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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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First Encounter

Posted on Tue Feb 19th, 2019 @ 11:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD
Edited on on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 4:23am

Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: MD005 1430 hrs

After everything that happened on Cardassia and his sudden re assignment as a liaison, Jerane couldn't help but feel as if he'd been over leveraged as a resource and then put into a role where no one wanted him. Interacting primarily with Star Fleet on one of their vessels had literally been at the bottom of his list for choice assignments. Surprise surprise.

He'd gotten settled in his quarters, whatever that could really be, and turned up the heat accordingly before wanting something to drink to ease the stress from the last number of days. Considering the ship appeared to have no real bar, the lounge was logically then next best place to find a drink. He was still in his duty uniform as he entered the room before taking note of how comfortable everything looked. It soured his mood even more, if that was possible, before he went up to the bar while taking note of only a few people there. "Kanar" he ordered.

Much to his surprise the woman behind the bar produced a bottle and poured him a drink before turning back to assist another customer. Picking up his glass he took a sniff of it before sampling the drink and letting a small grin appear. At least the liquor was halfway decent.

Hermia entered the bar planing to unwind. She enjoyed her work for the most part, it was the time she had to spend writing reports and performing admin tasks that annoyed her. On the Shanghai she'd had an admin assistant to take care of it, but here on the Pioneer she had to do it herself.

She went to the bar and ordered an Irish whisky. Taking the drink, she went in search of a table. Spotting an unfamiliar officer, she headed over to him.

"Good evening." She said. "Mind if I join you?"

It took a moment for Brecat to realize the woman was speaking to him as he was staring out the window. How he'd miss those stars....

"Oh uhm, yes if you like. It is your ship after all." In truth he really hadn't yearned for any company other than that of another Cardassians but if he was going to be here he figured he ought to get used to speaking with other species. Even if their views were rather liberal at times.

"Missing home?" She asked as she took a seat opposite him."

He raised an eyebrow and took note of the woman's uniform and her rank. Lieutenant. Medical. She appears to be human.

"Something like that" he replied. "I suppose for the time being this....ship will be my new home. It's certainly going to be hell however. It's cold everywhere I go." He looked back out at the stars once more before taking another sip.

"I spent some time in your space when I was seconded to Marine Base Patton on Veltor II." Hermia said. "Unfortunately I didn't get to visit Cardassia Prime." Then remembering her manners she said. "I'm Hermia O'Rourke, Assistant CMO and Surgeon, by the way."

He had never been to Veltor but recalled it's proximity from maps. "1st Glenn Brecat Jerane, tactical planning officer and now Cardassian Defense Force liaison to Star Fleet, more particularly your crew and ship. You missed out on a glorious opportunity by not getting to Cardassia Prime. It's the true heart of my people." He took another ship and then turned to face the woman. "May I ask what you were doing with the Marines on Veltor? Fighting Cardassians or rebels?"

"Neither, this was after the Dominion War and we were assigned to protect Cardassian shipping from pirates, True Way Terrorists and any other opportunist that wished to try their luck." Hermia replied. "My duties were to keep the Marines fighting fit and patch up the occasional civilian."

Considering how old she appeared to be he presumed she wasn't necessarily in the war, but could've been part of a special Federation mission that they unofficially conducted in Cardassian space and did as they pleased. He knew better than to take the Federation itself at face value. "A healer. It's good you were there to take care of your people. It seems Cardassia may owe you a bit of gratitude." He lifted his glass in a half serious toast and took a drink.

"How long were you there?" Brecat asked.

"8 years." Hermia said and then took a sip of her whisky.

Eight years? "Why such a long time? Typically most of you are lucky to hold a post for five." At least from what Brecat was typically aware of in regards to Starfleet protocol. Especially on what they may consider to be the 'front line' in combat.

"It was unorthodox, but there was no one available, things got more complicated after my immediate superior was granted leave and I was given his place." Hermia replied.

"Hmm" was all the the Cardassian manged to respond with. Considering he'd spent most of his time around those that were fighters, and men, he didn't have much in the way of social graces with non Cardassian women in general, especially those he'd just met. Either way he wanted to be a bit more comfortable. "Mind if we go find a table?"

"Not at all, lead the way." Hermia said.

Finding a table to the side in front of one of the windows that was empty the Cardassian moved that way after grabbing the bottle of kanar and took a seat.

Hermia followed the Cardassian to the table and took a seat opposite him.

"So why don't you tell me about this ship. I know next to nothing about it or the mission. I was just recently transferred here." Very recently. Brecat topped off his drink.

"If you're asking about the crew, those I've interacted with appear to be friendly and professional." Hermia said. "I tend to spend a lot of time in Sickbay, so I haven't met all that many of the crew." She explained. "As for our mission, its mostly one of exploration, but like all starfleet vessels we are obligated to supply humanitarian aid when required."

He decided to be a little more focused in his question. "Is there any insight you may be willing to give me on the senior staff? Being new here I'd like to....congeal with everyone else as best as I can although I'm sure I'll find challenges considering I am a Cardassian." He was well aware of the fallout his race had caused and the fact that he'd be held accountable for the sins of those past whether he actively participated int them or not, let alone the fact he wasn't even born yet when a lot of it happened.

"I've spent most of my time with Doctor Ballston and he is an excellent physician and a good man. I've met the Captain and I like him, he is warm and amicable. I don't now the XO, but I did meet is predecessor." Hermia said. "I'm afraid I'm not a good source of Intel."

Brecat flashed a grin "It's not quite intel I'm looking for, just how everyone her seems to be in general. It should be interesting working with all of you, although if I can help it I'll do my best to avoid sick bay. I'm not quite sure how much experience most of you have with Cardassian anatomy and treatment although I'd guess you would be my best choice if I needed a procedure to save my life."

"I've had no problems with any crew members, so far." Hermia said. "As for Sickbay, you're right, I'm probably your best bet, Cardassian anatomy is still new to most Starfleet medics."

"That's good to hear" he replied before taking another sip of kanar. "I just hope I don't end up dying out here while I'm on this assignment with Star Fleet. There'd be nothing worse than dying away from home." Looking out the windows he took note of some of the more familiar star constellations he'd learned of in early childhood.

"Indeed," Hermia agreed. "Its been years since I've seen my home." She said.

The Cardassian had taken note of how much busier the place had gotten. Truth be told he'd hoped for somewhere a bit quieter and the crew lounge had proven to be a poor choice. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of kanar before placing the stopper back in the top. "It was good to meet you doctor but I must be going."

"Of course, a pleasure to meet you too." Hermia said. She watched him leave before returning to her own drink.

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