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Children Causing Problems Part I

Posted on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 @ 5:22am by Ensign Dana Wakefield
Edited on on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 8:31pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: USS Underwood - Admiral's Ready Room
Timeline: MD007 1000 hrs

Wilfred glanced down at the picture of his little girl, apart from she wasn't a little girl anymore, she had grown to become a beautiful, talented woman, but like most parents, she would always be his little girl, and she knew it, she knew very well how to wrap him around her little finger. That's why he was surprised that she hadn't reached out, asked for help. The last time he had heard from her things were going well, she had been promoted to Lieutenant and she seemed happy.

It was unlike Dana to keep something like this from him. If it was not from a family friend in the JAG office, he wouldn't even know that his daughter's career was online the line and that she was facing the prospect of jail time. Something was wrong, call it a parents intuition but he knew his daughter and this was not like her, something had happened, but this couldn't be happening at a worse time, he had his own orders, his own mission to conduct, but luckily he had time for a short detour to Empok Nor. He wouldn't abandon his daughter in her hour of need, he would do anything to protect her and the Sutherland name.

=/\= Sutherland to the bridge, a slight detour, plot a course for Empok Nor, maximum warp. =/\=

Wilfred picked up a cup and took a mouthful of warm tea, he closed his eyes for a moment before the helm responded.

=/\= Aye Sir, we will arrive at Empok Nor in three hours =/\=

At least that would give him enough time to go through any recent mission reports, official ships logs and try and piece together what the hell had happened or was going on.

"Computer, open a priority channel to Commander Tucker, Judge Advocate Generals Office."

The computer acknowledged the command as the display screen slowly rose from a slot within the desk, the federation logo displayed with the customary stand by, flashing. Wilfred took another mouthful of tea before the screen flashed and connected.

"Admiral Sutherland, a pleasure as always." The middle-aged man said with a smile.

"How many times Jonathan, you've known me far too long, it's Wilfred when we speak freely," he said, raising a smile "Thank you for letting me know about my daughter, I'd still be in the dark if it wasn't for you."

"Well, I too remember a cute little girl in diapers. I also recall telling her farther that I'd keep him apprised if I ever heard anything or if anything ever came across my desk."

Wilfred nodded, it seemed like so long ago, but indeed Jonathan had promised to keep an eye out, after all, he had daughters themselves, one who was serving on his ship. "Katie is doing well, I'm sure she told you the good news?" he asked

"Tell me, she was literally bouncing off the walls with her promotion, I think she called half of Starfleet."

Wilfred laughed "Well, it was well deserved, you should be proud of her, she is doing some stellar work and she's committed, unlike someone who seems hell-bent on crashing and burning." he said with an audible sigh.

"I know, I was certainly surprised to read over the charges, it doesn't sound like Dana at all and she doesn't seem to be doing herself any favours."

Both men sat there in silence for a moment, a look of concern on both their faces. "Well I need another favour, I need to know who's prosecuting and everything you have on them."

Jonathan tapped several keys on a console "I'll send everything I have, I hope you get this sorted Wilfred, I'd hate to see Dana sitting in a prison cell."

"Not going to happen, even if I have to sell my soul," he replied.

"I know the feeling, I almost had to sell a kidney for Katie, once."

"Thank you, Jonathan, after this mission and when I'm home, we will have to catch up, but for now I have some light reading to do, Sutherland out."

With that, the screen flicked again and the federation logo was displayed, the promised files were already coming through.

(( Three Hours Later ))

Wilfred had several PADD's scattered across his desk, he had certainly been busy and what he had read concerned him when the chime of the communications disturbed his trail of thoughts.

=/\= Sorry to disturb you, sir, we've just dropped out of warp, both Empok Nor and the USS Pioneer have been informed of your arrival. =/\=

Wilfred pondered for a moment, deciding on his next course of action.

=/\= Hail the Pioneer again, tell them that I am beaming aboard and that I wish to see Captain and Lieutenant Malbrooke immediately, they may be in a court marital, but insist that it can not wait and have them call a recess, then get preparations for our next mission underway, this won't take long. Sutherland out. =/\=

With that, he gathered up the PADD's and headed out of his ready room by the side exit and straight into a turbolift.

"Transporter room, one," he said as the computer made the usual confirmation tone and the turbo lift gently began to move.

To Be Continued...

Lieutenant Dana Wakefield
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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