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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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A Strange Bump In The Road

Posted on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 2:39am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Enya Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 2:46am

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: South Beach Casperia Prime
Timeline: MD010 1300 hrs
2330 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

The morning was one for the record books as far as Tyler was concerned. He met his new ACOO and then beamed down with Dad's hat. Tyler and Kat had been exploring the mountains from horseback. Well they also did a lot of exploring each other after they stopped for brunch. After their dalliance the couple finished their ride through the mountains.

"Nothing can beat this day. I think it might just very well be my best day." Tyler said with an ear to ear grin.

"Oh I think of one thing that can top it. Catch me if you can." Kat responded as she kicked her horse into a canter and dashed away. Her red hair flowed as her body moved in time with the horse. She knows just how to get me doesn't she. Tyler thought as he kicked his horse to follow suit.

The two raced down the side of the mountain and in short order they arrived at the beach. It was then that Kat really let him have it as she spurred her horse into a full gallop, Tyler matched her speed. The two rode down the beach with one attempting to inch out the other. Tyler spotted his XO and family down on the far side of the beach. "There ya go darlin that is the finish line last one to say hi is a loser." He smirked and took the lead.

Ultimately the two arrived at the happy family in a cloud of dust and it was Kat who actually spoke first. "There I win, you can't keep up with me anywhere can ya." She dismounted and slapped her husband on the thigh. "How is the best Irish family this side of the Emerald Isle doin?"

Quinn noticed Tyler and Kat approaching their position. He reached down to grab a protein bar. It did not take him long to open the bar, and take a small bite from him. He was a little annoyed about the cloud of dust, around them. But he managed to cover his bar with his hand. "Taking a little breather, we were about to talk about getting some lunch, being boogie boarding all morning." He said, as he took another bite from the protein bar.

Tyler hopped down off the horse and glanced at the water it was quite striking. Perhaps even better than Earth. He pulled his leather gloves off and tucked them into his chaps. "Great day for it. Lunch you say..." Tyler cocked an eyebrow and smirked he had an idea that may be perfect. "How about you let me show you and your family what lunch means in Oklahoma?"

The minute the words left his mouth Kat rolled her eyes and sat down in the sand next to Enya. The two started building a sand castle. "Don't get him started about his Okie boys and their food, I suggest you run and run fast." She added with a chuckle.

"Now come on it isn't that bad. Here's the plan. We head back to the stable and get three more horses and some saddle bags. Load everything up and take a ride into the mountains. If you think it is beautiful here wait until you see what is up there. We find a nice spot and all have lunch chuck-wagon style. Whaddya say pard?" Tyler's Oklahoma accent seemed to come through thicker the more time he spent on a horse. He also was not sure if it was his new XO, the horses, or the country air, but Quinn had a point it was quite nice having Kat around.

Quinn noticed his Captain's accent was a little thicker today. Was he overcompensating that accent? Being in the festive mood, as it were? He was not sure, but he could tell that Tyler was more relaxed, then last time they met. Quinn looked over to Enya and Ameri, they both seemed to like the idea. He could tell from his daughters eyes, the idea of horseback riding, was appealing to her. "Alright, lets head to these stables." Quinn said, as he started to grab their gear. He hoped Enya had the strength to ride a horse, after boogie boarding all morning.

As the O Flannagain family gathered their belongings, Tyler and Kat mounted up. Just as they were about to set out. Three resort employees came walking up to the group each with a horse on a lead rope. Tied to the back of one of the horses was a rather large picnic basket. Tyler looked at Quinn as if to say what the heck. But Kat looked at the three that approached and then looked at the group with a knowing look.

The leader of the three came to a stop in front of the group. He looked like a typical Casperian save for the fact that he was a bit taller. When he spoke his voice was monotonous. "Gentlemen, ladies we are aware that you would like some lunch and some more mounts. Well here you go."

Quinn was a little weary of the three men. Something did not feel right at all. "Thank you, but we also have gear that we needed to turn in." He said, waiting to see what the lead man was going to say. Something strange was going on here. It was throwing up all kinds of red flags for Quinn.

"Do not worry sir we shall take care of that for you. You simply enjoy the rest of your day." The Casperian man said as he gathered up the boogie board equipment. A female Casperian stepped forward as she held three bags. "We have taken the liberty of bringing appropriate clothing for the three of you to spend the rest of the day in a saddle. We hope that you like them." She smiled and placed the bags at Quinn's feet.

"Thank you very much." Quinn said, with a big fake smile, but trying to make it look like he was sincere. He felt something was very wrong. But he did not want to create a scene here, he would rather wait, and learn more about what is going on.

Quinn then looked at his family, as they put on the extra clothing, and then prepared to mount. Quinn started to go over basic horse riding etiquette with Enya. After he felt comfortable with her understanding, he helped her on the horse. Then hopped on his horse and strolled over to Tyler.

"After you Tye." Quinn said, with a big smile. He was still putting on a show for the staff. Just to be on the safe side. He hoped that Tyler, saw what he was seeing.

Kat, Ameri and Enya rode side by side as the horses strolled down the beach back toward the mountains. Tyler waited for Quinn to be ready and then fell into step next to him. "Well that was interesting to say the least." He said after a moments silence.

Ameri smiled, as she felt the same as Kat. "Should we be concerned, that was very odd and to convenient." Ameri said as she looked over to Quinn and Tyler.

"They are just nice Mom." Enya said, as she was getting a big thrill from riding the horse. She was so small the horse kept bouncing her. Her thighs were a little sore, but at the moment she did not care. She was having fun.

Quinn waited to see what Tyler was thinking. If he asked for Tyler's opinion. He would offer it, but at this moment they were suppose to be on leave, and go horse back riding. Might as well finish the activity before dealing with whatever is going on at the resort. No one was being hurt, all crew were accounted for. So no reason to throw up the red flags.

Kat glanced over her shoulder at the Casperians as the walked away. She patted the rear end of her mount, and sighed. "I would agree that was too convenient. Once more that is strike two. Something very similar happened as I had breakfast with a friend." The thought of the incident that occurred while she ate with Elloma combined with this and sent shivers down her spine. "I think the four of us are going to have to address this. Just not when little ears are present." Kat smiled at Enya "Hey let me give you some pointers. Put the balls of your feet in the stirrups and let your heels drop down. Move your hips in rhythm with the horse. Do that and the bouncing will stop. See..." She stole a glance at Tyler and it seemed that he was in deep conversation with Quinn. Hopefully talking about the same thing that she thought about.

Tyler rode side by side with Quin for about a minute as he thought about the events that had just transpired. He was going to leave the matter alone but he just could not shake how odd it was. "Say Quinn, don't you find that a bit odd. I mean we had just discussed going for a ride together and there they were horses and everything. The oddest thing being that they had clothes for all of you in the appropriate sizes. That seems a little bit more than just good customer service. What do you think Number One?"

Enya smiled, she tried what Kat had told her. She noticed the bouncing stopped. At first she wondered if she could get use to holding her feet like that. But it was easier than she thought it would be. She strolled up next to Kat and said with a with a loud voice. "Thank you, partner." She was trying to mimic Tyler's Oklahoma accent.

While Enya was making conversation with Kat, Quinn was making conversation with Tyler. Ameri just listened in and observed Enya, to make sure she was riding the horse correctly. Quinn faced Tyler, but kept a good hold on the reigns, telling the horse to continue to follow Tyler's horse. "I am just concerned too, are the Casperians telepaths?" He asked, whishing he would have studied the database, before taking the adventure. He assumed things would be okay, a lot of federation citizens talked about the resort in a positive manner, and nevr expressed concerns of odd behavior of the resort staff.

"No they are not and what makes things worse is that most of them are trained to resist mind altering effects. That is one of the reasons their casinos are some of the bast in the qudrant. You can't cheat..." Tyler replied. "Say has anything like this happened to you since your arrival?" He asked as he wondered if this was a one time thing.

"Honestly it took us a few days to realize something was wrong, the first few days we were kids caught in the candy store, with to much to see and to much to do." Suggested Quinn, feeling guilty he did not notice the odd behavior sooner!

Tyler nodded "I think we all were kids in the candy store as you say. I think there are two questions we have to ask ourselves before we go down this road. The first is are we sure we are not starting the drum-head trial? The second if the Casperians are being manipulated, then why them?" Tyler pondered as he kicked his horse into a trot for moment. If this was actually a mystery it may serve to bond Tyler to his new XO.

"That is a great question, so far they have not violated any laws. There creepy I know what you want customer service skills is bizarre. But they have not harmed us in anyway. We would need a valid reason to open an investigation against Casperia." Said Quinn, being the voice of logic, and hating every minute of it. He wanted to investigate this.

Tyler knew that the logic in waiting was sound, however, he felt deep in his gut that there was something here. "Go with me on a hypothetical. Suppose the people of this world were being manipulated. Then theorize who would do it and why. Furthermore, who could pull something like this off on a planetary scale?" In the short time that Tyler had known Quinn, he had realized that the man enjoyed getting to the bottom of a mystery. That was something they had in common.

"I suppose its possible, but if that was the case, there would be no were on this planet we could talk freely. And if they did inflitrate the planet, why did we not any distress call? If they were taking over quietly only three organizations come to mind. Tal Shair, Obisian Order and Section 31. But I can not see any tactical advantage for section 31." Quinn said, as he played along with the hypothetical scenario.

"The Order died out when the Dominion war ended and the Tal Shiar is in no shape to do anything at the moment. They have an Empire to rebuild." Tyler continued with the speculation.

Kat turned in the saddle with a smirk on her face. "You know if you boys are going to talk shop on vacation then I suggest we ladies go get pampered. I hear the spa is very nice. What do you say Ameri?"

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