with a smile.

"I Look forward to it," Zhara said. She paused to signal Sophia to accompany her. "Thank you again, doctor. I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as my visit with you has been."

"Me too, Zhara, Sophia." Hermia said.

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Lieutenant JG Zhara Rynn
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Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke
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