Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Target Acquired

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 10:08pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Elloma Essu
Edited on on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 10:12pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Casperia Prime
Timeline: MD010 1500 hrs
1350 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

It had taken 3 months of being embedded with the resistance cell on Casperia Prime to finally find the right target. Quinn, as he was known by the New Maquis, had been a part of that organization for just over a year. Now was his chance to make a huge name for himself. Intel that they had said that a high value target for the Federation would be coming through here. He had seen so many medium value targets come through that he did not bite at.

Now he found himself in a very thick treeline. Word was that the USS Pioneer was in orbit and both its CO and XO where on the planet for some R&R. A good bit of latinum had to exchange hands to get this good of information. He had his weapon ready to go and was just waiting for his target or targets.

Tyler and Quinn had decided to continue on through the mountains as they discussed the strange reactions the people of Casperia were giving them. Kat, Ameri, and Enya decided to ride back and go for some ice cream. "So Number One do you think it is possible that the people of this world are being mind controlled somehow? If so who would you speculate could pull something like that off?"

Quinn kept pace with Tyler, his horse was a little rowdy, now that the other three horses took off. Quinn had to rustle around on the saddle a little, to keep control of the horse. "I just don't have enough data to reasonably answer that. Best guess, I would have to agree, the staff do appear to be brainwashed." He said, as regained control over his horse.

"There is only one group that I could think of capable of this and that is the Obsidian Order. However, after the war they were disbanded and their members convicted of war crimes. If they are back and Garak has not alerted us then that is going to be a bigger fish to fry." Tyler reined his horse to a stop so he and his XO could consider the matter.

Boy if Willie really wanted to end Malbrooke's life it would not be hard. Its kinda crazy no one has tried this. The two officers stopped right in front of his tree line and if Willie actually had a working rifle and not this shell it would be over for both of them and no one would know. Instead he took this as his chance to act a fool and hope he is only stunned and not vaporized. "Die Federation scum." Willie shouted as he ran from his cover at a dead sprint at Tyler with his shell of a rifle pressed to his shoulder and it in a general directions of the command team.

Tyler spun his head around at the sound of the shout. He saw the man charging and thought to kick his horse into a gallup but there was not a horse alive that could out run a phaser blast. So this is how it ends... he thought.

Quinn had heard a sudden noise, that startled his horse, which Quinn used to charge in the direction of the unknown man, that came charging at them. Quinn, really wished he had a phaser, at this very moment. Instead he had to make do with a charging horse. The horse continued to charge towards Willie, he had two options dodge out of the way or make a run for it or try to stop a charging horse.

Willie was expecting to make a few steps out of the trees and be put down like the mad man he was acting like, but he was not. Instead the XO decided instead of pulling a phaser he would use his horse as a weapon?!? 'Well crap' Willie thought as he continued the run across the field towards the command team. Now he needed to figure out does he risk being trampled by the horse or just blow his cover.

At the last second a plan C came to mind. He waited to the last second when he could almost feel the heavy panting of the horse and swung his rifle at the horses head but making sure not to hit it. This spooked the horse and caused it to twist its body a hard right. It looked like he would be clear of his front feet. What he didn't expect was how fast his hind legs would whip around and slam his back hip dead into Willie's face throwing him to the ground. On impact with the ground everything went black. Not the way he wanted to be stunned but I guess a concussion is better then death.

As Quinn got his horse under control Tyler's jaw was dropped. "Nice ridin! I haven't seen a man run down like that since my Okie days." When the shock settled the reality of the situation took over. "Number One we should secure the prisoner and return to the Pioneer. This guy has some explaining to do..." Tyler paused as he looked at his new XO with a new found respect. "...And Quinn I owe you one. Thanks."

Quinn hopped off his horse, and walked over to the man. He Grabbed him as he said, "Commander Ó Flannagáin to the USS Pioneer, two to beam up to the brig. Have security on Standby." Quinn said as he tapped on his combadge. He nodded to Tyler, as they de-materialized.

Tyler sat atop his horse for a moment as he let his pulse and the adrenaline subside. He took a deep cleansing breath. The concept that he could have just died settled in his head. In that moment he realized everything Quinn had said about family. The winds of change blew.

Tyler led the horses back to the stable and beamed back to the ship. It was time to get back out there.


Quinn beamed up and re materialized with the suspect in the brig area. Where he noticed Elloma waiting for them. He barely knew her, but this was a good time as any. "Lieutenant please identify this man, and arrest him on charges of endangering starfleet personal." Quinn said, as he walked the prisioner over to a cell, and gently put the man in the cell.

"Aye sir, I will notify you and Commander Myles at once." Elloma said as she grabbed a scanner and a data padd. She was going to take his prints to see who he was.

Willie was knocked unconscious he could vaguely feel what was going on but could not shake the fog out. He was at the mercy of the crew.

Quinn left the room and allowed the assistant chief of security, interview him. He would be back later with the captain to question the mystery man. When he left Elloma was finger printing him.

"Well it appears you have a few alias, and the records are not sure who you are exactly, one record says you are Tomas Kiri, another record says you are a war criminal Trefara, and the list keeps going on. Am I suppose to be Impressed." Elloma asked as she swore she saw a smirk from his face.

Willie had been knocked out many times in the past. Usually he had some crazy ass dream. This time was nothing. He was out cold and not registering anything. It would take some time for him to recover.

The scene starts to fade with Elloma interrogating the unknown assailant.

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