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Posted on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 12:36am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Gunnery Sergeant Flarn & Staff Sergeant Shayla Kunadt & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
Edited on on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 12:41am

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Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Bridge USS Pioneer - Deck 1
Timeline: MD004 1430 hrs

The ship was down barely, but safely. Tyler breathed a sigh of relief, however, his respite was short lived. He had a crew to worry about. "All stations check in." He called out into the half darkness. The only light on the bridge was that from Cardassia's twin suns coming through the skylight.

“Science is dead in the water,” Ameri called out. She was concerned. Making the recommendation to land had been their only option but now they were sitting here with no power.

Shayla was in the pilot chair tense every muscle locked. It looked as if she had frozen in place. "Wheee doggie that was some landing. Boom, boom, boom! Wilco!" She had a smile on her face despite the status of the bridge as she finally relaxed. "Securing engine exhaust. The atmo thrusters are going to need a repair if we are going spaceborne again."

"Warp corps is offline, we are operating on minimal power, request we switch to auxiliary power." Clarissa said, as she looked to the Captain to give the go head order.

"Do it Ensign. Also, see what you can do about harnessing the solar energy. I wonder if those twin suns can give us enough power to make repairs. Larim deploy any men you have left and use the Marines if needed. I want all the access points to the ship secure. No one in or out without my knowledge." Tyler stood groggily as he spoke and rubbed his head. It was then he noticed the gash.

"Re configuring the ship to operate on auxiliary power. The solar drove emitters are offline, I am going to assign an engineer to repair them." Clarissa said. She was notifying the captain at this point, what she was doing, now that she had been given orders.

"Weapons and shields both offline, Captain." Larim said. "I could, with a lot of hope, transfer some power from holodecks to give us partial shields. But I wouldn't get hopes up "

"Make the power transfer but do not raise the shields until ordered Commander. I want to give our people time to get aboard." Tyler had faith, faith in his crew, that they would rise to this occasion and do what needed to be done. He looked around the bridge and everyone was on their feet again and at their station. All seemed to be working, however, his Science Officer seemed a bit distracted. Tyler walked over to the woman and leaned on the console. "He will be okay... You know that right?" Tyler knew the woman before him was a Starfleet Officer but first she is a wife and mother and her husband is out there. He had to alleviate some of her stress anyway he could.

“I do,” Ameri nodded. “We promised each other we would never lose hope. My head knows he will come home.” Her eyes met his and she let her concern show. Something she would rarely do with anyone but this was Tyler. “My heart is another issue.”

Tyler nodded, "Quite so..." His voice trailed off as a smirk crawled across his face. "Back when I was nought but a simple Ops Officer scientific probes were equipped with communications arrays. I wonder if that is still true, because if it is we may just be able to get a signal off the boat. Let a certain person know what he has waiting for him at home." His smirk broadened into a smile, Tyler's hope was to improve her spirits if only for a little while.

Ameri’s eyes lit up. “We should try,” she nodded with a smile. “Quinn needs to know we are all okay as well.” They weren’t a crew, they were a family.

Tyler winked at her as he spoke "Well I will leave you to it Lieutenant. You have your orders bring our people home."

Larim couldn't help but nod. Truth be told he was worried about Lax.

Ameri was relieved that the captain had given her something to do. She went about working on getting that signal sent so Quinn and the others would know where to find them. She felt a newfound hope, thanks to Tyler, something to hold onto until she could hold her husband once more.

"Right ladies and gentlemen we have people out there and people waiting for us at Empok Nor. Let's get them home, and get flying." Tyler said with a smirk as he took his seat.

Larim settled down into the XO chair, thinking of his own family

"Larim make sure that Wakefield and Diari have all the manpower they need until our people get back. I want this ship able to take off as soon as they get here." Tyler said as he leaned over to the XO chair.

Larim pressed a comm after nodding to Tyler. "Alright. Security and Marines moving into position." He began. "Power transfer complete, thank providence. They'll be about 25 percent. And teams on the way to assist in getting us airborne."

Ameri was busy working on the probe. She verified that the signal was there. “Captain, I am ready to launch the probe,” she said. “Once it has gone it will send out a signal far enough that if they are able they can pick up on. It should lead them here to us. Permission to launch?”

"Launch it and keep it's flight path away from the Cardassians..." Tyler turned toward Ameri as he spoke. He took note how quick the junior officer was to get the task done. With attitude like that you will out rank your husband pretty soon. Tyler thought.

Ameri quickly launched the probe, following the Captain’s instructions. She quietly thanked Malbrooke for seeing her struggle and not belittling her concern for the others but finding a way for her to contribute to getting their people home. She had done what she could, the signal was out there. Now, they would wait and hope that it was picked up by Quinn and the others.

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