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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Boarding Physical

Posted on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 @ 4:47pm by Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD
Edited on on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 @ 10:18pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD009 0830 hrs
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Paul had scheduled his physical once he arrived on the ship. It was one of many things he had to do, after meeting the captain.

He entered sickbay and looked around.

Dr. Ballston stepped out of his office into sickbay Engrossed in the PaDD he was carrying. His brows were a bit furrowed but then his face rose from the device and as his pale blue eyes spotted young looking officer with wavy blonde hair. He let his broad smile crossed his face removing the furrows from his forehead.

"Lieutenant Michael, you're right on time, welcome to sickbay."

"Thank you, doctor. Where do you want me?" He noticed a couple lovely looking nurses. When they looked at him, he smiled...and they smiled back.

"Any of the biobeds." Richard began walking towards them and reached for his tricorder, "how was your trip here Lieutenant?"

"Two weeks three days and fourteen hours," Richard replied, "sorry, you're going to have to see me again for that."

Michael jumped onto the biobed. "Getting here was a pain, but I had this great romantic encounter with a woman on the planet. It was a night of passion, I'm not afraid to say."

Richard chuckled as he began his scan and raised his eyes up momentarily to the man, "I'm glad you had a good shore leave." "Did you get her name to keep in touch?"

"Just a first name, Rissi. Probably never run into her again."

Richard glanced away from his scanning and nodded, "perhaps not Lieutenant but it happens." "Lie'hallah, my first wife, and I met by happenstance and I thought I would never see her again."

"First wife? Wow, I can't even imagine myself with a wife at this point. You said first wife, does that mean you had others?"

"Have another," Richard grinned, "three to be precise." He chuckled as he continued his scans, "and I thought I was too old."

"Three wives????" Michael was stunned. "How do you have time to work? Are they on the ship?"

Richard chuckled to himself as he brought his full attention to the man, "it might be more of a problem if they were but all three of them are on Empok nor." He shook his head, "I don't get to see them often or my daughter for that matter."

"Not seeing your daughter....that's rough." Michael was laying back as the physical continued. "Doc? Isn't being married to three women illegal?"

"Actually," Richard began his explanation as he looked up at the large display behind the bed, "not for Azzians, I'm supposed to marry seven women." He chuckled looking back down at his patient, "now that's something I can't wrap my head around yet." The physician drew in a breath and nodded, "but seeing I've only known my true species for a fairly short time that's pretty understandable."

"Seven wives?!?!?!" Michael was stunned. "Hard for me to imagine even one wife, but seven? That might not be too wife for each day of the week I guess." He chuckled. "How's my physical going?"

Richard chuckled, "sort of reminds me of the fate of the legendary outlaw Harry Mudd." He nodded his head, "you ready to go, Lieutenant." "It's been rather pleasant speaking to you."

Michael jumped off the biobed. "Hey it time for my I don't get anyone pregnant?"

"Not for two weeks three days and 14 hours," Dr. Ballston replied with a smile as he smiled at the man, "sorry, you'll have to come to see me again for that." He shook his head remembering when he was as young but not nearly as lucky with the ladies, "I think you're safe from that side effect for a bit."

"Okay then thanks for everything, doc. Maybe see you around the ship sometime." Michael walked towards the door.

Richard smiled and nodded at the man, "I'm sure I will." He chuckled as he added, "the lunge is great, think I'll go there later myself."

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Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Michael
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