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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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Two Hearts meet and one big boom

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 @ 4:51pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Makeba Brown & Lieutenant Elloma Essu
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Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: USS Pioneer, in Elloma's AU
Timeline: MD003 2000 hrs
3799 words - 8 OF Standard Post Measure

Last Time On Two Universes Collide

"Consider the invite extended. I will alert the crew here and file the formal request shortly. Like I said we must keep the cover for now. It should give me enough time, the problem will be figuring out how to get us to where we will need to be to make this work. Like I said we will need a large scale chronoton explosion. That is not possible in this sector." Tyler replied as he already began to work the problem from a PADD.

"Okay, lets work on it over, if we stay on the comm line any longer, my people will become suspicious." Elloma, said as she blew a kiss towards Tyler, before closing the channel.

And Now The Conclusion

May 30 2394 2000 hrs (realtive time)

Elloma beamed aboard the USS Pioneer, with her sister by her side. Elloma, had fixed her and dolled up for the occasion. She wanted to look her best for Tyler. She had missed him deeply over the past few days.

"Good evening Ambassador welcome to the USS Pioneer. I am joined by my first officer Commander Makeba Brown. We welcome you and are eager to learn all we can about you Ms Essu. It is once in a lifetime to meet a metamorph. We have a wonderful meal planned, other of my senior officers will be joining us. I hope you won't mind." Tyler smiled and reached out to take her hand.

"A pleasure to meet you Captain." Said Elloma, as she reached her hand out, to allow him to kiss it. And to help her down from the transporter padd. She desperately wanted to reach over and kiss him. But this was not the place, nor was it the time. And would be inappropriate.

"If you would like we can take a short tour of the ship, or we can dispense with that and just head right to the meal. How do you feel? Like walking or like eating?" He smiled again, Tyler knew that he was grinning ear to ear like a schoolboy but there was no help for it. He was over the moon to see her, the real her. But he knew all of that would have to wait and they would have to plan their next move.

"I am starving, if you do not mind Captain, we can skip the tour. I have a feeling we have a lot to talk about." Said Elloma as she looked to Tyler then at her sister.

"I will be dinning in the Captain's mess, alone. Feel free to use this time to interact or mingle with the crew." Said Elloma as she looked to Nassie.

"As you wish, I am hungry as well. So I will be in the mess hall." she said. Nassie knew not to keep her out of her sight. If anything happened to the metamorph, it would be her ass on the line.

"Very well." She said as she turned to face Tyler. "Shall we Captain?" She asked, as she waited for Tyler to show her the way, even though in reality, she knew where the captain's mess was located.

Makeba who wore her command red dress uniform stood next to Tyler. "Sir this is highly irregular to have a diplomatic function alone." She cocked an eyebrow when Tyler interrupted her.

"Thanks Number One, but I think it best for the mission at hand. Please take Ms Essu's entourage and give them everything the Pioneer can offer. Have Chloe open a bottle or two of her best. In the meantime I will be in the Captain's Mess." Tyler spoke to his first officer with a smile, but with just enough edge to make sure that it was understood that they were orders.

"Aye sir!" Makeba smirked at her Captain. "Right this way everyone..." She said as she pointed toward the door.

After everyone left, she was alone with the Captain. "We should proceed to dinner, We have a lot of work ahead of us." She said, wanting to be alone with Tyler, but things were still to public here. She needed to get him alone, to work on a strategy to get them home to their universe.

****Captain's Mess USS Pioneer****

The administrative staff of the Pioneer had set out quite the spread when they received word that a diplomat would be coming to dinner. Once Tyler and Elloma were seated the Captain dismissed the staff, with the idea of planning. "Right so now that we are alone what do you propose we do. I must confess that I have been through this three times now and I still have no idea how this works."

Elloma smiled as she looked over a datapad near her position. "We know that a big explosion brought us here, I was sent to whatever universe this is, but not any explosion site." She started to say, as she took a pause for a moment. Then went on. "but it can be a coincidence that the key to this the USS Pioneer. I have a feeling, something is going to happen here again, since we are both on the Pioneer, call it a hunch. Nothing to support my claim, just a feeling I can not shake. So if I am right, we need to use that to our advantage."

"Ok, thus far in my travels I have found that each universe that I have been to has had something to do with my life or my subconscious, including the way out. So that being the case and since we are both here what is it about this universe that would appeal to both of us. If we can figure that out we can learn how to get out of here." Tyler responded, the tone in his voice was less flirtatious and more business at this point. He sipped a glass of wine that was in front of him.

Elloma thought to herself, all work and no play. Well for the moment, that would pass. There would be plenty of time to play when they got home. She wanted out of the nightmare. Unlike Tyler, she had stayed in this universe. "I don't think its that easy, I have been wanting to leave, since I arrived, it has to be some sort of temporal vortex or anomaly. I wonder if the Pioneer recorded anything around this ship or near Krios recently?" She asked, hoping that the sensors would be helpful.

Tyler nodded in the affirmative. "Yes, that would be worth a look I will have Vaebn look into it immediately. Perhaps you should have the Kriosians look as well. You could tell them I gave you some information that this anomaly may endanger the homeworld. That should get them moving." He took a small bite of the steak. He knew that the dinner was a rouse but he was hungry after all this time travelling and dimensional shifting.

"I will have Nassie, contact the homeworld, she maybe suspicious. She will follow my orders despite her suspicions." Elloma said, feeling guilty that she was closer to Nassie in this universe, than in her own.

"Good then let's enjoy dinner and then we can regroup in about an hour and we should have some results. Consider it a date." Tyler responded with his normal boyish charm.

"I'll hold you to that." She said, as she started to eat her plate of food. She wondered how his experiences had gone prior to them being reunited. She knew she could ask, but she did not want to distract them from their primary mission at the moment. Getting home.

***One Hour Later Captain's Ready Room***

"So it seems that your hunch was right. There is a rather large time distortion wave heading this way. It is of equal magnitude to the Nexus, but everything else about it indicates that it is not the Nexus. This could be our chance to get back. A warp core breach in the heart of that wave would do it. However, there is no way to get the breach to happen without tipping our hat." Tyler was pacing behind his desk as Elloma sat on the couch.

She wondered how it was possible to survive a warp core breach. She sat on the sofa, and noticed him pacing back and forth. "What if we placed ourselves in some sort protective shield, a temporal bubble, but then again you did not die from your last two incursions, somehow were thrown into another reality. Why is that?" She wondered, and had no answer for. And would that work on her, or would she die?

"I believe that it is our consciousness that is crossing through time not our physical form. At least that is what I have gathered from my previous incursions. So death is not really a worry that I have, I know that sounds funny. But it is true. My bigger worry is how to induce the breach at the right moment. If any of my crew or if the Kriosians become aware the entire plan would be scrapped. Did you come up with anything from the Krios?" Tyler found that his pacing had him stopped near the replicator. "Coffee Black" when the mug formed he grabbed it and to a deep drought.

"I shouldn't be telling you this, and if I was truly the metamorph I wouldn't be telling you this. But it appears the that the Klingons and my people are experimenting with new power source, my information on it is vague, but from what I have gathered, it appears to be some sort of generator, pulling energy matter from multiple universe. I was told I was near the device, when it went off last time. But it did not explode, there was a implosion wave that knocked us to the ground. I remember waking up on the floor." Said Elloma, not sure if anything she said, could be useful. She doubt her government would allow Starfleet to look at the device, especially since they are working with the Klingons.

Tyler snapped his fingers, she had found him his out. "That is it, if we can stage that energy source to overload at the same time as a warp core breach that should just do it. Question is can you get your people to do that? We would also have to coordinate and it would take pinpoint timing. Is there any way that we can get your people to use that device?"

"I can get my people to re activate the device, I am not confident that I can get you access to see it. We will need a cleaver reason for your presence." Suggested Elloma, but what would the reason be? She continued to think, but nothing was coming to mind. She hoped Tyler would be able to come up with a reason.

"Krios is a Federation member. I will state that the Pioneer has detected some unknown radiation emanating from the planet. As the senior most official of the Federation present I must inspect the Kriosian power facilities for their own protection as well as the protection of the Federation as a whole. Unless your people would want to create and incident with Starfleet and the Federation diplomatic corps they would have to grant me access. What do you think of that?"

Tyler sat down at his desk, and as he did he realized exactly how exhausted he was. Drained both physically and mentally. All he wanted now was to get back to his ship, with his crew, and his family. Why did I want to be a Captain again?" he thought with an internal chuckle.

Elloma was still new to their relationship, but she could tell that he was fatigued. But they had a lot of work to do. She walked over to him, and placed her hands on his shoulders, and started to massage his shoulders, they were so tense. "Hang in there. We will get through this." She said, as she went on to say. "We need to find a way to get you to Krios and to the lab, but how?" She asked out loud.

"In about an hour I will contact Krios and inform them of the required inspection due to the readings. That should stir the pot a bit and get them to let me come down there." The shoulder massage was doing the trick, he had almost forgotten how magic her fingers were. "The first thing I am doing when we get back to anywhere that is in our timeline is a steak dinner all three of us." He smiled as he gave himself over to her machinations.

"Alright, lets head back to Krios."Said Elloma as she continued to massage his tense neck, with her soft delicate hands. "I am suppose to be heading to Earth, maybe we can say you questioned me personally, asking to inspect the device. Cause starfleet is concerned about the reading their sensors detected." Suggested Elloma, wondering if Tyler thought it was a good idea.

"That would be perfect. For the ruse to work I would need to bring at least one other officer for inspection purposes. I think Commander Brown will suffice. Let's get going." Tyler spoke as his confidence steadily returned, partially because they had a plan, and partially because of Elloma.

***One Hour Later - Kriosian Power Plant***

Elloma had made all of the clearances for Captain Malbrooke an Commander Brown, to beam down to the lab. The ruse had work, a little to well. Elloma knew she had to play the part, the part of the bad guy at this point. After all Starfleet was suggesting to the Kriosian people that they made a mistake. And there was a potential safety concern. As they beamed down to the lab, Elloma raised her voice. "As you will be able to see Captain, there is nothing wrong with our device, the idea that anything is wrong with the device is absurd." She said, luckily she told Tyler and hour ago, she would have to try to discredit him in public, to make the ruse work.

"Makeba start taking scans of all of this equipment, upload it to Lieutenant tr'Hwersuil on the Pioneer." Tyler ordered his first officer into action and she obeyed without question. "Actually, Ms Essu I on behalf of the Federation will be the judge of that. There are readings coming from this equipment which represent a clear and present danger to this planet and the entire system. It is our duty to investigate and confirm or deny that this is the reason. I will caution you and all those present that if this equipment is indeed the culprit, then we will be forced to shut it down. Now, all I ask is that you give Commander Brown and myself your cooperation and we can get this done quickly." His voice was commanding, it had to be, there had to be no reason to question that this was why he was there.

"You have no authority here, Captain. You are here on the off chance you maybe right. We Kriosians are a proud people, and you will see that we take every precaution." She said as she walked over to an engineer in charge of the project. "Mister Tarsu, will walk us through some of the safety containment features." Said Elloma, as he listened to Chief Engineer and Project Manager Tarsu talk about the device. The conversation was long winded, and dragged out. Elloma was very bored.

After a short time, Maekba had completed her scans. And Tarsu noticed that. She had remained silent. He took that opportunity to speak up. "As you can see captain, the safety chamber is well within recommended specs, the chambers are re enforced and laced in neutronium. This system is flawless." He suggested pridefully.

"I have all the authority I need as a Starship Captain ensuring the safety of the Federation and it's citizens. Which includes the people of Krios." Tyler replied to Elloma and then stood silently as Makeba made her scans. He listened as Tarsu spoke and Tyler realized that this system was actually quite ingenious. When the scans were over Brown said nothing but did give the Captain a glance. There was actually something there, Tyler was pretty amazed. "Then Mr Tarsu would you please explain these high levels chronitons and if I am correct matter not of this universe. What are you doing here Mr Tarsu?" Tyler kept the tone accusatory, as Elloma had the right of it. Kriosians were a proud people and perhaps he could push them into activating the system.

"This is an eternal conflict with Kriosian sovereignty, do not challenge me Captain. I can have you removed. You are hear at my leisure, I would suggested you conduct your test before I rescind my offer to that end Mister Tarsu, please demonstrate how the device works." She said sounding serious, and inside hating herself. She did not like talking down to Tyler.

"We have created a bridge matter, pulling energy from multiple realities, just minuet amounts. We are working with the Klingon Empire closely. We have seen a spike of chroniton particles, but the limits are within expected perimeters. We have everything under control, and proper containment protocols established." Suggested Tarsu, as he showed off the device and her safety features.

"Prove it... because from what I see of these scans I am going to have to report this project to the Department of Temporal Investigations. They will most likely shut it down entirely, as they do not take kindly to people meddling with time in any way. So your options are to give me and my first officer a demonstration, or most likely lose the project. Choose wisely." Tyler spoke as he crossed his arms smugly.

Elloma smiled at his defiance, but deep down she wondered. Was his behavior very Starfleet like? "You heard the Captain, let's give him a demonstration. And end this silly inquiry once and for all." Elloma suggested, as she walked closer to the device.

"As you wish my Eminence." Simply replied Tarsu, as he activated the device. A couple of his aids assisted. "As I told you a moment ago, the bridge is stable. Captain Malbrooke." Said Tarsu, wondering why Starfleet was wasting his time.

Tyler nodded to Makeba and she began to monitor and scan the readings for any anomalies. Tyler tapped is comm badge twice. What he was doing was sending a signal to the Pioneer's computers to build up for a warp core breach. The things Captain's can do with their ships. He thought. He looked Elloma square in the eyes and hoped she understood the hidden message in what he was about to say. "Right here we go..."

An alarm started go off. "What's happening Tarsu?" Asked Elloma, as she noticed the hidden signal from Tyler, but pretended like she did not. She was eager to get back home. The device started to pulse with a fast beat. It appeared to be building up to something.

"This can not be happening." Said Tarsu, as he went on. "Try to re-align the port couplings to revert the matter flow..." He started to say, as the device started to build up some more.

"What's going on here Mister Tarsu?" Asked Elloma, with an annoyed look on her face. She hated to be ignored. Or so her character in this reality did. Elloma did not mind it very much in her own reality.

"It's starting to overload. What did you do Captain." Asked Tarsu, a little suspicious that the device was suddenly over loading. Tarsu gave a disapproving look to Tyler.

"I have done nothing, except discover an issue with your technology and take steps to correct it. Can you shut this down or not Mr Tarsu?" Tyler turned to Makeba and nodded, now was the time to act the Starfleet Captain in an emergency. He tapped his comm badge. "Malbrooke to Pioneer, initiate a full scale evacuation of Krios."

"We do not have time for the blame game, how to do we stop this?" Asked Elloma, as she looked to Tarsu and Captain Malbrooke, hoping one of them had an answer. She knew Tyler did, but she was just playing her part in this ruse.

"I do not believe we can stop it, this is building for detonation. The answer is evacuation..." As Tyler spoke his voice became hollow, and distant in his own head. Like he was listening in from a distance instead of speaking. Then he realized it was happening. When that realization happened everything when white, and an intense heat along with dizziness enveloped him. The planet Krios, and the USS Pioneer had both exploded. The last word that Tyler Malbrooke managed was a whisper. "Elloma..."

***Main Universe, USS Pioneer***

It happened so fast, Elloma did not feel a thing. She saw a bright flashing light, and the next moment she was in another room. It looked like Tyler's quarters. Was she home? Was this another reality. She tapped on a computer terminal in his room. "Ensign Essu to the Captain, what's going on up on the bridge?" She hoped this was her universe and that Tyler would be answering the call, and that she got her rank right. She hoped she was home.

When the heat, noise and dizziness settled Tyler opened his eyes. He found himself laying on his back in Main Engineering, with Elen Diari his Chief Engineer looking down on him. His comm badge went off and it was Elloma. While he was elated and wanted to go see her the time to care for the rest of the crew was at hand. He tapped his comm badge. "Ensign there is a lot to discuss. Suffice to say welcome back. Report to Lieutenant Myles and if he is not there take command of Security. I will be in touch. Malbrooke out."

"Aye Captain." She said, hoping she was now home. She quickly got dressed and reported to the bridge, and luckily she found Larim, right were he was suppose to be. As the scene fades around her.

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