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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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Blowing Off Steam Part 1

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 11:34pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Captain Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Elloma Essu & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Ensign Auba Lyna & Enya Ó Flannagáin & Private 1st Class Aiden Pearce

Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Holodeck Pool
Timeline: MD005 1500 hrs
3579 words - 7 OF Standard Post Measure

Jenn was really nervous as she walked in to the holodeck on to the specified location that she wanted to do this. This was actually an idea of Neil, and she really never organized anything like this.

She looked around the pool she created. She had a lot of imagination put it. Nice cozy spots for the crew to sit and hang. Romantic areas for couples to sit a bit excluded and private. She could only imagine herself sit there with Billy. She smiled at the thought. She walked to the bar and lounge area near the pool. The yard was nicely set up. She looked around the area.

There was a lot of space for the bbq's and the buffet to set up. "Computer, please set up the bbq's and the buffet as I specified." She ordered. As soon as the words left her mouth the requested items appeared. She nodded satisfied as she straightened her bikini and her wrap skirt. "Ok, computer, have everyone know the party is about to start."

Clarissa was the first one to walk in after Jenn, she looked around at the program. Nice aesthetics she thought to herself, wondering how Paul and her were going to respond in a public gathering. They had been keeping their relationship on the down low. Clarissa did not like the attention. She walked over towards the bar area, and ordered a juice smoothie.

Wilhelmina showed up basket in hand. The container having what was clearly a fish in it, complete with some other items clearly meant for cooking. She knew the computer would make what ever they wanted. but she wanted to cook, it had been a while sense she had been to a beach, in real life or on a holodeck either. Making her way over to put the basket down near the BBQ pit.

Brecat couldn't believe he was now standing outside the doors to the holodeck. It wasn't like he had much else to do at the moment and the man felt like his quarters had become all too familiar since coming on board. The Cardassian hadn't gotten out much.

Wearing a stone grey long sleeve shirt and black pants along with a simple pair of shoes, he tapped the console to open the heaver doors before him and they parted accordingly. He took a deep breath and entered the simulation. This was silly to say the least.

Taking note of the other two women as well as the pool and how everything was setup, instead of going to say hello, Jerane found his way over to a table that had various liquors and glasses. Settling on some kanar he poured himself a glass.

Wilhelmina had kind of expected it to be slightly warmer, in a one piece swim suit, but she had seen fit to bring a large sweater that she had tied around her waist. Actually putting it on she made her way over to the 'bar' standing besides Jarane until he was done, then repeating the same motion he had, first poring and then downing a glass from the same Kanar bottle as him. "Oh, I always thin' meybee Kanar goes dune a wee to easy."

The Cardassian raised an eyebrow and then gave a slight grin "We will have to expand your sampling of kanar then. This barely passes for it considering most of the Cardassians I know wouldn't have even tried this."

The redhead gave a nod. "Aye I'll hae tae burst ye up fur a better example some time, I've aye liked it. fowk teel me it's a acquired taste, but Ah hae noticed a lot ay variation in tha' drink."

The Cardassian lifted his glass in a light toast "I'll keep an eye out for some top shelf kanar then." He took a drink and looked around to see whom else may have joined them.

Having so much time in his quarters recently had also given him the opportunity to review the crew manifest and familiarize himself with everyone he could. The Marines and tactical personnel, as well as the ships command structure had been his initial priorities to learn. "Gunnery Sergeant Wilhelmina Wilson, it's good to meet you. I'm First Glenn Brecat Jerane, Cardassian Defense Force liaison."

Paul walked in, wearing a pair of blue jeans, sneakers and a tshirt. Looking around, he saw Rissi, but considering their "arrangement", he wasn't going to walk over to her right away. Instead he walked towards the food table and got himself something to eat.

Auba walked in, in full uniform. She didn't want to be here, but the counselor wanted her to participate in off duty activities. She looked around and went to the bar and ordered a drink, whiskey, neat.

Steam rolled from the pots Neil was supervising. He needed to keep busy and keeping an eye on the boil was just the excuse he needed. As people began to arrive, he hefted a strainer insert from the first pot and dumped it carefully on the first newspaper lined table. Crawfish, corn, artichokes, potatoes, mushrooms and not a few peppers tumbled onto the table, but the clear star were the crawfish.

"Bugs are done," Neil called out as he grabbed one, twisted off the head and sampled both the meat and the juicy, fatty bit from the head. Tossing the shell into one of the trash cans sitting around, he savored the spicy bite as the boil's spices caught up with him. "Whoo," he grinned as he found various eyes on him. "Good Creole boil there, people, savor that spice."

Neil had chosen khaki surf shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes for the uniform of the day, though he had sunglasses and a utility cover on to shade his eyes. "Dad's sausage and shrimp étouffée should be ready after a beer or two," he mentioned to no one in particular as he continued to pick at the table.

Elloma walked into the barbecue holodeck program, she noticed several bridge officers, and a few junior officers and enlisted crew, had come together for a little get together. She was a little anxious when she first arrived. Typically Elloma did not like large crowds, she preferred smaller gatherings. Which was ironic, coming from a girl that hangs out at Chloe's After Eleven Lounge. She walked over to Rissie, and smiled as she gave her a hug.

"Where have you been hiding?" Elloma asked, noticing her disappearance over the past 5 nights at the bar. In the past they would get a drink together, before calling it a night.

"Kinda tired, so I just retired to my quarters." Rissie said, not offering any more information than that. She knew that Elloma would not approve of her arrangement with Paul.

"Well at least you are here tonight." Elloma said with a grin on her face. She was happy to see Rissie.

Tyler had fretted over going to this Bar B Q or not. He was of a mind to let the crew blow off steam without the captain present. However, it was after a conversation with his wife and his XO that he decided to go. His mind was on mission as he walked into the holodeck wearing what has become his trademark. A pair of jeans, plaid shirt, and his father's hat. For now he was content to stand off to the side and watch how his crew had bonded and come together.

Quinn, Enya and Ameri walked into the holodeck next, and made their way over to Tyler. Quinn smiled as he reached out to shake Tyler's hand. "Glad you made it Captain." He said, as he motioned for the bartender to give him a drink. A mucho mango seemed appropriate for the BBQ. Something he use to drink, when they did barbecue's back home.

Seeing the food on a nearby table Jerane made his way over and gave a nod to the man that had just unceremoniously placed it all over whatever this paper was. It had what looked to be news articles and a series of other things he didn't recognize. The one thing he took interest in however was the crawfish, and without waiting for any other acknowledgement he took a sip of kanar and grabbed a few of the 'bugs' and instead of removing the head or any other part of the creature, ate the entire thing in a few bites. The flavors and spices he found to be quite invigorating and grinned as he licked his fingers before reaching for the next one.

Jenn looked satisfied at the people walking in. News had spread pretty quickly. She noticed the Cardassian liaison at the buffet. She walked to the buffet. "Glen Jerane," She started. "How are you? Are you settling in on the Pioneer alright?" She asked friendly as she took a plate and put some potato salad on it. And then looked over the variety of fish, meat and vegetables for the bbq. "I hope the temperature on the holodeck is alright? It's Earth tropical, so not that cold, but not really Cardassian standard I am afraid."

The Cardassian finished chewing his next bite before replying "I'm doing alright, thank you. I'll look to get some of the furniture in my quarters reclaimed and some different parameters replicated however I've found everyone here to be quite hospitable so far. The warmer climate in here is quite nice, although I've had to place a couple of warming units in my shoes to help keep me a bit warmer than most species are used to. I must say these crustaceans are quite good."

"It's good to hear you are enjoying yourself," She said smiling. "If you need anything, just let me know."

Returning a nod "I certainly will. And thank you." Brecat turned back to his meal and continued to feast.

Neil noted Jenn at her hosting duties, but kept his eyes on Jerane. He'd fought the Cardassian's a few times and they always bore watchfulness. He was rather glad security wasn't his business. He turned to a pile of nana, picked one up and tore the bread in half, offering half to their liaison officer. "If you like spice, glen, then try that."

Brecat accepted the bread with a smile "Thank you Mr Tremble. I'm always on the lookout for a good kick in my food. My compliments on this bounty of food by the way. I may have to ask you for the recipe on day."

Neil gestured to a colorful dipping sauce in a glass bowl sitting to one side. "One of my aunt's specialties. Citrus, vinegar, sugar, a few odds and ends and the hottest chili's I could grow in the hydroponics pods."

Using the upper portion of the bread as a napkin, Neal scooped into the bowl and popped the morsel into his mouth. Grinning at Jenn, he said "If it's not warm enough on the outside, these chili's will give you a tan on the inside." He then took another drink from his tankard and reached for more of the crawfish.

Tyler nodded and smiled at his XO he wanted to talk about the upcoming mission. But instead thought the better of it. Better to let them enjoy this time before they are caught in the storm again. he thought. Tyler took special notice to see how the Cardassian was acclimating to the crew. At the moment it seemed that everyone rather liked the Glen. However, there was a certain Bajoran Ensign that Tyler was worried about. But that too would have to wait for another time.

The doors slid open as the trill pilot stepped in giving everyone a weak smile. She was wearing a pink one piece swimsuit with a pair of blue shorts. " Sorry, I'm late. Had to have a word with the family." She said as she approched the group.

Clarissa kept her distance, but she was keeping an eye on Paul. She wondered if Paul was doing the same. She just sipped on her drink, while making small talk with Elloma. She had heard Elloma's concern about her vanishing to much. But this romantic fling, was new and exciting. However, she needed to make time for her friends, or come out in the open. She was pretty sure that Paul was not ready yet either. Things were still pretty new. "Next open night we have, will go to After 11, together." Clarissa said with a grin on her face.

"I'm going to hold you to that." Elloma said with a grin. She was trying to keep up appearances as well. Trying not to let the crew, know about her relationship with Tyler and Kat. Part of her wanted to come out and tell everyone. But Elloma knew most of the crew would not understand, and look down at her.

Clarissa smiled, but did not say anything in response. She motioned for Elloma to follow her. She was interested in checking out more of the program. She was impressed with how detailed it was.

El saw a group passing the gym in hawaiian outfits, wondering where they were going, she grabbed her tracksuit jacket, tied it round her waist and followed them to the holodeck. Looking around, she decided to go to the bar and ordered a fruit juice from the bartender, trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible, and just people watch.

Paul decided to check out the pool. He took off his jean, to reveal his swimsuit. Then he pulled off his shirt and dove into the water. Auba saw him strip and dive into the pool. She thought he was a very handsome male, so she followed him and watched him from a distance.

Tyler had borrowed a chapter from his Science Officer, that was to simply observe and report. He was overjoyed to see that the crew was getting along famously. The bonds of friendship, of family were forged and became stronger with every day. However, with the events that were unfolding Tyler knew that a war was inevitable. What made this worse was that it would be a Cardassian civil war. If they were caught in the middle how many members of this family would be lost. How many would be here for another gathering. He swore an internal oath that he would make sure that they would all be here in a year. He would see to it, or die trying.

As he continued to eat Jerane simply sat there and listened to the interactions of those around him. If there was one thing he'd learned it was to simply pay attention to everything around you no matter how trivial it may seem. He'd need to learn the mannerisms of this crew if he was going to work with them, whether he wanted to or not.

Hermia was running late. Her paper work had taken longer than she'd expected and then she had to replicate a new swimsuit, because somehow hers had gone missing.

So now, late she walked into the holodeck wearing a red bikini and a floral printed sarong around her waist. Spying the refreshments table, she made her way over and poured herself a tall glass of sangria. Drink in hand she began to mingle.

Quinn was keeping an eye on Enya, she was having fun mingling with the some of the crew, while he was chatting with his wife. "How are things going in Stellar Cartography?" Quinn asked, he had not had an opportunity to go down and see her there. He was still working on his investigation of what happened to the USS Pioneer, for the past year.

"Pretty good, have you met Lieutenant tr'Hersuil?" Ameri asked with curiosity in her voice. She liked him, despite him not really opening up to her. Could be a Romulan thing, or it could be a personality thing. It was still to early to tell.

"I have, he is a very capable officer." Quinn said in response, as they continued to chat for a bit. They were smiling and having a good time. He was happy to see the crew relaxing.

Paul returned to the party and loaded up a plate of food. He looked for Rissa, but didn't see her, so he found a table and sat.

Auba followed Michael back to the party, and found a spot by the bar that she could watch him without drawing suspicion to herself.

"Does he know you're following him?" Hermia asked quietly as she took a seat next to the young Bajoran.

Auba turned at looked at her. "What??? I'm not following anyone!! I'm trying to have a quiet drink....alone!"

Paul sat at his table. He turned when he heard one of the security officers raise her voice over something. Paul had been going over this....for the lack of a better word...."relationship" with Rissi. He was actually starting to feel like it was just a physical thing for her.

"Oops, looks like I just blew your cover, sorry about that." She said to Auba.

Auba turned away and tried to stay calm. She turned to the woman and said softly....."Mind your own damn business." Then she picked up a glass of water and emptied the glass by throwing the water at her. Then she stood up, and quietly walked out.

Dana was again fashionably late, but she would never let a social gathering interfere with her work, just as she arrived a woman brushed past her, knocking her shoulder "Excuse..." Dana started, expecting an apology but none was forthcoming as she just carried on walking. Seems as though Dana was missing the action already as she tried to just blend in, hoping no one would notice that she was late.

"Making friends I see, Doc." Azure said as she approached Hermia. She was dressed in a white one-piece swimsuit.

"Looks like my approach needs a little work." Hermia said with a smile. "Let's get a drink, the sangria's good."

"Okay, let's" Azure said. then to the bar tender she said."Two sangria, my good man."

Aiden was by the pool in his swimming trunks, this was the first time he had the opportunity to actually mingle and meet new people, the Pioneer had been his first assignment, and a Private fresh from boot camp he had been kept busy. He liked to people watch, you could tell a lot by just observing, like the lady that had just walked in, late but trying to mingle and fit in as though she had been there from the start. He smiled, for the first time in weeks he was enjoying himself.

Billy Calhoun walked into the holodeck with his Intel cap on and his unlit pipe in his mouth. He was ready to let loose and most of all could not wait to see his lady. He walked right over to her, saying hello to people as he passed. He approached Jennifer from behind and gave her a kiss on the nape of the neck.

To Be Continued...

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