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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Fishing For Help

Posted on Wed Nov 14th, 2018 @ 9:54pm by Makeba Brown & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Captain Cornelius Tremble
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Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Brig
Timeline: MD003 1440 hrs
2147 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Makeba hadn't known what hit her. One minute she was in her cell and the next a doctor in an insane asylum. Then she was, and lord knew she did not want to think about it. What the hell had Starfleet gotten up to this time. She wondered when she awoke on the floor of the holodeck. Two armed Marines came running and rushed her back to the Brig. She was told it was over a year later, but she also found out that her beloved Maquis had grown in numbers and won a number of attacks.

Over the past couple of days she would be debriefed constantly, the only questions that she was asked was about her journey through time. She was all too happy to answer those questions. On the third day the brig officer walked in. "Brown, on your feet and stand center. It seems the Second Lieutenant would like a word with you." He ordered from the other side of the force field.

"Tell the grunts in green that I decline to acquiesce to his request." Makeba said as she tossed a grape in her mouth.

"You seem to think this is a request." Petty Officer Raith said as he brandished a phaser rifle. "Now come on, move!"

Makeba rose and was escorted to Marine Country where she was sat in a chair at a table and her hands restrained. None of this was new, hell she used to do it to people. Back before she joined the cause. She knew that on the other side of the mirror the Marine CO would be watching her waiting. So she sat quietly and patiently, as she waited to be returned to her cell.

Neil watched as Fleet Security gaolers maneuvered the Maquis Makeba Brown into an interview room. From there vantage point on this side of the one way mirror, they could study their subject while others watched the show.

“This should be interesting,” Neil remarked. “I’ve spent more time in a brig than I probably should admit, always on the wrong side of the force field. The line between interrogation and interview isn’t really clear in the training I’ve had.”

Jenn looked at Makeba. "I am not sure how you want to approach this, the last time I was in the same room as a Maquis I couldn't control myself. Those bastards breached the SCIF. But I guess I should thank them. I got a good friend and a date from that one." She grinned and then sighed. "Right."

Neil headed for the door, muttering “Well, time to pull the pin and see who blinks first.” Stepping through the door, he sat across from the prisoner and regarded her for a moment. “Second Lieutenant Tremble, Ms. Brown. I.” Glancing to the side he amended, “We have some questions. I’m detailed to detain and extract a subject of interest for SI. What can you tell me about an arms dealer named Xoica.”

Makeba smirked, they actually wanted information from her. Well good luck in getting it, she thought. "I am not going to tell you anything until you follow protocol and address me correctly. If this is to be an official interview I expect to be addressed by my rank. I was never officially discharged from the service, nor have I been charged and convicted of anything. So if you please." She spoke curtly and leaned across the table toward him.

Jenn was seated next to Neil and eyed the woman. She then leaned forward. "Lieutenant Brown, very well, please answer Lieutenant Trembles' question. Sir!" The tone indicated she wasn't really all that happy this woman was now pulling rank. She betrayed her oath, the rank was now meaningless to Jenn. As far as she was concerned Brown resigned her commission the moment she joined the Maquis.

"There are a lot of things that I can tell you Ms Masters..." Makeba began and the stress on the work Ms dripped with sarcasm. "However, I am not inclined to answer anything. I have no reason, nor do I have the want. You are tasked with extracting someone, well good for you." Makeba looked toward Tremble "Lieutenant under the Treatment of Prisoners act I hereby request to be returned to my cell."

Neil had shut his eyes when the Maquis had begun to speak, listening to her and Masters, then opened his eyes as he heard Brown move. "We can do that, Lieutenant. My Op will run just fine without anything from you. Fleet Intel really didn't want me talking to you anyway, but I like to hedge my bets."

Glancing towards Masters, he continued "No offense, Ms. Masters but I've been burned on Need to Know before." Returning his gaze to the Maquis, he continued "I know you've been through what Temporal Affairs calls an Incident. Just like the rest of us. I also know your reasons for past actions are your own. You've been cooling your heels and there's no telling how long you'll stay a Brig rat until the powers that be decide what to do with you."

He paused then, looking at her up and down "I don't care about that, really. What I do care about is keeping my people alive. So what do you care about? Maybe I can do something to help your situation. Talking things over can't hurt."

Jenn snorted as she heard him talking. She got up. She stepped behind her chair. She leaned on her chair. "Lieutenant, I have read your personnel file. I even had to hack my way around some sealed records. Cause you know, that's what I do. If I want to know something, I get that information that I want. You're in our brig. The information you have is your bargaining chip. Why give it up unless you can get something out of it right?" She folded her hands. "So why not cut to chase? What do you want?"

After she requested to be returned to her cell she had risen and took two steps toward the guards. When Niel spoke that gave her pause to listen. But is was Master's words that got Brown back to the table. "You know Ms Masters you would make an excellent Maquis. What I want you cannot provide, that I am certain of. But your Captain can provide it. I want to be returned to the Maquis. Here is my proposal, I tell you what you want to know. Hell I will even take you there and get you into the base where she hides, if you wish. Once your op is over I am released." Makeba crossed her arms and allowed her body language to convey that she was done talking unless they agreed to her terms.

Neil smirked then, "Really? That's all you want? Your information is going to be over a year old. What makes you think Fleet would let you walk away just like that with your history?"

Jenn smirked. "Lieutenant, you are not the first to tell me that. And yet here I am in Starfleet. That should tell you something." She then walked to Makeba. "Our captain is never going to agree to that. And I tend to agree on that notion. The information you may or may not have is not worth to let you go. We already know where Xoica is." She looked stern at Makeba and then said. "Lieutenant Tremble, sir, this is a waste of time. Why are we here talking to her?" She turned over and looked to Neil.

Neil turned to Jennifer and shrugged, "As I said. I like to hedge my bets if I can. I can waste half an hour if I can get an edge. She's sitting in the brig, eating; breathing; maybe she can convince the powers that be through us that she's of some use before they Courts Martial her publicly and drag her through the news-spews."

He grinned then, "With things how they are. Maybe we could plonk her down in some hole and set a spider trap to see if they come looking for her. Get someone with better value for SI."

"You may know where she is. But I highly doubt that you know how to get in, and how to get out without being seen. This is not the Maquis that you are used to. There is a lot more to the New Maquis, more at the top then there ever was. If you think that you can just get in and get out you are sadly mistaken. That mistake will cost you lives. I suggest that you contact your Captain give him my proposal and see what he says. Hey if I am to go with you what is the worst that could happen, you lose a traitor. The way I see it you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by giving my proposal a shot." Makeba stood at attention as she waited their response. In her mind they had no other option but to give her what she wanted. If they didn't give her what she wanted Makeba was content just sitting in her cell until Starfleet JAG came to retrieve her.

Jenn looked over to Neil. This was their mission, but he was the ranking officer. Also he would be risking his men. "What do you say, Lieutenant? "

In this instant Makeba knew three things. First and foremost she actually missed the ship's old Intelligence Officer, he knew how to deal with prisoners. Next, this Masters did not like her or the Maquis but she was afraid to let loose. Finally, it was up to the MCO to decide her fate. If that is the case all I have to do is make sure he realizes that there is a clear and present danger to his men. Then I will have him. She thought as she stood at attention awaiting the Second Lieutenant's decision.

Makeba Brown was nothing if she was not a tactician. She sensed a stalemate on the horizon Starfleet would give her nothing, and she would give them nothing. However, she needed them to let her out of that cell in the brig so gesture was needed on her part. She decided to give them a little bit of a taste. "Listen there is a lot that you do not know about Xoica. Before I was on Breyet Nor I worked rather closely with her. There is a man, and he is after her because she got him to fall hopelessly in love with her. The problem is he did not know that she was playing him like a fool. Once she got the weapons she needed from him, she was gone. He was left to pick up the pieces of the jilted suppliers and now he wants his revenge. This is something that you can use as an offer for her, give her protection. The icing on that cake is if you have me with you she will be more likely to trust anyone with me. Her and I have an extremely close relationship." When she finished speaking she took her seat at the table, her goal was to let Masters and Tremble know that she meant business and would not come cheap.

Neil weighed things, remaining silent and studying Brown for several minutes. Finally he stood, pushing his chair in neatly. "Fine, you're on the mission and if you act in good faith, free after."

Holding up a hand as he saw triumph flare in her eyes, he continued. "But, I have conditions. The op is over when I say it is. Until then, you're under MY command. You'll need to re-familiarize with an environmental suit and broad strokes of our tactics and methodology. You will not be armed. Your deal is conditional on my satisfaction that you've met the terms."

Looking at Jennifer he asked, "Anything to add?"

Jennifer glared at Makeba and just said, "I would still like a weapon. I don't trust her." She then turned to Neil. "Sir!"

A knowing smug smile crawled across the Maquis officer's face. She stood at a mock attention and saluted Tremble. "Sir yes sir!"

Neil looked Brown up and down and shook his head, "Sloppy salute, but you'll get there." Standing, he turned to Jennifer, "Of course you'll be armed. She can be your project until we make contact, since she's going to be so helpful."

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