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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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When in Casperia

Posted on Thu Dec 6th, 2018 @ 4:17am by Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Elloma Essu
Edited on on Thu Dec 6th, 2018 @ 4:32am

Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Casperian Resort
Timeline: MD009 0900 hrs
1705 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Elloma had just completed her task with Senior Chief Petty Officer Calhoun, and was eager to see Kat Malbrooke. The two had not really talked, since they returned from that nightmare-ish alternate reality. Elloma hated being the metamorph, she was so relieved to be back home. She was also eager to see Kat again, she just wished Tyler would be able to pull away for a bit. So the three of them could spend time together. Elloma knocked on the door to the guests quarters of Tyler and Kat Malbrooke down on the resort. Elloma smiled as she watched the doors swish open. "I have missed you." Elloma said, with passion in her eyes.

"And I you..." Kat said as her voice trailed off and she embraced the woman. "Please come in, sit, can I get you anything?" Although the two were lovers for some reason Kat had felt matronly toward Elloma. So she puttered around the room getting a breakfast together.

"I appreciate that sweetie, coffee and a scone please." She started off to say, as she took a deep breath and went on. "I wanted to see how you were coping, after our year long disappearance?" Elloma asked, as she took a seat at the table.

Katherine put the spread on the table. "I am overjoyed to have you both back. But I must be apologizing for monopolizing his time. I am sure you want to see him, but I hope you understand we have a year to catch up on. Plus after chatting with his new XO Tyler is on a make a baby kick..." Kat rolled her eyes slightly, the woman wanted to be a mom she just did not know if she wanted it right now.

"A baby?" She wondered what that dynamic would play on the three of them? Human's and Kriosians were monogamous societies. She wished they were more like denobulan, a race that accepted several partners, and called themselves a family.

After a moment of thought Kat spoke again. "Tell me... Would you be okay with that? I mean if we were to have a baby. If that was to happen you would be involved as well. I mean should you choose to be that is. Then there is the problem of the fleet to consider."

"Honestly, I have never thought about having a child. After my upbringing, I am not sure I am qualified to be a parent. I can tell you, that I would be concerned and would have to learn everything, all over again. I wish my parents would have raised me right!" Elloma said, showing resentment to her parents for rejecting her.

After she took a few bites of her breakfast Katherine looked at Elloma and was shocked at what she had just said. "What do you mean you wish your parents had raised you right. You are a great person, or I wouldn't allow you in my family." Katherine could not fathom a person who resented her parents. It just was not something Katherine thought about seeing how close she was to her parents.

"My parents, oh where do I start. For one they would see you as a commoner, and belittle you as such. They see Starfeet as the workforce of the Krios. The fact you joined, makes you a server and not a leader. They have this belief in their own divine right of nobility, or so they will tell you. I am a disgrace, for joining the Federation, and not going into politics with my people." Said Elloma, as she realized that Kat probably heard more, than she wanted too.

Katherine sighed and rolled her eyes. "Oh that old story. Children never live up to parents expectations. My parents wanted me to be a painter but I enjoyed creating technology more so here I am. Your parents raised you perfectly, and the proof is in the fact that you rejected those notions of class. If mom and dad cannot handle the fact that you are living your dreams not theirs than that is their problem not yours."

"Krios society is partially to blame, years and years of brainwash programming, and belittlement of the work classes, glad to see Earth out grew this, hopefully we do not need a world war, for my people to out grow this?" Said Elloma, thinking how awful it would be.

"Quite so and make that three world wars. It took a lot of human life for us to realize the correct path. I am not sure if we are on correct path. But everything seems to be working out at least for right now. I am sure that if Krios has more like you then they too will get past it all." Kat responded as she sipped her coffee.

"I hope soo, I am not sure why people do not openly accept change, especially when that change is for the betterment of all mankind. It's why I am here." Elloma said. She joined Starfleet to improve her understanding of humanity. To be a better person. And she hoped she was doing that.

"And is it working... Do you understand us silly humans?" Kat said with a playful tone and look on her face. She enjoyed this time with Elloma just the two of them without Tyler. After all were they not lovers as well.

"I believe, I have acclimated. With that said, I know I have a long ways to go." She smiled as she looked Kat in eyes. "I am grateful that you both can help me learn." Elloma said beaming from ear to ear. She was very grateful that Kat did not stop her from seeking a romantic interest in her or Tyler.

"I believe that congratulations are in order. I apologize for not saying it sooner, but congratulations on the promotion. That must be a nice notch on your belt as it were." Katherine was genuinely proud of Elloma in her eyes when someone close to her got a promotion it was something for everyone to take pride in. Such was the way with her and Tyler, and it would be the way with Elloma as well.

Katherine had just finished her orange juice and was of a mind to have another cup. However, before she could summon the server to ask for another cup one was placed in front of her. "Thanks! That is just what the doctor ordered." She said to the server. "I know." The server spoke almost autonomous, more like a robotic servant and less like a person.

Elloma felt something was a little off about the service workers. Maybe it was instilled to act a certain way around the guests. She was not sure, it felt a little to robotic. After the server, left their immediate area, and looked to Kat. "The promotion seems very sudden to me, but given the fact a year has passed, I guess it was due." Elloma said, but her mind was distracted by the reaction of the service workers at the resort. "Something very odd about that staff, especially that one."

"I would agree everyone here seems very willing to help. In some cases too willing, but I guess it is just the nature of this world. In some ways I rather like it. It is nice to be waited on hand and foot. You should relish in your promotion. You have earned it, I know because of the year that has passed and the fact that some people did not make it back, Tyler is planning a round of promotions. That makes sense seeing as he has to get the ship ready to return to service." Katherine responded as the thought about transferring to the Pioneer floated in her head and would not leave.

"I appreciate the compliment, but from my perspective, I was barely on the Pioneer. And now I am being promoted to Lieutenant. Seems a little sudden, but I will adapt." Elloma said, still thinking about the strange encounter with the Casperian staff.

"You know it seems to me that everytime you want something, I mean anything. Even if it is something that would not normally be here. They seem to have it. Just try it, it is rather strange." Kat said as she began to look around and wondered exactly why they had what they had.

"At first, I thought it was great hospitality, but something does seem wrong here. And here I thought I was getting vacation." She said with a nervous smile. "Maybe we should gather some data for Tyler, if we go to him now, all we have is speculation and a gut feeling that something is wrong here." Elloma said, as she waited to see what Kat was going to say.

"I would concur, we should also see if anyone else is having the same experiences." Kat responded as she took a look around and became very self conscious. It seemed that all of the staff were simply standing on the sides of the room waiting. Kat was reminded of Borg drones standing in their out-coves.

"I am suppose to meet Chloe and Rissie down at the beach. I will ask them in a little bit." Elloma said, realizing that it was almost time for her to get ready to head down to the beach.

"We can touch base later this afternoon. I am going to see if I can drag Tyler down to the beach. Perhaps we will see you there." Kat replied with a smile.

"I would like that." Elloma said with a smile on her face. She just wish her relationship could be more publicized. But it had to remain on the down low. Elloma walked over to Kat, and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "I hope you both show up." Elloma said, as she then reached in to give her a kiss. Before the scene starts to fade.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elloma Essu
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Assistant Chief Engineer, Empok Nor


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