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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Posted on Sun Jun 9th, 2019 @ 2:43pm by Ensign Howard Goldberg & Bones EMH Mark V & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Captain Cornelius Tremble
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Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Pioneer Sickbay
Timeline: MD001 0200 hrs
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Neil arrived in the Pioneer’s sickbay via emergency transport along with WO Masters and Gunnery Sgt. Wilson. Only two of which had a heartbeat.

Jenn was now feeling the pain of her broken nose and in her eyes. She turned over to Neil. The bastard tried to gouched her eyes out. Her face and upper part of her uniform were covered in blood.

Ballston spotted the transport beam as it began to for their newest patients. There were three of them and they certain were not looking good. He turned and looked over at a nurse as he finished closing the wound on the man's arm, "can you finish up here?"

The woman nodded and turned back to the patient while Richard moved towards the new arrival with is tricorder in hand.

As he caught a good look at the patient and his tricorder registered two of the three his hearts had stopped beating and although they were all on biobeds not all of them were working properly.

Lights flickered and some did not return. Computer systems were becoming intermittent as the attack continued on the starship. Richard could feel the room shake but balanced himself as he tried to start the biobed that Niel was on and slapped the controls heard when it failed to initiate the program to jump-start the man's heart.

"Going to need help team." Ballston stopped long enough to get the words out begin the old and faithful methods of CPR.

With urgency, he began doing chest compressions. timed perfectly and strong enough to break ribs, just as his instructions had once said, "if you're not breaking ribs, you're not doing it right." It was an improved version of the ancient technique the Azzian had learned along the way for when the ships medical equipment had failed. Stopping long enough to give his a shot to jolt the heart back to life he went back to compressions.

"Someone get me a surgical kit now!"

The gunnery Sargent as a little worse for ware, but over all just felt a bit dizzy from the gas. "If it's aw tha' same tae ye doctur i'll be headin' to tha' armory, Ah need tae see how the other marines made it. i've jist got a bruise or two anyways."

Jenn was being helped by a nurse. She looked to Neil again. "When he wakes up doctor, I am going to kill him. He broke my nose and tried to squeeze my eyes out, that huge bastard!"

Hermia saw Wilson make for the door and moved to intercept her. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Gunny." She said. "I have to examine you, before I can clear you for duty."

Wilson stopped wobbling a little, and giving a exhale in acknowledgement that she had clearly been caught but the deep breath actually coming with a bit of a cough. "Alrecht damn it, ye got me Ah suppose. can we ignair 'at Ah huvnae hud a regular check up in two years while aam haur at tha' very least?"

"Sit on the biobed and I'll get you out of here asap." Hermia said opening a medical tri-corder.

"Alrecht, loch Ah said aam braw fur tha' most part, tak' caur ay tha' others first, they got tha' brunt ay it." She actually yawned when she laid down the gas was still effecting her and she really thought about taking a nap.

Hermia gave Wilson a scan with a medical tri-corder. "I don't see any signs of a concussion, you do have a few bruises, but that gas in your system is got to go." She said preparing a hypospray and injecting its contents into the Gunny's blood stream. "That will help break down the gas, and relieve its effects. I'll treat your bruises, then you can go. I recommend sleep."

The gunny gave a frustrated sounding grunt. "Sleep? hoo abit we settle oan a stiff drink? i've got shite tae do... but i'll tak' th' sleep an' th' stiff drink I suppose." She would stay put for a while, resting for a few moments even after being told she could leave.

Richard glanced up for a moment noticing one of the new arrivals had vanished and then saw Hermia had stopped the escapee. There were no words from the CMO as he turned his attention back to saving the patient he was working on and then smiled as the computer indicated the heart had stopped again.

Glancing up at the image displayed by the biobed he shook his had, "this is going to take a while."

Nurse lay sighed and then almost shouted at Jenn, "Please sit still."

Jenn sat still as the nurse started to take care of her eyes. Even though there were some marks, her eyes didn't seem that damaged. But the nurse would have to let her wait for the doctor to look at it. But he had his hands full with Neil.

She couldn't hold herself back as she saw the doctor being slow. She pushed the nurse aside and ran up to Neil's bed. "I know he is faking it." She started shouting. She then pushed the doctor away. "Wake up, Neil, Damn it!" She started to hit on the marine on his chest as she cried. Somehow her crying cause her more harm than she anticipated. She fell back on the floor.

She held up her hand as she looked at them shaking as she slowly saw everything turn dark. "I can't see anything," She said a bit panicking."

Dr Howard Goldberg had just transferred in to the Pioneer before this mission. He had not seen the ship as he spent most of his time in Sick Bay there were so many wounded. "Dr Ballston my apologies I just finished with my patient what do you need."

Jenn was still walking around blind. Nurse Lay ran up to her. "Miss Masters..." She took her arm and guided her back to the biobed. Jenn touched the bed to get back on. Lay turned around. "Doctor Goldberg, help doctor Ballston with Lieutenant Tremble."

The young doctor cocked an eyebrow at the nurse or was rare that a doctor took orders from a nurse. But he saw the state of things she's shrugged it off. He joined Dr Ballston. "I will take over Dr Ballston. You are the better surgeon." Howard began to perform resuscitation.

Lay turned back to Jenn and scanned her eyes. She may have been blinded, but she wasn't dying.

"Computer, activate EMH!" Lay called.

Bones materialized out of thin air. "Now what seems ta be the problem" His southern gentle voice said with a smile.

"Look at Warrent Officer Master, please," Richard began chiding himself for using the word please once again to a hologram. IT was an old habit and hard to break. Ballston Took in a deep breath as Goldberg worked on the compressions. As he stood from his bent over position.

"Thank space at least Bones is working, Richard said absently as he picked up a surgical kit and began placing the instruments on the table, "with all this fighting going on were lucky to have life support."

"Quite right..." Howard paused in his compression only to attach a neural stimulator. As soon as the device was attached to Cornelius' head it began to hum, softly at first and then louder and more high pitched. "Charging biphasic 150 joules. Stand clear..." When the device reached it's charge Goldberg made sure everyone was clear of the patient and delivered a shock. There was no response. "I am upping the ante... Now charging biphasic 200 joules." The shock was delivered again with no response. "Charging to a full 360 joules biphasic..." Howard called aloud and then said to himself softly. "Please let this work..." When the shock was delivered there was a short pause and then Tremble's heart started again. A smile came across the young doc's face. "Dr Ballston he's back but for how long I do not know. My suggestion is to go now. What are your orders."

"Good work Goldberg," Richard began ready to start the surgery, "set up the surgical field. He was as serious as he had ever been as he scanned the patient one more time before beginning his procedure, "we have to get his airways clear, when he is stable, give him an injection of Anesthizine. For a moment Ballston looked straight at his assistant, "are you ready Doctor?"

Howard keyed in the activation for the surgical field. Then touched a hypospray to the neck of the patient's neck to administer the medication. "Field active, anesthizine administered. I am as ready as I will ever be."

Richard nodded and began looking at the image behind the bed again and then began carefully removing the nodes protruding form his olfactory cavities, "there, we will have to rebuild his nose but he can breathe much better." He turned to the eyes and soon had them straightened out as well then the systems flashed and things began to move.

An alarm was triggered and Richard blurted, "life support, get taht back onli..."

He didn't get the words out before an errant antigrav stretcher slammed into his leg just below the knee. He felt an excruciating pain but merely bit his lip and kept going as if nothing had happened, Lights returned to normal and the alarms stopped but Richard didn't miss a beat.

"They really turned him into a pin cushion," Ballston remarked as he removed nodes from the man's ears, " the last one will require turning him on his side, rectal.. implant." The last words indicated he was experiencing some pain but he wasn't about to stop.

"When we are done here," Richard added, "set him up with Alkysine and then begin advanced CPK enzymatic therapy." The CMO shook his head, "Must have given him a neural cocktail for that many chemicals to be floating around in there."

Howard monitored the vital signs of the patient and they fluctuated dramatically. "I have stabilized the internal bleeding. It seems that his kidneys are working overtime on trying to get a substance out of his bloodstream. Is it possible to beam the substance out of his blood?" The junior doctor looked up at his superior.

Richard tilted his head and then nodded, "we can use previous transporter data to isolate exactly what that chemical is, I've got a good idea from the readings what the chemical compound is but I'd rather be exact and not leave anything behind."

The CMO Tapped his badge, "Doctor Ballston to the transporter room, we need the data from transport when 1st Lieutenant Tremble was uninjured sent to the medical computer at once."

He looked over at the other doctor, "I'll need to examine what we get out of him to know for sure what they put in and what it did."

Goldberg nodded at Dr Ballston and prepared some specimen containers. "I am ready here to receive any samples when you are." The transporter data came through as he spoke and Howard programmed the data into the medical transporter. "I am ready to attempt the transport as well."

Richard tapped the controls of the biobed causing a scatter of what others would see as odd sounds and then the familiar shimmer of the transporter beam began. within a moment the same shimmer was placing an amber colored liquid into each of the three containers and the patient was returning to his corporal state looking no worse and no better for the incident.

"Transport complete! I am initiating a level 3 quarantine of this substance. If this can make a trained Marine turn against his allies, I don't want to know what else it can do." Goldberg said over his shoulder toward Richard.

"Excellent Idea Doctor Goldberg, Thank you for your assistance," Richard said as he turned to look at the other patients.

"Right this way Ms Masters..." Bones spoke softly and guided her to a bio bed. His holographic eyes were already scanning her, for he was a medical tricorder as well. "Now can you tell me what in blazes happened down there. Especially to you."

Jenn wasn't used to hearing this doctor's voice. She couldn't see him. She then said. "There was a fight. I fought with Lieutenant Tremble." She looked while listening to the sounds around her. "He broke my nose. I finally shot at him. Stun wasn't working. I kept shooting and he kept coming closer. He then out of nowhere he put his thumbs on my eyes and tried to ...I don't know what he was trying to do, pull em out or push em further in my head. All I could remember was it hurt like hell. And now I am blind." She rubbed her nose. "Who are you doctor, I don't think we have met before?" She asked a little sobbing.

"I am the Emergency Medical Hologram, but ya can call me Bones." His gruff southern voice toned as he continued to speak. "It seems that he was trying to poke them out. Now Miss Masters if you do not hold still you will lose your sight forever and have to wear one of those visors." Bones retrieved a retinal scanner, he had to get a map of her retinas before he regenerated them.

Jenn sighed as she tried to sit still while the doctor was looking her eyes. Everything was still dark. She didn't say anything, for fear she would have to move again. And she didn't want to argue with the man that sounded like Pastor Christopher, the pastor in her hometown while growing up.

Bones scanned her retinas and brought the map of her optical nerves up. While looking at the map he administered a small dose of pain reliever via hypospray to Masters. "Now this is for the pain..." He spoke absent mindedly as he read the scan. "Hmmmmmmm aha there it is yes... We are going to have to regenerate the third linkage of your optic nerves. This procedure will take only moments however, once it is complete you will have to wear a bandage on your eyes for three days. Do you consent?" The EMH knew that she would want the procedure and had already backed away from the patient to set up the needed tools. However, procedure needed to be observed.

"What other choice do I have if I want to see again," Jenn said. "Yes, doctor, I consent."

Bones smiled at her, not that she could see it. He gently guided her down so she was laying flat on the bio bed and closed the surgical shield. "Now this will not hurt at all. Just please lay still." He retrived the neural regenerator and began running the beam across her forehead. Bones started with her temples and then swept across from left to right, then right to left. A small tingling sensation could be felt by the patient as the nerves began to regrow. Within minutes the procedure was done and Bones bandaged her eyes. "There you go Ms Masters. We will have a nurse take you back to your quarters."

"Thank you, doctor," Jenn said as she moved her hands around, as Nurs Lay took her arms. "This way miss," She said as they slowly walked out of sickbay.

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