Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Klingon Cavalry

Posted on Thu Apr 4th, 2019 @ 12:28am by Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
Edited on on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 7:44am

Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Over Cardassia
Timeline: MD004 1305 hrs
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Silence reigned on the command deck as Larta and her crew watched the (one sided) battle between the Maquis forces and the USS Pioneer.

Her crew were animated. She could tell their lust for battle was reaching a bubbling point. Battle might not be theirs this day.

The Ram Cha’ Par still held orbit, scanners set to passive as they monitored events. Seeing the damage the Pioneer had taken, Larta did not have high hopes for the Federation ship. A pity, really. Tremble’s family and hers went back decades, albeit tenuous. His father and hers had seen battle and drank blood wine together.

Then her weapons officer straightened and turned to her. “Captain,” he said, “Telemetry is being received by a “O’Lav (Drum) device aboard that Defiant class.”

She stood then and demanded. “You are sure?

He simply nodded and she bared her teeth. The O’Lav, was a planet killer. It would impact the surface and destroy the atmosphere permanently; within an hour all life would die.

She was very tempted to let it…help it impact the Cardassian home world.

They deserved it.

But, that would likely cause problems for the Empire. Likely a political stew that the Council would not want to deal with and possibly blame her house when they found out she was there.

And they’d find out. They had spies everywhere. She sneered at that and punched a bulkhead support, the metal ringing slightly.

“Prepare to engage,” she said after a calming herself.

“The Maquis or the Pioneer?” Her tactical officer asked. She had to smile at him, tempted to say both.

“The Maquis ship. Primarily that raiders.” Turning to another station, she said “Send a coded message to our ships to enter the fight.

Having said that, she slid into her command throne and stared at the screen ahead of her. “Flight. Take us into an attack run on those raiders.”

The bird of prey swept out of her orbit and sped toward the battling ships. The Ram Cha’ Par’s first torpedo’s impacted and disruptors began firing.

As her ship decloaked and her house fleet joined the battle, she ordered a hailing frequency to open. “Ram Ch’ Par to Pioneer. Do you need assistance?”

There was only static and Larta looked at her operations officer.

"No answer, Captain. He is not broadcasting anything, so her array must be down."

Larta grinned wolfishly then and looked at her tactical officer. "How bad is the Federation ship?"

Their shields are buckling and hull integrity seems holding, but that won't last.

The Ram Ch' Par banked and took fire from two of the raiders, which rocked the bird of prey. "What's the time on our fleet's arrival?" She snapped as she was forced to slide into her command throne."

"Time to engagement, one minute," came the reply as more hits thumped into the ship's hull.

Larta barked orders and the ship swooped outwards, keeping a raider between it and the larger ship as it continued to fire. Thirty seconds later, concentrated torpedo and disrupter hits destroyed a Maquis raider and the crew cheered. More hits struck the bird, knocking her about and Larta looked about the hull as members of her crew went down and smoke filled the bridge.

"Today is a good day to die!" She exclaimed as she took over for her fallen helmsman and directed all weapons to fire at the next raider.

The Ram Cha' Par had several compartments open to space and only half impulse power as she blew another raider into dust. Larta roared her approval and saw two of the raider's filling her view screen.

Then a Vor’cha class cruiser and three birds of prey popped into the system and began moving to attack the Maquis ships.

"We still may die today," she roared, hammering at the helm controls to make them respond, "But those dog's will pave our way!"

Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
Commanding Officer, Ram Cha' Par
House H'rell Bird of Prey


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