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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Traditions, Traditions

Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 8:15pm by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mira Jayde & Adibah Ve’hassi & Lei’hallah Ve’hassi & Abigail Ballston & Fahli’ Sov domi & Lieutenant Angela Abernathy
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Zulg's bar in his holosuite, Lower Promenade- Deck 6- Empok Nor
Timeline: MD009 1600 hrs
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A dark-haired woman crouched down and adjusted Abigail's gown as her pale brown eyes danced happily. Giving the young girl a gentle kiss on her forehead she offered, "you look wonderful," as he stood to her feet.

The two were standing in what would have been the foyer of a traditional Azzian home, only this one was only holographic and a long way from Azzia. The floor was a mosaic tile of creamy whites and beiges spotted with floral motifs in the same hue. On the back wall was a large glass doorway that opened to a lovely courtyard beyond.

Clear blue skies could be seen above the open space and colorful gardens lined the walkway surrounding a large pool and a gazebo-like building made from what looked like a cluster of trees. Over the tile roof could be seen trees that looked similar to earth palms spreading their foliage over some seating areas along the walkways leading to the gazebo.

Richard was organizing a table filled with fruit's and vegetables from Azzia along with some bottles of wine and glasses. Next to him was another table where a woman awaited to talk about some of the other customs.

Inside the gazebo, another woman was playing a tradition flute-like installment

Above their heads was a vaulted ceiling painted with a mural of colorful birds and green foliage from trees native to the Azzian homeworld. Hallways moved out from either side to reach the other rooms in the home.

"I hope lots of people come," the young girl said excitedly, "Daddy said it was important for people to learn about us."

Billy took some time off and away from the computers. He had been burning the midnight oil on the task that Quinn had set forth for him. A task that Calhoun was happy to do, the information was abundant and beyond interesting. However that would wait, for now he intended to learn about the Azzians. All he knew about them was that the Chief Medical Officer was one, and to an Intel Officer not knowing was disgraceful.

He arrived at the holodeck wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a flannel shirt and his WWII cap. The cap was slightly askew. He smiled "Hey Doc, ladies..." He tipped his cap to the women, an ancient custom.

Richard smiled seeing intelligence officer as he entered into the more holodeck and to the courtyard. "Chief Petty Officer," the physician said with a nod as he heard his voice, "Welcome."

"Thanks Doc and Chief will do just fine. I look forward to learning all I can." Billy responded.

The Azzian male was wearing a long brocaded light blue tunic jacket that matched his eyes and came down well past his knees. It split at his waist where a series of rather small, pearl-like buttons that came rose in a neat order until high on his chest where it opened revealing the darker blue silken shirt beneath. The high collar stood a good five centimeters above his shoulders as it circled his neck. On his left chest was a golden broach with what appeared to be a deep blue sapphire stone in the middle. Around it was a series of Characters in the pictorial Azzian language. His pants were a sickly white that gathered about his ankles and his resembled slippers with a small heal in the back and a floral motif that pulled together the blues and white of his outfit.

He moved from behind the table where he had been standing to come and greet his guest and bowed slightly, "I would like to introduce you to the Ambassador Lie'halla Sov'domi."

The dark-haired woman who was near him had come around as well and curtsied far deeper than Richard had, "may time be gracious to you."

She was wearing a beautiful gown that those familiar with the cultures of India from earth might assume was a saree. The bodice was a rich burgundy color of a silken fabric with a floral embroidery depicting colorful birds and flowers. Over the bodice was a sheerer fabric with more embroidery work included in it. The fabric draped over her left shoulder and was held in place by her own brooch of gold and blue. Over her long dark hair was a golden headdress of sorts. a filigree of gold with blue and red stones that dangled from it hung on her forehead. It dangled from a golden chain designed to look like little leaves and ran along her part. Over on the sides were several small chains, three on each side of the same design that moved towards the back of her head where it attacked to part of the sheer cloth that wrapped around her shoulder and hung partway down her back. She wore high heels that matched her gown."

"The pleasure is mine Ambassador. It is a rare an enjoyable treat to meet you and your people. In a way you share something with my people. We are both races displaced from time in a way." Billy said with a smile as he shook the Ambassador's hand. What little he knew about the Azzian culture was interesting, and he was interested in learning as much as he could this day.

Lei'halla smiled and nodded, "and which people is this," she asked curiously, "there are so many Amazing species living and serving within the Federation I have not been able to learn all of them yet."

"I am one of the few El Aurians left in the galaxy Ambassador. Those of us that are left are scattered to the diaspora." His gruff voice made him sound angry, which he was not. These Azzians seemed to have a light airy quality to them. It reminded him of Vulcans or of elves from Earth literature.

"Yes," the Ambassador replied with "I Am acquainted with the El Aurians, a wonderful species and a tragic loss for all of us that your homeworld was destroyed." She nodded and added, "we share something else in common it appears, we both have longer than average life expediencies."

Billy laughed "that would be too right, too right indeed." He wondered exactly how long an Azzian lived for. "Would you believe that I am five hundred Earth years old." He laughed, but it covered the fact that he was jaded and suspicious. The alliance with the Azzians was tenuous at best, and Calhoun did not trust anyone who did not reveal all when they asked to join the Federation.

"We can expect to live around four hundred earth years," The Ambassador offered, "I am impressed with your age Billy, we cannot boast quite such long lives."

"Due to what happened to El Auria we do not know what the natural life expectancy of my race is. Suffice to say I am going to enjoy life while I can. Ambassador please excuse me for a moment." Billy said as he made for the buffet line.

Jayna and Jayde arrived together. Both had chosen to wear simple formal gowns. Jayna's was a midnight blue and Jayde chose a warm brown. They paused to look around and admire the setting before they went to the first gazebo.

As the two women entered the blonde-haired woman inside stood and curtsied towards them, "May time grace you favorably," she offered with a broad smile.

Her extremely pale and soft blue eyes sparkled as she gazed on the twins, "welcome, my name is Fahli' and I am one of the women bonded to Doctor Ballston."

"Hi, I'm Jayna," the one twin said, smiling.

"And I am Jayde," the other said, bowing. "Pleased to meet you."

The Blonde smiled and nodded at the two women. She held out the wooden instrument that was in her hands, "the instrument I was playing is a traditional Azzian flute known as Fiosh, would either of you like to try it?"

Jayna took it. "I would. Do you play it the same as other flutes?"

"Oh yes," the Azzian said with a broad smile, "you just need to blow into the hole, here, and purse your lips and you will be able to play it." She pointed to the hole where she had been breathing into as she spoke. Folding her hands in front of her she nodded, "please, try it."

Jayna nodded and gave it a try. Blowing wasn't the problem, it was more the fingering of the holes to make the right sound. But she managed a credible run.

"Here, allow me," Jayde said, taking the instrument from her sister. She had a small flute in her quarters and played a short tune. "I like the tone. It is very nice."

Fahli' smiled and nodded, "you play nicely Jayde, I have been teaching how to play here on Empok Nor for, you are welcome to stop by the studio while on shore leave if you wish."

"I would like that," Jayde replied. "Thank you."

Billy decided that he would dig right in with questions and the such. "It is rare that a species is not monogamous. I am curious is there a reason for this in your culture?" He addressed the group of Azzians, wondering who would answer first. This was something that interested Billy a culture that had a lack of jealousy over mates was one that was leaps and bounds more advanced than most other cultures.

Richard had opened his mouth to start a reply when Adibah began her reply walking up to the group from inside the home, "there is," she said with a smile, "survival."

The physician kept his mouth shut trying not to chuckle at the light brown-eyed woman that was bonded to him.

"If Richard would have remembered to start the subroutine..." Adibah chided playfully placing a hand gently on his arm, "computer begin Azzian territory subroutine."

Just behind the two tables where Richard and Liehalla had been standing a holographic representation of a colorful area of space, "you see, she began there are seven females to every male."

The twins turned their attention to the presentation.

"What you are looking at, "Richard offered is what the Federation has named the Walter's Temporal Anomaly, our entire solar system is located within the anomaly, and yes, there is indeed only one male for every seven females so it has become essential that family units follow this rather untraditional method."

Jayna was fascinated by the anomaly. "Is yours the only inhabited world?"

As Jayna asked the question the program moved as if zooming in or threw the anomaly to reveal the unique solar system within, "there are seven planets including our twin suns, Dobi’ and Do’dia," Richard continued giving a nod to the Vulcan, "Azzians now inhabit all but the suns and have several space stations as well."

Viewing the spheres it was obvious that there were indeed two that resembled stars with their golden flames flashing and abating. Tiny orbitals could be seen around many, "I should add that nearly all Azzians live within the Anomaly." The Ambassador added, it has been only recently, in 2221, that we have been able to cross the Anomaly successfully."

"That number is increasing though," Richard chimed in, "at present, there are eleven enlisted Azzians in Star Fleet and there are four that have been accepted into the academy on Earth."

"Fascinating. Have any outsiders settled on your worlds yet?" Jayde asked.

"There are a few ambassadors and their staff that have taken up residence but there are very few that have requested living space anywhere within our solar system," Lei'halla replied with a nod, "though Vulcans have sent many scientific groups to our world and Betazoids come in large numbers to look into our telepathic abilities."

Richard nodded, "shall we continue with some more information about Azzia, the Azzian homeworld?"

Adibah smiled as the program advanced to a much larger image of a single planet of blue with fluffy could floating about in the mix. There seemed to to be something odd like a liquid sphere surrounding it, "Azzia is 5735.54 kilometers in diameter, that is about ten percent smaller than Terra." she pointed to the outer sphere, "you may notice that the atmosphere is a little different on approach due to a layer of water in the upper atmosphere which helps to keep the planet at a more even temperature. " The hologram changed again getting closer in revealing the lush land below the water in the atmosphere, "Azzia has no oceans though they have inland seas and unlike Terra there are no jagged mountain peaks and It has an average temperature of 26.7 Celcius." she nodded and looked at the ambassador, "As Lei'halla is fond of pointing out the oxygen level is higher as well and the gravity is slightly lower as well."

"It has never rained on Azzia, rather it is watered by a heavy dew sufficient fo support much vegetation and life," Lei'halla added as if on cue.

Richard chimed in not wanting to lose the momentum and to answer Billy's question a bit more thoroughly, "something that hasn't been mentioned yet and goes more to Billy's excellent question, the planet undergoes what is called Sodi’onar by the Azzians, this is a four year cycle in which the entire planet undergoes a twelve-month period of rapid growth and rebirth. This undoubtedly includes Azzians which must mate during this time much as Vulcan's when in Pon farr."

The twins understood Pon Faar all too well. Jayna nodded.

"Visually there appears to be little difference between the physical appearance of Azzians and Humans," Richard stated as he pressed a device on the table, "This hologram depicts the typical double helix DNA seen in most sentient species." He pressed another and button and another hologram began, "this is what a typical DNA sample looks like of an Azzian, with a quad-helix." "There are, at present, no known hybrids carrying the Azzian geans." "they also possess two unique hormones not found in any other species to date."

"What is the purpose of those two hormones?" Jayna asked.

Richard looked at Jayna and nodded. Had she asked the question a few years earlier he would have blushed profusely. Excellent Question, one is known as Follicle-stimulating hormone 184 and the other as Prolactin 23 within the Federation." He glanced around at the others and then back to Jayna "both are sex hormones found in both sexes and are involved in spermatogenesis and in the production of pheromones." He chuckled, "I have to say that our pheromones have a unique and distinct odor."

"Thank you, doctor." She found the complexities of the culture fascinating.

"Another difference," Lei'halla said following her bonded male, "is that from birth to puberty all Azzians have extremely dark eyes, you can see that in Abigail." "Upon reaching puberty we experience bilateral heterochromia." This is where we lose much of the eye pigment leaving our eyes much paler as can be seen in the four Azzians hear today." "It takes three to six months for Bak’tov, or the lightening of the eyes to be completed."

"Is there a significance to the change?" Jayde asked.

Richard nodded, "it marks an Azzian's physical maturity." He smiled and looked around, "it marks their hormonal changes, the approach of their first Sodi’onar and the development of telepathic abilities." With a chuckled the physician added, "sort of like acne does in humans.

Angela walked in with Linda and Scott next to her. Linda looked around and already looked kind of bored. Scott on the other seemed looking to where he could play. Angela walked up to the doctor. "I have arrived, sorry if I am a bit late, maybe you could introduce your daughter to Linda, I think she could use a buddy around here."

Linda just shrugged. She wasn't sure why her mother so desperately wanted her to be here.

At that moment the doors to the holosuite opened and Jennifer walked in. She walked up to the doctor. "Unbelievable, you organize an Azzian party and not invite me?" She looked to Angela and Billy, "Excuse me." She turned to the doctor again. "I would have love to...wait I am here. Never mind." She walked to the buffet.

Angela looked to the young woman that just walked to the buffet. "Now that is an entrance." She turned to the doctor again. "I seemed to have interrupted something as well. Thanks again for the invitation, I think I will join the Staff Warrant." She walked to the buffet.

Billy noticed Jennifer stride into the holosuite. "Jen, honey come over here there is someone I want you to meet." When Jennifer came over Billy made the introductions. "Jen I want you to meet the Azzian Ambassador Lie'halla Sov'domi."

Jen put some food on a plate and had grabbed a drink. She walked over to the two. She handed the drink and the plate to Billy wiping off her hands on a napkin, she then held her hand out. "Ambassador Lie'halla, nice to meet you. I am Jennifer Masters, chief Intelligence officer on the Pioneer." She smiled friendly. "You have a nice place here, even if it's just a holographic presentation, it's a nice one. Love the food."

Jayna wasn't quite sure what to make of her new boss' entrance. It was a little disconcerting. She mentally filed it away for later perusal.

Richard looked a little befuddled after the barrage and beratement but smiled, "I'll find Abigail."

Lei'halla shook the offered hand and bowed deeply, "may time be kind to you Mss. Masters," the woman said with a smile. "The hologram is of a traditional Azzian home, you are now in the courtyard," she motioned to the area around them, The suns dial, the time history pool and the gazebo-like building made from eight trees are all traditionally found through Azzia with minor modifications based on provinces." "Oh and Richard, Doctor Ballston made the food, it is all real, traditional Azzian recipes."

Within a moment Abigail walked up all smiles and clutched her father's hand, "lots of people did come Daddy."

"Yes Richard said regaining some composure. He crouched down so he was about even with his daughter, "Abigal I would like you to meet Linda, why don't you show her around?"

"Oh Hi Linda," Abigail said excitedly and as if suddenly remembering her Azzian Manners curtsied politely, "may time smile on your future."

"Hi," Said Linda, she was a human child so she wasn't familiar with the Azzian customs. She thought a moment and then said as she held up her hand in the Vulcan greeting, "Live long and prosper!" She shrugged, "That one is a good one too, we humans are quite boring when it comes to greetings."

Tag Abigail?

Richard drew in a deep breath realizing he has spoken quite a bit. There was so much he could tell and so much that needed to be explained but this wasn't a lecture or a course on Azzians so he thought he might wrap things up a bit.

"Are there any questions anyone would like to ask?" The physician smiled and glanced around at the guests. "and please, feel free to look around at everything here," He stated motioning to the courtyard and to the double doors that led into the house itself, "we have set up little information centers describing various areas, items, and other information about Azzians and their homeworld," The four of us in traditional costume are willing to answer any questions you may have and please, enjoy yourselves."

The Mira twins shook their heads in unison and moved off to look at the displays.

Billy contented himself by looking around at the Azzian cultural artifacts. He was of two minds about the subject. On the one hand the El Aurian understood that the Azzians wanted people to understand them and to participate in the galaxy at large. On the other hand there seemed to be something entirely too rehearsed about all this, Billy's gut was tingling, and his gut rarely steered him wrong. However, for the time being he would enjoy the food, music and company. He smiled and waded into learning about Azzian dance with the Ambassador.

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