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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Sorry to cut shore leave short

Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 12:51am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Enya Ó Flannagáin
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Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Baird's Tavern Casperia Prime
Timeline: MD008 1800 hrs
1979 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy look at that." Called out Enya with a rush of excitement in her voice. She said as she walked up to the ledge. There was an impressive display of planets, and a water fall, but in the center of the display was an unknown creature.

Quinn looked at the creature, he was not familiar with local creatures of Casperia Prime. He noticed it looked like a osterage, with over sized wings. The statue looked boastful and majestic. "I'm not sure, it does look pretty cool." He said, as he walked over to the ledge. He soaked in the view from the steps that lead inside to the main resort, his family was staying in. They had been on Casperia for a couple of days.

Ameri joined Enya and Quinn, she was wearing a swimming suit, with a soft silk shirt unbutton. They were on vacation. There was a gentle breeze in the air. The sun was starting to set. The sunsets on this planet, were incredible. She walked right behind Quinn, and hugged him from behind, putting her body close to his. She leaned over to his ear. "Thank you baby, for this?" She said with a huge smile on her face.

"I wish I could take credit for this." Quinn said, as he grabbed her fingers and interlocked them with his. And pulled them close to his heart. "Starfleet told us to report to Captain Malbrooke on Casperia Prime. Were not due to report in till tomorrow." He said, as he kept looking around the room. There was so much to see, so much to soak in. And he was glad he had a chance to do it with his family.

"Hard to believe she was gone for almost an entire year, declared missing in action, and already sent back out to explore. The crew is going to need a strong first officer. Especially after loosing their last first officer." Suggested Ameri, hoping that Quinn was up for the task. She knew that Quinn was comfortable on the USS Nantucket. When she decided to rejoin starfleet, she knew she was asking Quinn to transfer with her. And he did.

She was grateful to him. He did not have to go, he could have stayed on the USS Nantucket, and raised their daughter, or watch his wife and daughter head to the USS Pioneer. She pulled her arms back and leaned against the railing with her back and looked at Quinn, they were about to kiss, till she could hear Enya giggling.

"And what do you find so funny." Quinn asked with a big smile at his daughter. He wondered if she was giggling about her parents trying to kiss. He continued to look at Ameri for a few more seconds, before turning his gaze to Enya.

Enya pointe to a couple of people dancing in the background. Quinn walked closer to his daughter to get a better view. Sort of leaving Ameri alone. But barely. They were still in eye distance of each other. Enya started to explain to Quinn what she was seeing, and being very excited by it.

Tyler had finally settled the ship down after it achieved orbit just above the rings of Casperia. He turned over the ship to the Junior Officers, and Diari's engineering teams to get the ship back in order. There was one more issue he had to attend to. To get it started he searched out Vaebn and found that the Romulan had already left for shore leave. It was in this moment that the Captain recalled that there was a new Stellar Cartographer that was being picked up here on Casperia. He stopped by his quarters and put on what Kat called his Oklahoma uniform. Blue jeans, cowboy boots, a plaid shirt, a big ole belt buckle and his father's hat. Together arm in arm the two went down to the planet.

Tyler had them beam in just outside of Ameri's location. He turned to Katherine "Listen babe I have one last piece of Captain business to do and then I am all yours." She kissed his cheek and replied "I will come with, I guess it always helps if the new crew sees the power behind the throne. Me!" She laughed and kissed him again.

He saw the woman he was looking for talking with a man and a small child. Crud I forgot to tell her no families on the Pioneer. Well she will have until the end of shore leave. He thought. He approached the group with a broad smile. "Lieutenant Ó Flannagáin I am glad I found you here. I apologize for doing this to you, and especially in front of your family but I am going to have to rescind your shore leave. We need you to report to the ship on the double and re chart the entire Cardassian Union. The effects of the temporal anomaly was far reaching. We need to know the effects before the next attacks can be planned. Once again Lieutenant I am sorry." Tyler stood there and although he wore plain clothes he addressed the woman formally.

Before she could respond Kat interjected. "Listen honey I am Katherine Malbrooke the galoot's wife. You can call me Kat and he is not as big of a jerk as he seems right now." She smirked at her joke. The tone that she spoke about Tyler in, she would never use if they were on duty.

Enya and Quinn focus was now on Tyler and Kat. Ameri was a little surprised that the Captain came down to the planet, and practically took her off shore leave. She was eager to work, but she was expecting to have a few more days. It sounded like the Captain needed her help, she assumed he would have not interrupted her night, if he did not need her assistance. She realized she was dressed for vacation. She buttoned up her shirt. and smiled, even though she was sad. "Yes Captain. I can beam up to the Pioneer, and get started. Is Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil still on the ship, I will need to get my credentials for the Pioneer updated."

"Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil has already left the ship for shore leave." Tyler responded curtly. It was then that Kat, his ever present conscience punched him in the arm and gave him the sternest of looks. He cocked an eyebrow and an unspoken conversation progressed between the married couple. Shortly, Tyler sighed and smiled. "Listen I of all people understand the important of family time. I will tell you what, the Pioneer is going to be in orbit for about a week while the crew blows off some steam. Report to the ship at your leisure, but I am going to need the new map charted out before we leave. So simply make sure you allot yourself enough time. As to your credentials they are already in the system. The Stellar Cartography lab is on deck 8 adjacent to Astrometrics. So I apologize for the inconvenience, but for now as you were." His mood softened a bit as he realized he was coming across as the Captain that he hated to be.

"I can get up early tomorrow, head up to the ship. Maybe start the re calibration on the sensor array, and synchronize our star charts." Suggested Ameri, as a compromise the captain's earlier request. She looked to Tyler and then to Quinn, hoping both men would like that idea.

"Sounds like a good idea, it would allow us to time to get to know you better Captain." Said Quinn, as he walked over to Tyler, and reached out and shook his hand. "I'm looking forward to working with you." He said, as he looked to Enya, and she stood by his side. She was a little antsy at the man, that wanted to take her Mommy away in this very moment. She was glad that he changed his mind.

Both Katherine and Tyler looked at the new arrival a little confused. Tyler knew that the man was Ameri's husband, but working together. That is what through the Captain for a loop. "You will have to forgive me Commander but I am unaware that we are going to be working together." Tyler signaled a server to bring him a tall beer.

Quinn smiled as he reached out to shake his hand. "I have been selected to be your new first officer. Starfleet assigned me to replace Lieutenant Commander Krackden, sad to think he is still missing in action." Said Quinn, trying to contain his enthusiasm, to show respect for the fact that the former first officer was missing in action.

Tyler's jovial face blanched uncontrollably. He froze as he sipped the beer. Darf didn't make it back? Elen said the big guy was on the Williamette. What happened why did no one tell me.? He thought as Kat gripped his arm tightly in an effort to bring him back to the here and now. He swallowed hard, more a gulp then a swallow. "Commander, who gave this order. I find it hard to believe that I was not informed that my XO not only did not make it back but that he was replaced without so much as a whisper to me."

"Sorry Captain, I was under the impression you were told. Admiral Lancaster, made the transfer. I hope this being okay with sir." Said Quinn, wondering why Tyler was not told ahead of time. He felt bad that he was the one that told Tyler, but at least he heard it from him, here and now.

The only thought in the Captain's head was why over and over again. The man was in so much control of his life, his ship and now a year later it seemed that it was spiraling out of control. He rubbed the stubble on his chin and sipped his beer again. "Well then I guess we should get to know one another." He glanced at Ameri, Enya, and Kat. "If you ladies would excuse us?"

Kat smiled more in an effort to brighten the mood then anything else. "Why don't we ladies get some ice cream while the men talk shop. Besides it will allow us to get acquainted and I get let you both in on all the secrets that Mr Stuffy Pants would not want you to know." She gave her husband a wink that let him know she had this under control.

Enya smiled at Kat. She thought Kat was very nice and funny. She agreed that the Captain, did appear to be grumpy. She hoped the Captain would lighten up. Even though she was young, she knew being grumpy all of the time was a bad thing. "I love ice cream." Said Enya, as she looked to her mom. "Can we have some?" She asked with her big brown eyes, staring at her mom.

"Sure." Said Ameri. She really did not like giving her daughter to two desserts so close together in time, but it was a good idea to Tyler and Quinn talk. Apparently the Captain was not expecting her husband. She wondered what that was all about.

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