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Phase One

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2019 @ 9:54am by Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Amelia Zano Psy.D. & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Ensign Auba Lyna
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Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Cardassia Prime
Timeline: MD004 1305 hrs

Quinn stepped onto the transporter padd, with the rest of his team. They had two objectives, that needed to be carried out at the same time. He looked to the transporter chief, as he ordered him to energize, the de materialized from the USS Pioneer. Everyone beamed into a medical facility. So far everything was going according to plan. "Jerane, your up first. Make contact, we will get set up in here." Quinn said, as his team prepared to split off into their two remaining objectives. His assignment was the tricky one, roam the facility in his uniform, and locate the legitimate leaders. A civil unrest was clear, and to Quinn it was clear they were skirting the line of interference.

Lyna found a quiet place and waited for her orders.

The Cardassian entered next and was surprised to see only the commander and one other person there. He'd grabbed the equipment that he'd been extracted with, minus his phaser rifle of course. In his pocket were a couple of data rods that had standard decryption algorithms that would likely prove handy. Brecat made his way over to Quinn.

"Reporting as ordered Commander. Considering the situation at hand would it be possible to get your authorization to have my weapon returned to me? I promise I'll make sure it's pointed in the correct direction in the event I have to fire it." His tone was mostly serious but held a slight hint of irritation at having to ask for it when he felt it should've been waiting for him upon his arrival.

Quinn handed him back his weapon, "Keep a low profile, while you infiltrate the command center with the other cardassians, we will be hitting the brig. Good luck." Quinn said, with a slight concerned look on his face.

Taking his phasers rifle Brecat made note that it was set to stun and let out a sigh. He adjusted the setting to something closer to lethal but erred more so on the side of caution just in case. He stepped up onto the pad and awaited transport.

Hermia materialized in the Cardassian facility. She had a medkit over her shoulder and a phaser on her hip. At her feet were some supplies and equipment.

Amelia appeared beside Hermia in much the same way, medkit on her shoulder and begrudgingly a phaser on her belt. She hated weapons, even at the expense of her own safety but she took it for that of the others in her group as she didn't want to be a weak link, nor the reason someone else got hurt.

El appeared behind the two women, kneeling "Finally, that's over. Hate transporting. " she muttered, flipping open a tricorder "Ok, if we get the shield generator over there, should be able to cover those two entryways, but it'll leave the third open, have to barricade it. "

Jerane himself however did not materialize with Hermia. Instead he was in one of a few buildings he didn't recognize. A room that was nearly pitch black and it didn't take long for him to realize he was alone as he was met with a phaser shoved into his back mere moments later. He didn't move.

Lajor and Jorrel had been in position for some time. They were given the coordinates by Gul Markuul himself. Their mission was to make contact with Brecat Jerane, and he along with some Starfleet would get them inside to liberate the Council. After what seemed like an eternity, as the rendezvous time came and went, Jerane materialized. "Turn around slowly so we can see you." Lajor spoke softly as he rounded a phaser on Jerane.

Slowly pointing his phaser up towards the ceiling Jerane began to turn and raised his free hand up to show it was empty. "Brecat" he said introducing himself. "I believe you were expecting me." His tone hinted once more at sarcasm due to the humor he found in their greeting.

The two Cardassians cocked an eyebrow. They had been waiting for a man named Jerane and this man did look like the image that Markuul showed them. It was Lajor who broke the silence. "Yes you were expected. Is it safe to say that Starfleet is here as well?"

He let out a sigh. "Much to my own chagrin, yes they are here. I believe they've beamed down and are setting up a fall back position for wounded. They're expecting me to direct the primary attack to save the council members. Are you able to give me a current status as to the rebels and their activities?" Brecat would need to know what they'd been up to for the last thirty six hours.

"Yes... It seems that Council Member Zelora has taken the council hostage. No one is sure exactly why and her only demand is that we turn over complete control of Caradassia to Typhon Prenar. Here is a file on him." Lajor spoke as he handed Brecat a PADD which contained the service record of Prenar. "It seems that he is a former Gul and head of the Obsidian Order. He took over the order when Enabran Tain retired. When the war ended and the Order disbanded he disappeared and escaped charges as a war criminal. It was said that it was his daughter Shoshanah Prenar that helped him. His son Hadir Prenar is currently serving in Starfleet aboard the USS Alexander. The only working theory that we have developed is that he has somhow subverted Zelora and swayed her to his side."

The liaison officer returned a slight nod of acknowledgment. He'd heard the man's name previously but knew little else of him. "That sounds like a plausible theory, although I'd think it best we do everything we can to take Zelora alive even if it means losing a council member or two. The information she could provide us will be much more valuable in the long run." He knew it wasn't quite what Gul Marcet would want but was more likely to pay off.

Lyna walked around and scouted the area. Her phaser was in it's holster, within easy reach.

Vaebn held the phaser rifle loosely at his side as he stepped around the supply cache and took a quick study of the area. "Doctor, I believe I'm going with you to the treatment area." he said as he looked back to her and laid the rifle down. He quickly grabbed a few of the pack and hefted them over his shoulders, and picked up the rifle again. He pulled his slim tricorder from its belt clip and began to run a preset algorithm to access the facility network. "Shall we?"

"Lead the way, Lieutenant." Hermia said picking up some equipment and followed tr'Hwersuil into the complex.

Amelia followed, carrying some of the equipment, and looked at the Cardassian architecture. "I've always found Cardassian design quite fascinating." She began walking up to the Romulan's side, next to Hermia. "In a way it's almost as sharp and pointy as Klingon but I suppose they share the trait of not having anything, any space they do not need."

"I'm not a fan of Cardassian facilities, they keep them too dark and warm for my liking." Hermia said.

The team started to make their way down to the predetermined location. This mission was set up to have three waves, healing the wounded, setting up the sabotage and carrying it out, to allow the proper government, a chance of securing this site. Then their was Quin's mission. To free the hostage. He looked to his team, as they entered the medical facility. "Are we ready to proceed?" He said as he looked at everyone in the room.

Lyna nodded at him. "I am ready, sir."

"I'm ready, Commander." Hermia said.

"Happy to hear it. Let's start phase one." Quinn said, as he looked at his teams. "We all know the assignment, let's carry it out." Quinn ordered, as he took a look at his phaser, and made sure it was calibrated to stun, heavy setting.

Quinn lead Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil and Chief Jackson down a long corridor. It was very hot inside the combined, and the air inside the complex, was a little more musky than he would have preferred it to be. As they started to walk down the corridor, he looked to Chief Jackson. "Be ready to crack the door locks." Quinn ordered, knowing that Intelligence was given a copy of the command codes by the detapa council, so they can open the doors, and override the system. They needed to do it in a way, that did not warn the hostile invasion force

From the back, Dairi called out "this room here is unlocked and empty, maybe we could set up here as an operation point or triage area ?"

Quinn lead Chief Jackson and Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil down the long corridor that lead away, there objective was simple. Find an open computer terminal, and get the front doors unlocked, to allow the Cardassian Troops a chance to storm the building, while the troops were storming the building, they could move onto their primary target. Rescuing the hostages.

Quinn's team manage to avoid the hostile enemy patrols, and with the help of the Cardassian Government, they managed to open the doors, which started the first phase of this mission. Quinn could see that the troops were entering the complex. He could here a fire fight. The noise was intense.

Quinn looked Chief Jackson and Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil, and gave them a simple head nod. They were ready to proceed with the next part of the mission. He lead the way, with his two accomplices behind him. With the troops storming the entrance, it pulled the guards away from the brig. This allowed Quinn's team to easily over take the remaining guards, and free the hostages.

Quinn had no idea that the USS Pioneer had landed on the planet. He gave the go ahead order, for the political leaders to be beamed over to the ship. His team remained behind, and met up with the rest of his team. He wanted to make sure they were okay. No one got left behind. Not on his watch. After they met up with the away team, they all returned to the ship.
To Be Continued...

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