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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Drinks with the boys

Posted on Thu Jul 18th, 2019 @ 2:30pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson & Corporal Tyrigus Fry & Private 1st Class Aiden Pearce
Edited on on Fri Jul 19th, 2019 @ 1:00pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: After 11 - Deck 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD006 2030 hrs
2250 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Aiden pulled off his tunic, revealing his toned slender, perfectly sculpted body and rock-hard abs. He glanced in the mirror admiring himself for a moment. He chuckled as he recalled the events of the day and a certain red-haired woman, who profusely declared she could take him. A wicked smile crossed his face, he certainly would not have minded her trying. His cheeks blushed a slight tint of red at the thought as he pulled off his trousers and headed into the bathroom for a cold shower.

A good ten minutes later, he had finished drying himself off and changed into some grey sweatpants and t-shirt that complemented his physique, he got a cold glass of water from the replicator, before his attention turned back to the red-haired women, who was she? And apart from her outburst, had she even noticed him. No doubt in time he would find out, and he was certainly intrigued. But for the moment he was going to head to a place that had been recommended to him, After 11 a bar and lounge, an excuse to let his hair down, have a drink and hopefully give him the opportunity to get to know some people, after all apart from his team, he didn’t really know anyone.

(After 11 - Deck 11))

Jayden headed into After 11, finding himself at loose ends. He headed over and ordered a drink, then found a table to sit at. It sucked being new and he wasn’t really impressing anyone but he would continue to push on.

Aiden casually walked into the bar and smiled, he looked around taking it all in, who knew a place like this even existed on the ship, a small smile, he could tell he would be spending a lot of his spare time here. Glancing around, he noticed another young man, by the looks of him he was around Aiden's age, and he was drinking alone, which clearly indicated Aiden wasn't the only newbie onboard. He approached the bar and ordered two whiskeys while waiting for the drinks to be served he leant against the bar, again, his mind turning back to earlier and the redhead, he had to find out who she was. His attention was brought back reality when two drinks were placed in front of him. "Hm, thank you," he said with a smile before he headed off towards the man drinking alone.

"You look like you could use this more than me," Aiden said placing one of the whisky down. "Mind if I join you?." he asked already sitting down and not waiting for an answer.

Jayden looked up at him. “No, have a seat.” He grinned when he realized he had already sat down. “Thanks. It has been a long day.” He picked up the drink and took a swallow.

"Tell me about it." He replied, taking a long sip of his own Whisky. "Private Aiden Pearce, I'm new aboard," he said extending his hand. "And why the long face."

“Jayden Robertson,” He shook the other man’s hand. “I had my first shift on the bridge last night and things didn’t go well.”

"Well I'm sure they will give you some slack and all, especially if it was your first shift," he said trying to give some gentle encouragement "And I'm sat here, so the ship is clearly still in one piece, so it definitely can't have been that bad."

Jayden laughed. “I got reprimanded by my chief in front of the bridge crew, then I got overloaded with work, didn’t make it to a meeting in time because she, that is Lieutenant Wakefield ordered me to not leave until I was done. At said meeting she let me have it again and then as if that isn’t enough I get summoned to Commander O’Flannagain’s office. And all this because I am dating the most beautiful woman on the ship!”

Gus wandered into After 11. Duty done for the day and the Federation not having gone to pieces on his watch. Now it was time to relax. The corporal was now dressed in a pink white and black floral bowling shirt and jeans with sandals on his feet. At the bar, he ordered a mug of Snake Bite, then looked around. Seeing Evon, wasn't it...the FNG in his squad, Gus wandered over and took a seat with him and a brown-haired Fleet type.

"Well and here we are Evon," he grinned at his squad mate. "I'm not interrupting anything arm I?"

Aiden jokingly took the hands of Jayden, "I was just confessing my undying love to this handsome man." before letting go and turning to Gus "But that shirt of yours has changed my mind, you're so handsome." he starting blowing making kissing sounds with his lips.

“You two would make a cute couple,” Jayden grinned. “Which one of you is doing the asking?”

Taking a drink of the stout/hard cider mixed beverage, Gus eyed them both and said, "Well, I tried just wearing the birds back when I was a private and nearly got busted back to recruit. They made a terrible mess and the Gunny claimed I was making the Fleet feel inadequate or flustered, depending on their persuasion.

Looking at Jayden then, he grinned. "Well, that's open for discussion. What can you bring to the table, other than another round?" With that he drained his mug and thumped it back onto the table.

Jayden shook his head. “Aiden’s the one got his eyes on your pretty face to match your shirt, I am surprised you two haven’t heard about me and my girl.”

Gus considered that, "Nope. Can't say I have. But then I, like most marines, live a wholesome existence and don't resort to speculation or gossip about other beings lives." He had an innocent tone to his voice and looked at the two other men grinning.

Jayden laughed. “It is kind of funny though I am not sure Rissie is happy being the latest ship gossip. But I don’t want to talk about her, I want to know if either of you knows what’s up Wakefield’s ass! That woman acts like she wants everyone under her to know she has the biggest set of balls on the ship!”

Aiden looked at Gus and smiled "Are you sure, I thought you liked to gossip worse than the girls." he said chuckling, before turning to Jayden, "And I can't say I've heard about you and your girl, and Wakefield, biggest balls on the ship, she wouldn't happen to be petite and have red hair would she?" he asked, pondering for a moment, it sounded just like the sassy red-haired women he had met earlier, who thought that she could easily take him.

“She’s a redhead,” Jayden conformed. “About five foot four or five and she looks like she is ready to take everyone out.”
He felt a little guilty this was his boss but he needed to let loose a bit.

Gus got up, walked to the bar and retrieved another mug and walked back to the table, a thoughtful look on his face. Sliding into his seat, he said "I think I know who you're talking about," Gus said to Jayden. "Redhead that's on fairly good terms with WO Masters. I've seen her go in and out of the SCIF here and there. Nice ass, but her broomstick's shoved so far up it that I smelled pine the last time she told me to get out of her way."

Taking a sip, he winked at Aiden "But then she's fleet. And an officer and we all know how those are." Grinning openly at Jayden he said, No offence sir."

“None taken,” Jayden replied. “I’ve met my share of marine idiots, we all have them. And call me Jayden, I hear sir and I want to look around for my bosses.”

Gus laughed and shook his head, "Sorry, Jayden sir. But with marines, it's a bad habit to break. We can't forget that and if we do it's at our own peril." Drinking more of his Snake Bite, he changed the subject, "So, tell us about the redhead. Things we don't know."

'Apart from she's as cute as hell' Aiden thought to himself, even Gus had said she had a nice ass. He blushed for a moment and drank some more of his whisky. "Yes, tell us, tell us why that's brooms lodged up her backside."

Jayden shook his head. “Apparently the whole ship is talking about the night I met my girl,” he replied with a sigh. “Of which I am not discussing Rissie with anyone seems disrespectful to her. I personally think she needs to get laid or something because she seems pretty angry that me and her assistant have been in relationships.” He paused. “Don’t quote me on that she has already ripped one layer of flesh off of me.”

Aiden winced "my girl, do men really still label women as personal property." he said puzzled, he would never refer to anyone he was dating as 'my girl'. "But, if you want to point your beautiful girlfriend out to us cute guys, just so we know which ones are off limits," he asked+, finishing the last of his whisky. "But first more drinks."

Jayden frowned. “I see your point and I didn’t really mean it like that. She is her own woman, we are still in the early stages of seeing each other. Damn, she would rip me apart if she were here. Independent and beautiful and no I am not pointing her out to you two. I don’t own her, she can tell you to take a walk all by herself.” He shifted. “Maybe you should approach Your redhead and see if you get lucky!”

"" Aiden blurted turning a little red "Next round's on me." he said quickly getting up and scurrying back to the bar to get another round of drinks for the boys. "Three shots of your finest...actually surprise me, three shots. three pints of larger, a snakebit and two whisky's, neat, please," he said with a killer smile, he's white teeth brimming from ear to ear.

Jayden grinned at Gus. “He has it bad for her. But it’s lucky for us, free drinks!”

Shaking his head, Gus drained his mug and eyed Jayden. "For a moment there, I thought I was going to need a universal translator. You two were starting to babble like Ferengi hawkers." Looking at the table and seeing the mug had left a condensation line, Gus ran a finger through the moisture and chuckled. "From what I've seen, significant other's like a bit of innocent possessiveness."

Then he laughed, "Since I'm currently chronically single, I'll have to live through your stories. So, is this girl you're chasing around enough to make a good dog break his chain?"

Jayden blinked at him for a moment then he smiled. “I like her a lot but we need to get to know each other and see where things go from there first.” He grinned then. “Between us only, yes she is.”

Gus shook his head, "Wow, you're really being nervous on the feelings part about something right out of the blocks where you should just be looking at the lust part. Like how she looks in the shower and how much better she'd look if you were in there with her, holding her....loofah."

“I told you I am not talking about her,” Jayden said firmly. “She wouldn’t like it and I like her too much to hurt her.” He looked up as Aiden returned. “About time, I am thirsty.”

Aiden passed the shots around first, followed by the pints and then the guy's favourite drinks. "I'm sorry I didn't know what you liked Jayden, so Whisky it is and what did I miss?"

Gus glanced at Jayden, then grinned. "Jayden here was just talking being incredibly steadfast in taking the high road and keeping all the juicy details to himself. So, without that to talk about I guess it falls to me to tell a story about an Orion girl I knew once. Met her at a coming out party."

Jayden took a drink from his glass. These guys sure got around.

Gus took his shot and fired it down, regarding the other two. "I think I'll leave you two to discuss your loves and the like." Glancing toward a far table where a pair of nubile young ensigns, one human one he wasn't quite sure of, were sharing a drink. "While you do that, I'm going to go see if either or both of those ladies like my shirt."

Getting up, Gus made his way through the crowd, smiling broadly.

“How about we go get something to eat,” Jayden said to Aiden. “I’m kind of hungry.”

"Sounds like a plan." Aiden grinned as he watched Gus walk over to the ladies "May as well watch and chuckle if he's knocked back." Aiden replied

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