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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Just Around The Corner

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 2:09pm by Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell & Chloe de la Vega
Edited on on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 @ 3:35pm

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Various locations
Timeline: MD008 2100 hrs
1917 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Location: Resort on Casperia

Clarissa had gathered her things, and noticed Chloe in the hallway. Clarissa had bought a few items from the outlets. And had them in bags. She was going to take one last look for the day, before beaming back up. But when she saw Chloe she changed her mind. She was desperate to share with her, what had happen. "Hey girl, you remember that guy from the beach earlier?" Clarissa asked with a big grin on her face, She was still beaming from head to toe. She needed a hook up, a one night encounter. If that made others think less of her, that was on them. Not her. She knew Chloe would not feel that way. She knew Chloe had her own stories she could tell.

Chloe began to smile and laugh a little at the question, she could see the blush coming up on Clarissa's cheeks as soon as she asked the question. "Oh my God, you didn't?" she asked already knowing she had. "Good on you chica! He looked good with his hands for sure, made me wonder what the rest of him was good at..." Chloe added, her mind drifting off a little before snapping back with a smile.

"His hands were only the beginning, and his hands are amazing." She started to say with a big grin on her face. She started to relive the moment in her head. The moment was still fresh, and intense. She felt bad it was a one night stand, but wow. What a one night stand, she thought.

"I bet." Chloe laughed, "He certainly looked like he knew what he was doing, as well as enjoying it." She gave Clarissa a little nudge with her hips as a little excitable wiggle.


Paul had returned to the ship and was brought to the Captain, and met the senior staff. Then he had his physical by the ship's Doctor, and passed with flying colors. Then it was a trip to the counselor's office, I guess just the standard "meet and greet" stuff, since he always considered himself well adjusted. The counselor did ask me about my shore leave, and I did mention that I met a woman and we shared a rather....romantic night together.

From there it was meet with my department head to go over my duties. It appears that my duties will mostly entail working in main engineering as a liason to the bridge ops. Which could be interesting.

The meeting with the department head went well. I was told that I would be on the bridge some night shifts at Ops. That's how people end up getting promoted.

"So now, I've been ordered to check in with that department head and familiaize myself in engineering."

Paul was reading the orders on the padd as he was walking towards engineering. He was whistling.


Clarissa looked over to Chloe and continued on. "His whole body was amazing, his lips were intoxicating, and he knew how to use them." She said with a wink in her eye. "His passion was intense, and he knew how to make me moan, I'm a little sad it was a one night stand, but sometimes a girls got to do what a girl has to do." Clarissa said to Chloe, hoping that Chloe agreed with her.

"Preaching to the choir chica. Need to find some way to relax and de-stress on a ship this small. I don't quite have the responsibilites that you all do but that doesn't stop me from having fun. If you can't have fun in life then it's not worth living." Chloe replied.

As soon as Chloe responded, the two ladies were walking around a corner in the corridors, and practically bumped into Paul, knocking over the pad he had in his hands. She locked eyes with Paul, she wondered how much he heard. Typically it was not nice to kiss and tell, but she assumed Paul would not be on the ship. She stood there speechless for a moment.

Paul hadn't looked up after bumping into them. "Excuse me...I wasn't watching where I was...." He finally looked up and saw the women from the beach, and there was Clarissa standing before him. "Well hello...small galaxy isn't it."

Chloe burst out laughing at the sight that had just came before her. "No way! I love this ship!" she almost yelled in
youthful exuberance.

Paul looked at Chloe. "I remember you from the beach. Too bad you left early...turned out to be a very good day." Paul then looked at Risse. "Nice to see you again."

Clarissa wanted to smack him for that pleasant comment, but at the same time she wanted to embrace him. She was really nervous, not sure what to say. To this was awkward, was an understatement. "You too Lieutenant. Well, have to catch up soon." She said, as she grabbed Chloe by the arm and try to bail.

Chloe resisted a little, "Oh I hear it was positively sensual day dear..." she said looking at Clarissa noting her desire to escape conversation, "but I'm sure many people had a good time in many places... and positions." She was quite happy with herself at this moment in time, basking in the glow of this not being her own little drama for a change.

Clarissa was embarrassed about expressing her feelings pubically to a guy she barely knew. If she knew he was on the USS Pioneer, she would have never slept with him. She would have made him wait, and try to play the romance card. But now that was not an option. And fleeing appeared not to be an option. She was speechless for a moment. Thinking on what to say, why did this have to be so awkward?

"I....I....I am sorry. It was very unprofessional of me to talk about what had happen between us." Clarissa said, as she looked to Paul. She was nervous, and felt very awkward at moment. She expected to get an ass chewing, about respecting what happens between two personal, to stay between them. Not to be shared with the crew as gossip. "I not really sure what to say, besides I'm sorry. And thank you for a great afternoon Lieutenant."

"I wouldn't apologise Rissie, no offense Hand Guy." Which she meant, the no offense thing but she'd forgotten his name. "If you had a good night of fun times why shouldn't you be allowed to tell your girlfriends about it? Nothing wrong with sex, if it's once with someone or one hundred times. If you tell those who you know will care then clearly someone did a good job and let's face it honey... men don't always get the 'job' done." Chloe added. In the 24th century if you couldn't be open about stuff like this then what could you? She was happy for Clarissa, it brought out an innocence in her she'd not seen before.

Paul looked at Clarissa. ""And thank you for a great afternoon, Lieutenant"? Is that all you have to say to me?"

Clarissa was not sure what to say to Paul. Seemed like the more she said, the further she dug herself into a bottomless hole. At first she was trying to avoid eye contact, but as soon as he spoke directly to her. She caved in, and looked at his eyes. She could not tell what his intentions were. "I already apologized, for talking about you. But Chloe is right. No reason too, this is the 24rth century. We had a great afternoon. And this just got awkward, I am not sure what you want me to say." Clarissa said, as she waited for Paul to say something. The last thing she wanted to do, was start rambling.

"No need to say anything more, ensign. What's past is past. Good day, ladies." Paul nodded then continued on his way to engineering.

Clarissa was very confused, she liked the guy, not enough to date him, yet. But she really liked the way he made her feel. She knew it would be a mistake to let him go. "Wait," she called out, as she looked to Chloe briefly, then gently grabbed his arm, to make sure he did not leave. "I don't want what we had to be in the past, I just met you and you just me, not ready for dating. But with that said, I would like to get to know you better. Do you want stop by and talk about this, lets say 2200 hours?" She said with a wink in her eye. She hoped he would be down with that. She was pretty sure Chloe knew what she was saying. But it sounded nicer to say, 'hey come and lets talk' versus saying, 'hey come over and make me moan again!'

Paul wasn't sure what she really meant. Did she just want to talk or did she want to continue what they had on the planet. "2200 hours, then."

"Deck 3, room 8, see you then." Clarissa said as she let go of his arm, and smiled his general direction. The scene fades, as Chloe looks back and talks to Chloe some more, before going their own ways.

2200 hours...

Clarissa waited impatiently by the door, and at 2200 hours she walked up to the door and grabbed Paul by the hand and practically dragged him in. "I did not really ask you to come over and talk, I was hoping we could be friends with benefits, and if we have feelings for each other down the road, we can deal with them then." She said, as she gave him a big hug, making sure there bodies were touching, and close, she was waiting to see what he said. She had changed into a skimpy red silk teddy, that barely covered her body, there was only one thing on her mind. And it was not talking. For her this was the moment of truth, could they continue what they started on the planet? Her face was right next to his. Her arms were starting to explore, started to feel his shoulders. She awaited his response. He looked good and smelled incredible.

"Then let's be friends." He started to kiss her, deeply. His hands moved up and down her body. He kissed her neck, and her shoulders. He started to take off his shirt.

A couple of hours later the scene starts to fade. The events of earlier, had repeated themselves. Clarissa was really happy with the arrangement. At first she was not sure if she would be, but this friendship with benefits, met her physical needs and his too, and if they decided they liked each other beyond friendship, then they could explore that possibility. But at the moment, she was very content, with the arrangement. After the act had been completed, she smiled as she watched him get dressed to leave the room, she walked him to the door, and gave him a kiss goodbye. She wanted to make sure he came again.

The scene ends.

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