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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Posted on Mon Mar 19th, 2018 @ 10:25pm by Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles & Adibah Ve’hassi & Lei’hallah Ve’hassi & Abigail Ballston & Fahli’ Sov domi
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Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Empok nor
Timeline: MD001 1100 Hours
Tags: SD 71370.1100
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The USS Hornet had docked with Empok nor to let off one passenger. A young half betazoid woman waved her goodbyes and walked onto the station. Luckily she wasn't encumbered by her gear Wonderful thing transporters she thought as she made her way to the promenade.

Her understanding of her orders was that she had a while before reporting in. As such she decided to take a walk and take in the sights and sounds, not really watching where she was going.

Lei'halla was wearing a traditional dress of a silken blue with embroidered tiny flowers that accentuated her pale eyes. Her long hair cascaded in waves down her back and glistened slightly under the stations lights as she walked out of a restaurant holding a PaDD. She was still getting used to her new home and had taken a lesson from her Richard on how to find your way around such a place. in her other arm was a shopping bag holding some fresh vegetables she hoped to use for the evening meal though exactly how she was going to use them was still a mystery. The bag was more than full and the stalks of celery poked too far out from the bag and as she made a turn it began to fall. As the Azzian tried to catch it she managed to loosen a few red onions and a green apple that went rolling over the decking towards the officer.

The betazoid engineer was instantly snapped out of her haze. Seeing the woman struggle with her bag he walked on over. Lwaxana put a smile on her face as she stooped over to retrieve the errant produce. She placed them back in the bag, being ever friendly. "Looks like you could use some help." she said, ever the helpful Starfleet type. "May I help carry your bag?"

"Oh thank you," The dark haired woman said as her face flushed a her face broke into a broad grin, "how clumsy of me." She bowed slightly towards the woman with an elegant grace as she offered her the bag, "I am Lei'hallah ve'hassi, the Azzian Ambassador, it is so nice to meet you."

"A pleasure. My name is Lwaxana Myles. Call me Lax if you want." she smiled, returning the bow. She hoisted Lei'hallah's bag into her own arms

"I see you are a Starfleet officer," The dark haired Azzian replied with a smile as she motioned for them to walk forward, "are you stationed here or on one of the starships docked here?"

"Just transferred here from earth actually." she replied, beaming. After all Lwaxana was in her element already with actually being able to do engineering work.

"Were you stationed at the Academy in San Francisco," Lei'hallah asked with a grin, "it is a lovely place."

Lax nodded. "I have to agree." She said, beaming. "Taught engineering classes there. Beautiful this time of year"

"It reminded me of my own homeworld," the ambassador replied, "though we never have rain as I observed while I was there."

"Sounds like a nice place!" Lwaxana said, interest piqued.

"Azzia is a beautiful place," Lei'hallah said beaming, "the climate is warmer than most of Earth, tropical would probably be the best way to describe it." She motioned for them to turn towards a bank of turbolifts, "I have some holophotos my bondsman took while he was there, He's the chief medical officer on the U.S.S. Pioneer.

Lwaxana followed Lei'hallah. "Id love to see them." she excitedly offered. "USS Pioneer huh? My own husband is the Chief of Security there."

"Then you shall," The Azzian woman said smiling, "I am sure the rest of the family would love to meet you. Why not stay and share our meal?"

Lwaxana was honored. She certainly didn't expect to be invited to eat with an Ambassador. Her answer was an easy one. "I'd consider it an honor." she replied

"Then you must," Lei'hallah said with a broad grin, "this is turing out to be a lovely day."

Lax smiled. She couldn't help but agree.

The lifts doors opened and the woman stepped out into the corridor beyond and glanced back at her new friend, "we are living not far from here." She chuckled, "it does not feel like home for us especially without Doctor Ballston."

Lax nodded. She couldnt help but feel somewhat in the same boat. "Lead the way." she said

The Azzian nodded and offered a smile as she continued down the corridor and took and stopped at a doorway to her right, "This is it." She reached up and affectionately rubbed the small dots of braille characters under the plaque that indicated who lived there. It wasn't because she needed to but rather in response to a memory of her bonded man doing so when the arrived there not long ago. Lei'hallah's name along with three others were listed there.

Her hand moved to activate the door open which swung open revealing a blonde girl who walked briskly towards the Door, "mother Lei, you're home!" She gave the woman a big hug and smiled broadly up at her.

Then her dark blue eyes caught sight of the other woman, "oh hello, I'm Abigail."

"Hello Abigail." Lax smiled. "My name is Lieutenant Myles. But you can call me Lax if you want."

She smiled and grinned at the officer and as her dark bule eyes gazed on hers, "do you work with my Mother Lie'halla?" The girl took a few steps back into the living area and continued, "my other mothers will be here soon. Fahli' should be giving her last music lesson and Adibah' used the COM to tell me she would be home soon."

Lax smiled. She couldn't help but be reminded of her own son. Have to see if a playdate could be in the cards she reminded herself. "That's great!" she said.

Lie'hallah took the girl into her arms and gave her a loving squeeze pulling the clild closer the released her, "Abigail would you go get the holoimage viewer, the Lieutenant would like to see some pictures."

The young girl smiled broadly and nodded at the woman, "oh yes, I'll be right back."

As the girl disappeared down the hall of the larger than normal quarters she looked over at her guest, "would you like to have a seat Lieutenant?"

The main room was larger than normal with large transparent aluminum windows along the back wall. To the left was an open kitchen and a dining area occupied by a round table suitable for entertaining.

On the walls of the main room were Holographic images of the Azzian Homeworld Showing the lush natural beauties of their planet. The Sofa Lei'hallah purchased to replace the one she had gotten for Richard held a prominent position. Other seating scattered around an antique wood coffee table Richard had purchased since they had lost everything when their ship had gone down.

Lax walked around, taking it all in before finally taking the offered seat. Beautiful place she thought to herself.

Lei'hallah had glanced down the hallway a moment to see what had happened to the youngest Ballston "Can I get you anything to drink, I have some wonderful Azzian wine from Richard's sisters vinyeard, " she offered politely.

Lax perked up. "That sounds nice. If it's not any trouble." Lax replied.

The Azzian woman smiled, "it's not a problem at all." With those words she turned to retrieve a bottle of the ruddy liquid and a pair of glasses.

As Lei'hallah was in the kitchen the door opened and her sister Adibah' came in through the door. Almost instantly she spotted the guest and offered her a broad smile, "may time smile on you plans," she offered with a bow. She glanced over and saw her sister and offered her a grin before walking further int the room turning her attentin back to Lax, "I am Adibah', Lei'hallah's sister."

Abigail came in the room carrying what looked like a rectangular box and spotted the new arrival, "oh hi Mommy Adibah' welcome home."

Lax nodded to Adibah." Pleasure to meet you. "Lwaxana Myles." she smiled

Adibah' smiled and walked over towards the woman and took a seat not far from her, "do you work on the base here?"

The girl grinned a she almost skipped over towards her, carrying the album. Her dark eyes were a starch contrast from the other two Azzian women that were present as they gazed on her guest, "here is the alblum, it has a lot of picture of me and my daddy in it."

"Lots of pictures of Azzia," Lie'hallah said with a chuckle. She came from the kitchen carrying two glasses of wine as she spoke.

When she was in front of Lwazana she offered one of the glasses to her and turned to her sister, "would you like a glass Adibah'

"is this from Richard's sister," she asked almost knowing the answer as she relieved the stemmed glass from her hand.

As she spoke the door slid open and a blond woman with pale blue eyes entered. In her hand was a small rectangular case. It was black with a handle that she held tightly to. She wore a gown that looked something like an sari with a beautiful blue and red floral print. for a moment she looked puzzled at the gathering for a moment then a smile crossed her face, "I see we have a guest."

"Hello" Lax said. "Lieutenant Lax Myles." she said, providing yet another introduction.

"Pleasure to meet you," Fahli' said with a bow as she walked over towards her and sat the case down to take a seat across from her. "We are all new to the base are are so pleased to be making friends here."

"Likewise" Lax smiled. She returned the bow.

Lie'hallah had come around into the living area with a few glasses and an open bottle of wine. She offered Lax and Adibah' a glass and began pouring the red liquid into the clear receptacles, "It will be a few minutes before we will be ready to serve the meal," she offered, "please just relax and enjoy your wine."

"Thank you so much." Lax smiled

Abigail looked at her mothers and back at their guest and gave a giggle, "if only Daddy know we were making friends here."

"I'm sure he will soon," Adibah' said with a broad smile as she accepted her glass and her sister poured her some wine. She sat back in her seat and motioned for the girl to come sit by her, "come sit by me Abigail and you can show her the pictures."

"I was hoping you would say that, "Abigail said with a grin as he sat down between them, "there are so many pictures in here, are lot are of Daddy and me."

Fahli' chuckled and tilted her head, "is that what you got the pictures out for Abigail, to show her pictures of you?"

"I asked her to get them," Lei'hallah said as he took a glass over to the blonde, "I thought she might be interested in what our homeworld was like."

To which Lax nodded. She was always eager to learn new things. This provided the perfect opportunity

Abigale pressed the small button on the side of the device and the image of a warm beach appeared with the two suns setting over the rippling waters. "I really like this one," the girl admitted looking up at their guest and moving the album so she could see it better. "Daddy took this one when I was two on the shores of the Dab'gi sea.

"Beautiful picture." Lax smiled, visibly impressed. She was enjoying herself immensely.

"Show her the next one Abigail," Fahli' said with a smile, "I love that one."

The girl nodded and changed the holoimage displayed. Tall sky scrapers on what looked mich like an island though it was an outcropping of land into a body of water. "This is Hov' ko," Abigail said with a broad grin, "they have a really fun museum for kids."

"It's a beautiful city," Adibah' added as she walked with her sister into the Kitchen, "I love the shopping district."

Lax's smile got bigger with each picture. She kept envisioning herself there with Larim, exploring. On the beaches. All in all a great mental picture. She nodded and smiled as each new image.

Fahli' had walked into the kitchen and began bringing plate out to set set the table. She had been listening as she placed the dishes precisely on the table and began to return for more, "it never rains on Azzia, that's something most are surprised to hear."

Lei'hallah headed back towards the kitchen after filling the glasses to prepare the meal, "are you allergic to Lieutenant?"

"Foods you mean? Not that I know of." she replied.

The Ambassador smiled as she picked up a leafy green head of something that looked like lettuce but not quite the same. She hit it fairly gently on the counter and then spread the leaves out so she could chop them into smaller pieces, "well we have a plant based diet so I've found many people that have enjoyed our meals."

Abigail grinned, "I like what my Daddy does with the food, he tries to make it look like human food."

"Well I'm not quite as talented as your father in that regard," Lei'hallah admitted placing the leaves in a large bowl, "but I have learned to make pizza."

"Sounds delicious" Lax replied.

"Well we will know soon," Lei'halla replied as she left the kitchen carrying a large wooden looking paddle holding a large pizza pie teaming from the oven to the table.

Her sister followed with a large bowl of colorful salad, "is anyone hungry," she asked with a broad grin.

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