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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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The Saloon Part I

Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 8:44pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Warrant Officer Mira Jayna & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sofia Cipriani & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa & Captain Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles & Chloe de la Vega
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: After 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD005 1800 hrs
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Tyler had this idea from the minute they had docked. Kat and Chloe had helped him flesh it out and get everything set up. After 11 had been temporarily redecorated with an American west motif. With the assistance of the holo imagers the windows showed the landscape surrounding Dodge City. Tyler and Katherine were already there putting the finishing touches on the place. Tyler wore a pair of jeans, brown leather cowboy boots, a plaid button down shirt and his father's hat. A large silver belt buckle with a horse's head on it was around his waist. A dark haired woman dressed in flowing silks the color of a sunset was playing lively ragtime style music in one corner. "Well Chloe your staff does good work. Everything looks great, I am sure they will enjoy it."

Chloe looked a little grumpy as she looked around her lounge, "Well if you like dusty old looking saloon... my poor décor. Now I've got horseshoes and what ever the hell animals head this is?" she asked holding up an animal skull and shaking it at Tyler with eyes wide open. "You're lucky I love you otherwise this would be off limits." she grumbled once again.

"That is a cattle skull and it goes there." Tyler pointed to indicate where it should be placed. "Besides most of this is holographic and the parts that aren't can be removed rather quickly. Don't worry you will have your Spanish countryside back in no time. But thanks for helping in getting this done I am sure the crew will love it."

She placed it down and looked around the room. "Está bien (that's ok). I like to make sure the crew has a fun time here, and always want to please you sir." she added with a wink.

The doors parted an in walked a curvaceous woman in a cowboy hat. Her doe eyes danced about the room, noticing the decor. She looked around for anyone she might recognize and, immediately, her eyes fell on the Captain. She'd taken some time to skim his file, so she was confident he was who she thought. She took several steps toward him, her tan cowboy boots thudding on the floor. She wore a blue plaid shirt with pinks and whites which she'd tied in the middle to display her midriff; it was low-cut and made for an impressive display. She also wore tight jean shorts with a turquoise in-laid brown belt.

"By the look of this place, it's obvious you people like to have fun." she said through scarlet-glossed lips.

Tyler glanced up and saw the woman walk in. Hell most of the men in the room saw the woman walk in. Most had no idea who she was. However, after chatting with Commander Quaid and reading her service record Tyler knew who she was. Hell it was Tyler that approved her transfer. Katherine looked at her husband as he sipped his whiskey and watched his new pilot walk in. She was not happy about another woman serving on her husband's ship but there was not much she could do about.

Katherine did not like the way this woman entered the room. She would have a private conversation with Ty later. As for now she smileed in the direction of the woman.

"Ingrid come join us, I do not believe we have officially met. This is my wife Katherine. Kat meet Ingrid Hollister the Pioneer's new Chief Helmsman."

"This is our first chance to meet, yes." Ingrid responded with a positive smile as she shifted her gaze toward his wife. She studdied the woman for a little while; one can always tell something about a man if they study his wife long enough, and Ingrid liked to understand the people she worked with. "It's so nice to meet you, Katherine. I've heard so many good things about your husband, and I'm so excited to be serving under him."

She eyed Katherine, her large eyes darting between them as she offered a friendly smile. She couldn't be accused of being suspicious, but Ingrid was not yet a friend either. She kept people at arms length, and the best way for her to do that is to have them under her thumb.

Kat returned the smile, noting how Ingrid kept looking between the two of them. "Yes, we are all proud of our country boy." She put a hand on Ty's arm and smiled lovingly at her husband before turning back to the other woman. "So, what brings you out to Cardassian space? Tyler tells me that a pilot with your skills could get a posting anywhere."

Tyler shook her hand, "I hope your stay at Empok Nor was a good one. I am sorry that you could not come to us under better circumstances."

Ingrid looked at the woman, a calculating mind working under her friendly smile. If she knew the circumstances which prompted her arrival, why would she ask?

"Oh, I'm just here for the cool hats." she said, offering a positively girly giggle. After a few seconds, the polite laughter subsided, and she sobered a bit. "Let's just say I have a..vested interest in the Captain's work."

She offered the man a bout of extended eye-contact. She wondered who he was. She'd already read the files, but what made him tick?

"There's no better assignment for me than on the Pioneer."

The Malbrookes laughed at her joke about the hats and Tyler passed her a drink.

Katherine did not like the woman much, at least on first sight. However, Kat knew that Ingrid was arguably the best pilot in the fleet and that Tyler needed a crack pilot.

"We're glad to have you with us. Please, make yourself at home and meet are crew. Ingrid I would like you to make a home here, this crew is family." The unspoken words behind his eyes told that he knew what happened on the Fearless.

Ingrid leaned in a bit and parted her red lips again. "Well, let's hope I don't get you killed. I think I might be a bad luck charm. Here's to staying alive and clear of Cardassians."

She lifted the glass to her lips and took a long drag of the drink. After she swallowed, she attempted to clear her throat and stood uncomfortably for a second. After a while, she turned to the two again and offered another polite smile to mask the wave of emotion she was riding. "Again, very nice to meet you too. I'll be sure to report in formally as soon as I can. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Without waiting for a response, the woman stepped away and, clearing her glass with several gulps, headed over to the bar for another.

Tyler's eyes watched her leave as he sipped his drink. When he placed the glass down he smirked. "Interesting woman. If her skills match her record she will save us all in the coming months."

Kat watched her leave as well. The woman was a piece of work. But there was something in Ingrid's eye that made her hope they could become friends, in time. Or at least be on good terms. Either way she was resolved to make sure that she got herself transferred to the Pioneer before they left the starbase. It was high time she erved under her husband's command. "Quite possibly," Kat replied to her husband and the two turned toward the bar to talk more intimately.

Ameri walked into the party and looked around for Quinn. He had said he would meet her at the party. They had no time to talk about what they were wearing so here she was dressed as a saloon girl. Her dress was short and though her girls were covered she knew that would be the first place her husband would be looking. She looked down at the heels she was wearing and smiled to herself. It had been a while since they had reason to dress up. Heading to the bar she ordered a drink and turned, looking towards the door. She knew she looked good and had purposely chosen the color he liked on her the most.

[Location: XO Ready Room]

Quinn had yet to arrive, he was still hiding in his office. He was not really in a partying mood. He was going over a few more reports. The USS Pioneer, needed him. And he was not going to let her down. Quinn was deep in his work, still in uniform.

El rang the door chime,

"Hey, have you got a minute before the party? Just need a senior officer to sign off this requisition form for more spares, and get it in quick so it'll be ready by the morning. " She asked, handing over a Padd.

"Come on in." Quinn said, as he motioned for El to have a seat. "What am I am signing?" Quinn asked, as he took the data pad from her.

"It's non-replicables for quick repairs and replacement should we need them, mostly for the three main systems- life support, sonic showers and replicators. If I can keep them going even under the toughest times, the crew will be able to cope with most things thrown at them. " The chief engineer explained, a tone of worry in her voice.

"Alright." Quinn said, as he signed off on the supply request. Then he looked at El, "Surprise you are not at the party yet." He said, a little suprised that she was working late as well.

"Keeping myself busy until I get the call from my date, he's running late." She replied, coyly.

[Location: After 11]

Ameri checked the time again and looked towards the door. It was more crew but no Quinn. She sent him a message asking him if he was on his way yet. It was a nice party, the more that showed up the happier everyone seemed. They needed this down time. Ameri missed Quinn, he was her party, he made her smile and complete. Checking out the door once more she sighed. Where was he?

[Location: After 11]

Clarissa walked in with Elloma. "I look silly." Elloma said, as she walked into the lounge with Clarissa.

"You look sexy, time to get you a man!" She said with a big smile on her face.

"I am content on my own, Rissie." Elloma pointed out to her. She was already in a committed relationship, that no one knew about. She was okay with the arrangement.

"How can that possibly be true Elle?" Clarissa asked her, with a serious look coming from her.

"I'm the one telling you, thats how." Elloma said, wishing that Rissie, would just let it go.

Jayden walked in and saw Rissie talking to another woman. He had dressed like a cowboy, it was probably typical but he wasn’t one to be the life of the party. He went and ordered a drink, his eyes on Rissie, waiting for her to realize he was there.

Clarissa just stared at him, from head to toe. "Damn that's one fine cowboy, take me home stranger!" She teased him with a big wink on her face. She grinned from ear to ear, as she kept looking at his colorful shirt, and skin tight jeans. Damn he looked good.

“Oh I plan to,” Jayden smiled at her. “But first I want to dance with you and enjoy this party.” He walked over and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her. “I missed you.”

"Way to ruin the fantasy." Clarissa teased, as she accepted her kiss. "I missed you too, but its not like we see each other on a regular basis." She pointed out to him. She hoped he was not whipped at this stage of there relationship. That would not be a good thing.

Jayden grinned. “Now darlin’ I wasn’t asking you to marry me but I was looking forward to spending some time with you, get to meet some of your friends and let them know I’m not a loser.” He glanced around as more crew came in. “And I love to dance, can’t wait to hold you close and tease you a bit.”

Oh two can play your game, lover boy. She said to herself, as she looked over to Jayden. "Pitty marriage was probably the best offer you came up with. Oh well! I can't win them all." She said, with a big grin on her face. She was getting him back for making the marriage comment and dancing comment. "Glad your good in bed, otherwise, I would have to ask myself why am in this relationship?"

Jayden blinked. “Wait...what!” He looked at her and saw the grin. “You know I was joking with you. I don’t want to scare you away. I like what we have.”

"You have your moments." She said, continuing to tease him, as she moved in a little closer. How was going to pull himself out of this slippery slope.

“I do,” He grinned, moving towards her. “Wanna okay a game?””

"There is my sexy confident boyfriend." She said, as she looked deep into his eyes. This was the man she wanted to see more of. The prideful and confident side of Jayden Robertson.

“We tease each other all we want,” Jayden’s eyes glittered. “See who gives first.”

"That's easy, you." She said, as she grabbed his ass. "A little teasing never hurt anyone?" She rhetorically asked him with a big grin on her face.

Jayden pulled her close rubbing his chest against hers, he kissed her passionately. “I may lose but it will be fun getting there.”

Clarissa could sense that others were staring.She had to keep her hermones in check. More than anything, she wanted to make out with Jayden, but this was not the place for that. She watched Tyler approach their position.

Tyler had gone off to make his usual customary rounds and play to his cowboy nature. It seemed they loved to be the centre of attention and as Captain it fitted him perfectly. Chloe had not been behind the bar yet but had a drink next to her that she sipped from as she fought with a mechanical contraption that looked very much like a Bull. She had heard they were good fun but she had never ridden one, yet. "Stupid thing, why aren't you working?" she asked herself out loud. "Do I need an stupid engineer to get you to do what ever it is you're supposed too?" she asked against rhetorically.

Sofia had moved herself further into the room as others entered, she wasn't quite sure what to make of the place just yet. She came from rather humble backgrounds and this all seemed quite new and strange to her. Italy certainly didn't have this much noise, or the part she was from at least. It was nice though, the crew seemed to get on quite well and she was grateful to be a part of them now.

A handsome and well-built brown skinned man walked in next, his hands in his pockets and a relaxed expression on his face. Instantly, he waved at someone who called to him from across the room and then another person. He wore a black cowboy hat, a black button up shirt which showed his toned chest, and blue jeans. Immediately, Khalon grabbed a drink and began to work the room, looking for someone interesting to talk to.

Taking a sip of his drink, he spotted a woman standing close by. He immediately noticed how beautiful the petite woman was and he noticed that she seemed a bit shy. He made eye contact with her for a brief moment and, once it broke, he took another small sip of his drink. After several seconds, he walked toward her and, stopping in front of her, parted his lips to speak.

"You look a little lost." he said, offering a smile. "Is the party scene not for you, or are you just afraid of cowboy boots?"

Sofia giggled at the question. He was a very attractive man but still looked odd in cowboy clothes. Having said that she found this whole thing strange, something she wasn't accustomed to coming from her small village in Italy. She was just taking it all in, trying to catch everything when he approached her and stood directly in front of her.

"Not lost, just curious." she replied. "It's my first 'rodeo'? Is that what they call it?" she asked genuinely unaware if she was using the right word.

"I think that's what some people call it." he said with a chuckle. "No worries, it's my first rodeo too. You might not believe it by looking at me, but I don't normally dress this way."

"Me either, I was told what to wear by a friend." she said pointing at her outfit. A styled cowgirl ;) top, denim skirt and slightly longer boots with spurs. "I'm not even sure I suit this." she said as she flicked her hat, "Hats don't suit me, but you look handsome." she added.

"Make no mistakes. You look amazing in that outfit." he said, looking at her with a confident grin as he brought the drink to his lips again. "But somethin' tells me you look good in anything."

He allowed a brief moment to pass between them before he spoke again. "Can I get you a drink or something?"

She smiled as he flirted with her, it made her feel a little better that someone didn't think she looked silly or out of place. "Sure, I'll have a Campari please. A little taste of home to counteract the cowboy vibe in here." she said giggling a little. "What are you drinking?" she asked.

He looked down at his glass for a moment, gazing at the cloudy purple liquid. After several seconds, he looked up at her again, shrugging. "I don't know. I picked it up off a tray and didn't even think about it...I'll be back.

Khalon turned and strode toward the bar with even steps in order to get her the drink she was after.

"Dangerous move." Sofia said as he moved off, following just behind him. Chloe was known for her rather strong drinks and usually made these at events leaving them out for people to pick up. That's why Sofia always ordered from the bar, much safer and less chance of falling off the deep end of alcohol.

"I'm Sofia by the way." she said smiling.

Turning back to her with her red drink in his hand, Khalon extended the arm toward her, placing the cool glass between her fingers. Their hands grazed each other in the exchange, but he pulled his back as if he hadn't noticed.

"Nice to meet you, Sofia." he said, admittedly feeling the drink a bit more than before. "Names, Khalon, but my friends call me K. You can call me K too if you want to be my friend."

He offered her a wink and then leaned against the bar with a casual strength.

"Alright K is it, and thank you for the drink." she said blushing a little. Sofia took a long sip as she looked the man over a little in a way she hoped was subtle. For a moment she looked, trying to judge what he did on board, she was usually good at it after getting to know someone a bit better. He was confident, self assured and looked after himself. "You must be a pilot?" she asked.

He raised an eyebrow in surprise, then an endearing smile soon followed after. "How'd you know?"

Even before he got the answer, he started looking her up and down trying to figure out what she did. He, however, wasn't trying to be subtle.

Sofia noticed his glance and her cheeks grew slightly red at the idea of what he was thinking, but her young mind flew back to his question. "I knew a lot of pilots in the enlisted academy, they were joining the Starfighter Wing and shuttle pilots, that kind of thing. They were always so confident, so sure of themselves. You're like them." she finished sipping her drink and looking up at him as he stood nearly a foot taller than she.

"Yeah, we're a special breed." he said with a chuckle. He tried again to figure out what she did around here. She was too young to be an officer, but that's all he could gather. "Alright, I give up. You're a smarter cookie than me. I don't even know where to start guessing what you do around here. Are you...a lab technician or something like that?"

"You certainly are." she mused thinking about her pilots she'd came across during her training. All cocky and sure of themselves, trying to get the girl and knowing they could. "I'm nothing too special, Captain's Yeoman. PADD pusher for the upper echelons of Starfleet." she joked.

"Don't be too hard on yourself. That's a dangerous line of work. You could get a papercut!" he said, teasing her in a clearly friendly manner. "And, on the other hand, you might be able to pull some favors. Think you could get me some extra holodeck reservations?"

He asked, but again, wasn't serious. He didn't indicate it though, and wondered how she would respond to his inquiry.

"Hey!" she said hitting his arm playfully. "I've had some pretty nasty papercuts I'll have you know." Sofia paused thinking for a moment on his not so subtle request/not request. "So you want me to abuse my power already? A day into the job?" She asked putting on her best fake serious face.

"Yeah." he said, grinning handsomely. "But only for me."

After his chuckle had ended, he looked at her directly, taking another sip of his drink. "I want to get to know you better." he said, evenly. "I know the perfect place where I can take you out to dinner."

"Well it all depends on what's in it for me." she mused back at him watching him take another drink and went to take another drink herself. As he asked her out she spat her drink out a little into her glass and looked at him. "Me? You're asking ME out?" She couldn't deny there was an attraction to him, the shock of his quick asking threw her a little.

"Yeah, I'm asking you out." he said with a smile. He found her surprise cute, and he let it show. "How about I pick you up tomorrow night and we grab some dinner?"

She could feel her heart racing, she was sure it was almost visible under her shirt but that may have been Sofia's imagination... she did have an overactive one for sure. She liked him, so far, and got a good feeling from him.

"Ehm sure, ok. I'd like that." She said trying to muster up confidence. It wasn't how she thought this party would go. She thought she'd get tipsy, dance and go home with sore feet instead she was going home with a date. A date with a pilot...

Khalon winked and removed himself from the wall.

"Cool. I'll see you tomorrow night, then. Where something warm."

Then, as quickly as he arrived, Khalon disappeared into the crowd.

'Warm?' she thought. Where was he taking her? She smiled though as he disappeared into the mass of people. She thought she might as well mingle too, which she did with a little skip in her step now.

Wilson came in looking pretty worn out but making her way to the bar, actually going behind it more or less ignoring the holographic bar tender. And pouring herself a drink.

Larim walked in, dressed in a nice purple button down shirt and black slacks. He walked in, more or less on his own power. He was supported by his wife. "Thanks Lax." Larim grinned

"Larim, get your leg fixed." She replied. Lax was dressed in about the same get up, just out of sheer coincidence.

"Yes Dear." He said, scanning the room for mingling opportunities.

Ameri pushed away from the bar. She walked away from the noise and called Quinn. When he answered she didn’t give him a chance to speak. “I didn’t get dressed up in this saloon dress barely covered to sit at the bar with male crews tongues hanging out to be alone. Get dressed and get here now or I will send someone to get you.”

[Location: XO Ready Room]

Quinn was practically running out of his room, when he heard she was barely covered. He knew what that meant. Get over here now, or no sex later on. "On my way." He said, as he raced into the turbolift. It took him a few minutes to get down to the party.
To Be Continued...

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