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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Happy Meeting

Posted on Sat Jun 29th, 2019 @ 10:00am by Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Sun Jun 30th, 2019 @ 12:16pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Empok Nor promenade
Timeline: MD003 1300 hrs
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Jennifer had a little time to spare before she would leave to get Shoshanah. She walked a bit in thought over the promenade. It was a while since she was here. And the last time she asked Billy out here. She smiled at the thought.

Khalon walked the promenade, having just left a few friends minutes before so he could look around for himself. He passed the myriad diverse visitors to the station without paying them any attention, but strode confidently toward the clothing store. He was pressed in a pair of shaded jeans and a tight fitting black shirt that emphasized his sculpted body.

As he stepped into the shop, he let his mind wander, focusing on the mysterious of his new assignment, even though he didn't look like a Starfleet Officer at the moment. His was a military family, so he actively wondered how his father and sister were doing in their duty assignments. He wondered, that is, until he noticed a beautiful woman standing at the next rack. He eyed her confidently and, without thinking, moved toward her.

"I hear Jonie can make any garment a woman could want." he said, referencing the owner of the shop. He looked down at the garment the woman was eying. "You have good taste."

Jen raised an eyebrow as she was holding a black leather jacket. "Oh this?" She said, "I was just looking for something to wear for my next mission. And I know, last time Jonie made me a nice cocktail dress." She smiled when she remembered when she used that thing. She wore that the first time she met Billy. She looked to Price. "You look familiar, have we met?" She thought a moment.

"I'd remember meeting you." he said, shaking his head and offering a charming smile. "Maybe you've seen me in your dreams, I don't know."

He spoke confidently, but didn't linger on his last statement, instead, he moved on to his point of curiosity. "Your next assignment? What would you need with a leather jacket?"

"Sorry that is need to know," Said Jenn, "And you don't need to know." She ignored the part he said about seeing him in his dreams. "I think I have to look you up when I get back to the SCIF on Pioneer. You don't really look like top secret to me. And even if you were, I just hack your file." She continued talking without flinching her face.

"Oh, somebody's got some power." he said with a smile. "You can hack my file if you want to, Miss. Tell me what you find out."

She was clearly resistant to his charms, but he'd impressed tougher targets in his day. He focused on her, though not so intensely as to be intrusive. "So, are leather pants supposed to go along with this bad-ass spy outfit you're putting together?"

"Maybe, I don't know yet," Jenn said walking over to the next rack. It looks like this wasn't going to leave her alone. She then reached in to her pocket and took out a padd and a tricorder. Always handy she thought. She then put them both away as she took a tight jeans pants before turning looking him straight in his eyes and said, "Ensign Khalon Price, assistant chief flight control officer, human, age 25. current assignment USS Pioneer. Now this should be interesting," she said.

"Well, I appreciate that you're trying to impress me, but you could have just asked for my name." he said, flashing a very attractive grin. Silently, however, he was very impressed at her skill, though he expected she'd remembered him from the manifest and might just be pretending to be clever. Nevertheless, his grin continued.

Jenn laughed. "Now where would be the fun in that." She said, "But since you didn't ask, I am just gonna assume you want to know. Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters, Chief Intelligence officer."

"I already knew that." he joked with a chuckle. "Read it from my tricorder. You're not the only super spy around here."

He extended a hand toward her, looking down at it and waiting for her to shake. "It's nice to meet you Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters, Chief Intelligence Officer."

Jenn smiled and took his hand. "Nice to meet you too, Ensign Khalon Price, Assistant chief flight control."

"So since you're a spy," he continued playfully, after shaking her hand. "you probably know everything about me. So tell me, Jennifer, what's my deepest darkest secret?"

Jenn put the jeans back on the rack. "What makes you think I would be interested in your darkest deepest secret, Ensign?" She looked to the leather jacket again. "Surely you can understand that as an intelligence officer I will only look in to a crew member when they deem worthy of my attention."

"Oh, I'm very interesting." he said with a grin. "All the other spies read my file. You don't know? You're loss, I guess, Miss Masters."

After the statement, he walked around the rack where they could no longer see each other and ran his hands through the fabric. Leather wasn't his style, but he still appreciated it. He was more a man who liked tight T-shirts and grey sweats, though he could dress up handsomely when the time came.

"So is that just the lady spies, or are we talking about all spies in general?" She knew he was still there and she could tell he was very full of himself. And he didn't seem like the type of guy who would let go of his prey that easily, but Jenn wasn't going to be bated by some player. She never had, and she never will.

"All spies, Miss Masters, but only the laddies get to interrogate me." he said, laughing openly. As he finished his chuckle, he came around the clothing rack again. "I'm gonna keep searching the promenade. It was nice meeting you. Guess I'll be seeing you around."

"I guess you will," Jenn said watching him leave with narrowed eyes before she looked at the jacket she had earlier. That would have to do.

Khalon turned and exited the room. He was sure she thought he was pursuing her in a more personal way than he was and he knew there was no way to reverse that today. He left, then, when he felt that his welcome was at an end. Now came some shopping of his own.

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