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Sophia Meets Mr. Tumnus

Posted on Thu Sep 26th, 2019 @ 2:03am by Mr Tumnus & Sophia
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Mission: Episode 8 - The Silence
Location: Counselling Offices - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 1300 hrs

Sophia was curled up on her favorite dog bed in Zhara's office while the hybrid went to get some lunch. Since no one else was in the office, the music was off and the candles extinguished. Perfect for a nice doggy nap.

Tumnus was walking around the world again. Walking down a long hallway. He recognized the the scent of this place, and there were a lot of two legs walking around here, but mostly two legs in blue fur. This was were the doctors lived and work.

As Tumnus passed a door it suddenly opened. A new smell went his way. He turned around and looked in the room that had just opened for him. This didn't smell like the two legs. This was different. This was new. Slowly but surely he walked in to the room. His tail was straight up, only the tip moved a little. He titled his head as she looked at the creature that was sleeping on that really comfortable looking bed. He moved closer and closer, while he softly sniffed it. He was now really close.

Looking at the way it was sleeping, it seemed to have a furry coat, unlike the two legs. And the way it was laying with its legs it would most likely walk on it's 4 legs and not two. And it had a tail.

Slowly and quietly he lifted up his paw and softly hit its nose. As soon as it moved he hurried under the chair turning around to look to him again, pulling his ears in his neck all the while keeping an eye on that thing.

Sophia heard the door open, but was more intent on her nap. If she was needed, someone would call her name. And then something touched her nose. Something small. She opened one eye and saw a ball of fur run under a chair. She lifted her head and looked at the creature, wondering if it was a new friend.

Tumnus was still cautious. He met mostly two legs, never another 4 legs. Not even someone like him. Bit this 4 legs wasn't like him. Slowly he moved closer. Again he tilted his head. He then moved his tail up. His mother taught him that was a universal greeting. And as he came closer he started to sniff out this 4 legs.

Sophia sat up, her tail wagging as she sniffed the new arrival. She'd smelled furry creatures like this before. They had sharp claws and made an obnoxious yowl when irritated. But Sophia didn't want to irritate it, or chase it out of her territory. Not until she found out if it was friendly or not.

She nudged the creature with her nose in greeting.

Tumnus didn't sense any hostility from the other creature and just softly butted his head against the nose of the other creature. Gently rubbing his ears and head against it's nose. He softly purred. Tumnus decided that this creature lived here as well with the two legs, and there for it belongs here with him. I am Mister Tumnus, that is what the two legs call me, what do they call you? Of course they couldn't talk like the two legs did, so he assumed the four legs would be using the same way to talk as he did.

Sophia pulled back, confused by the rubbing and purring. Then she licked the cat. I'm Sophia. I help the peoples you call two legs.

So do I, Sophia. He proudly sat down and showed his penning. It was given to me by the king, the great leader of the two legs. It says my name and ships cat. I am not sure what that means, but he has ordered me to always cheer up the crew. I don't know what crew means, but I think he means the other two legs.

Sophia cocked her head to one side, looking at it. Is that like a collar? I sometimes wear what my Zhara called a collar and tags. She shook her head. They itch. Thinking about her collar made her scratch the side of her neck. I do not know this king, but I know crew. They are what you call two legs. They come here to talk to my Zhara. We make them happy.

Tumnus jumped on a chair. I don't feel it itchy, the king gave it to me. And the king is the leader of the two legs. I found his house. He commands all the two legs and they bring him food.

Sophia's ears perked up at the mention of food. Food? Does this king always have food? If so, she would have to find this king when Zhara left her alone.

Tumnus nodded. He does. He gave me my favorite food. There is this magic window the tow legs use. And there is a magic room. You need to be patient and the right two legs need to come in, but then the room will take you to the house of the king. What usually works is follow the two legs with red fur coat. They often go to that place.

Sophia's tail wagged. She wondered if she could find such a magical place. Her Zhara had a box that gave food, but sometimes Sophia had to wait. If there were other peoples who could give her foods, it would be worth knowing. I have my Zhara. Do you have one people who takes care of you? The cat seemed to belong everywhere, and not just in one or two places, like the dog did.

Tumnus thought of the two legs in red, Yes, it is a two legs in red most of the time. Males and females. These two legs are called Chief, or petty officer or Yeoman. They come to get me and bring me back to my home. It's a big room with boxes and they call it the Cargo bay. He started to lick his front paw. There was one female, I think she said her name was Sophia. She brought me food once. They always bring me back to the Cargo bay, and I have everything there, I like to roam around the world. It is a big world out there. I think the two legs call it the Pioneer.

I saw the world when my Zhara brought me here. I have my bed here, and people who come to talk to my Zhara. They pet me and sometimes give me treats. My Zhara gives me treats, too. She has them in the big thing she calls desk. I go with her to quarters and sleep on her bed. I've never seen a cargo bay. Does it have a bed in it?

A bed? Tumnus was in thought a moment. Yes, my bed. He explained. But I like the beds the two legs have. They sometimes allow me to sleep on their beds. The beds are bigger so there is so much room. He purred at the thought.

Sophia's tail wagged. "Yes, those are big and comfy." She cocked her head to one side. "You seem to know this place well. Do all peoples feed you here? Why aren't there more of us around?"

Every two leg I met has fed me. Tumnus replied. There are more of us. I met a few like me on my travels through the world. You are the first of your kind I met. I think the two legs call it a 'first contact'. You do smell different from my kind and you are much nicer. And bigger.

Her tail thumped, pleased that the feline thought she was nice. "My Zhara says I am a dog. You have not seen other dogs here? That's too bad. I like to sniff other dogs and be friends. Are we friends?"

Tumnus thought about that. He never had friends. He moved his head side to side pondering that. And then he nodded. Yes we are friends. He then jumped of the chair and walked to the door. Are you coming? I can show you?

Sophia put her muzzle on her paws, her ears drooping. "I cannot leave right now. I must wait for my Zhara to return. I have to help people." Then her ears perked up. "But if you come back when I am finished working, I can go with you."

Tumnus thought about it for a moment as his head cocked to the side. I will be back and then we will have an adventure. He then turned and headed down the corridor in a trot. He wanted to seek out that spot with the swirly lights.

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