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New Kid in Town

Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 12:36am by Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mignon Mejia
Edited on on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 12:52am

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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Chief Scince Officer's Office - Deck 8 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1030 hrs

Mignon changed into a clean uniform so that she'd make a good first impression and headed for Deck 8 to report in to the Chief Science Officer. She normallyl liked wearing coveralls or a simpler jumpsuit, but for her first meeting, she wanted to give a good impression.

She stopped in front of the Chief's office, straightened her uniform, and rang the chime.

Vaebn was startled by the door chime. He knew he had new staff reporting today, but he had expected them to arrive much later; unless he had lost track of time again. He laid the PADD on the desk and turned towards the door from the far wall where he was working. He glanced at his uniform, his top was open exposing the grey under-tunic; he smoothed the tunic quickly and spoke, "Enter."

Mignon walked in and smiled. "Hi. I'm your new Anthropologist."

"Ensign Mejia if I'm not mistaken. Welcome aboard." Vaebn nodded slightly as he spoke. "I trust you are finding your way about the ship so far?"

"Considering I just arrived and found science, I'd say yes. It may take me a bit longer to get used to the rest of the ship, but since I'll be spending most of my time here, I can't complain."

"Well then, shall we take a look around and get you acquainted with your more immediate surroundings?"

"Sure." Mignon smiled. "And tell me about the ship."

"For starters," he led the Ensign out of the office, "these are the primary science labs, and are interconnected to the secondary labs on the lower decks. The secondary labs are designed around specific fields or experiments that will be conducted during the assigned missions." Vaebn stepped out of the the labs and into the corridor. "There is a lab on deck 8 fitted out for geology and archaeology that you may find particularly interesting. The astrometrics lab is also on deck 8, and is where you can usually find me, when I am not on the bridge."

She nodded. She hadn't worked with geology in the same lab before, but it would be an interesting combination. "How are the primary and secondary labs interconnected?"

"Mostly through the shared computer network subsystems that the science labs operate under. It helps free up processing power for the ships primary systems to have us under a sub-network and routed through our own systems. This also means you can observe experiments in the secondary labs from the primary or my office. The only lab that cannot be remotely accessed is Astrometrics." The nearby turbolift doors slid open and Vaebn stepped in, inviting the Ensign to follow. "Astrometrics." he said aloud, and the lift began to move. "Astrometrics runs on its own smaller computer core as it requires massive amounts of processing power and direct communications and sensor grid usage. Everything we catalog is pulsed directly to Starfleet Sciences via subspace and compiled to give everyone access to a living map of the explored galaxy."

Mignon was impressed by the setup and the power utilization for the science labs.

The lift stopped and he gestured to the hallway beyond the doors.

She walked off the turbolift and waited for the lieutenant. "I wish more ships ran as efficiently."

"I'm sure there are many that do." Vaebn stepped out of the turbolift behind her and took the lead once again, heading towards astrometrics. "However, I believe our team has built upon our experiences and quirks which gives us an edge above others. We know what to expect from each other, most of the time, and that enhances our ability to predict what needs to happen next."

They arrived at the lab doors, "Would you care to join me Ensign? I have some recalibration to perform on our uplink transponder, and I wouldn't mind an hand firing up the beast I keep locked in here."

"I'd love to," she said, smiling at the other scientist. "Just tell me where you need me." From their brief interaction, she liked her new boss. This was going to be a wonderful place to work.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Chief Science Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Mignon Mejia
Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Pioneer


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