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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Someone Get the Number of That Truck

Posted on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 @ 3:37pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Lieutenant Elen Diari
Edited on on Fri Oct 19th, 2018 @ 5:01pm

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Main Engineering - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD004 2000 hrs
1965 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Tyler didn't know whether to make heads or tails of anything. He had been in the past, in an alternate present, and yet another possible timeline. He opened his eyes and found himself laying on the floor of Main Engineering. A feeling of elation came over him as he sat up and realized that he was wearing a Starfleet uniform with Captain's rank and that his Chief Engineer was stirring beside him. He must have came down here after the wave hit to see what happened. But he doubted himself, his mind was awash with memories that did not include that.

"Lieutenant are you alright?" Tyler spoke as he rose to his feet, and found that Main Engineering was deserted save for himself and Elen.

"I'm Fine, Captain. Welcome back." El replied from her chair, checking his name off a list.

=/\= Diari to Winchester. That's the Captain back, re-scan and bring on the next one. =/\=

"Thanks Elen, but would you mind clewing me in on what in the sam hill is going on here. In fact I have no memory of coming down here to Engineering yet here I am. Also would you mind checking the ship's chronometers. I need to know when and where we are." Tyler smiled at the woman, but that smile hid a doubt that was quickly pushing to the forefront of his mind. What if this was not home, or more specifically the right home. He took the familiar route as he felt clinging to the familiar is probably the best way to approach the situation.

"OK, take a seat." she offered an armchair borrowed from the mess hall "According to starbase 375 and the USS Winchester, it's stardate 72788, about a year since we were all here. From what I've found out we were hit with the mother of all Chroniton and Quantron pulses from the science station going boom. It's scattered the crew, basically across quantum realities, and it's taken pretty much half of the high energy physics group of the Daystrom Institute across two realities, to get us back. Got about 25 people, including yourself back so far- we're hoping to get everyone back by the end of the week at the latest." El explained.

Tyler took a deep breath, which was in fact more of a sigh. "Forgive me if I have my doubts. Listen carefully. When I was in the Academy I swore that if I ever got a command I would not get tangled up in a time mess. However, here we are. Your predecessor Lieutenant Thalk felt the same way about time travel as I do. Within ODN unit 156 just to the right of the core you will find a metallic box with the Klingon triskelion on it. Only your codes as Chief Engineer will unlock it. Get and unlock it, then tell me what it says."

El dutifully went over the unit, and open it, her eyes lit up and she cooed once she saw what was inside "oooh, aren't you beautiful, is this a Sofia ? Yep" She picked it up and brought it over back to the captain. "This adorable little thing shouldn't be hidden away, it's going in my office from now on. Here you can check it for yourself- 15th October 2395, 2000 hours, if my maths is right stardate 72788.6".

"Thalk you are one smart s o b..." Tyler said with a smile, and then turned to El. "Lieutenant reset the ship's chronometers to match and inform the crew when we are. But before you go and do that. You may as well give me the whole story on the rescue. I am going to have to give a report to Admiral Lancaster shortly." As Tyler spoke his normal tone returned to his voice he had returned to normal.

El passed the captain a cup of coffee, "I'll add the chronometers to the list, the work teams are on the important stuff just now- replicators, sonic showers, that sort of thing now that the power grid is stable- most of the returners just want a hot shower and a good meal when they get here."

"As far as I know, It was our Marines you have to thank, it's all them. I got here a couple of days ago after a very long trip from the Beta Quadrant, I got zapped to a deep space surveying mission, and my doppelganger is some sort of Paterski-level genius in high-energy physics, who made an artificial wormhole to get back, and left tons of notes to repeat it with you guys, which she left with the Daystrom lot, who are helping the Marines over on the Winchester finding everyone." She continued, helping herself to another cup.

"Right leave it to the Marines to find us. Once I heard the date, I thought that they would have given up on us. Glad to hear that the Marines are always searching. Who do I have to thank for that?" Tyler sipped the coffee it was the greatest thing he had since he got back. "My first stop was in the past and you would never believe in that universe the Federation and Starfleet are an entertainment program, long story." Tyler laughed and sipped his coffee again.

"You know I would love to hear it..." Katherine Malbrooke said as she entered Main Engineering. "Before you say anything I am not here to see you my love. I am here to see Lieutenant Diari. I have been aboard for a few days now helping to get the ship back in order. By the way Elen love what you have done with the place."

"Thanks, Hun. Going by the Intrepid refit specs, that haven't technically been released yet, with a bit of flourish to make the place more homely, that is of course if Big Ears and the Rock God sign off on it." El chuckled, looking over at the captain. "By the way he's over on the other ship with Gunner Wilson, who's in charge of all this."

Tyler shot Elen a look at the comments but before he could open his mouth Katherine spoke up. "You know I never noticed how big his ears were, and I bet Darf would love being called Rock God."

Tyler chuckled "Everything looks great. Since we missed out on a year of advancements in ship design, get us up to specs. Send word and have Commander Krackden returned to the Pioneer, this Wilson as well have her transferred over."

=/\= Winchester to Diari. Incoming. =/\=

A wormhole ripped open in engineering and another figure stumbled out, and fell to the floor.

=/\= Ok, Winchester. Got them, will identify. Captain's wanting the big guy back here, and could Gunny join him ? =/\= Diari told the comms.

She went over to the figure, cradling them with a towel "it's Ok, you're back, just relax".

Senior Chief Calhoun had his mind set on dying and when the explosion went there was no blackness, but there was a large bright light. The next thing he knew he was lying face down on the floor of Engineering aboard the Pioneer. He jumped to his feet and took stock of his surroundings. Calhoun saw the Captain and Diari but were they real. When was this he needed to know. So he resorted to his training. He looked at Diari "Name, rank serial number?" His jaw was squared and his tone bilked no argument.

"Sure. Diari, Elen. Lieutenant Junior Grade. NK- 861463. And you are ?" El agreeably answered.

For the moment Tyler was content to smile and let the Chief Engineer sort the Intelligence officer out. This outta be good. He thought.

Billy watched as the Engineer spoke and as she did he felt a wave of calm, and familiarity wash over him. He knew this feeling. It was how an El Aurian felt when all was right with the timeline. He smiled broadly "Permission to hug the Lieutenant?"

"Ok, go on. But if you put a listening bug on me, I will spank you" El joked.

Calhoun embraced her in a bear hug as he apologized for the way he acted, then he turned to Tyler. "Sir I am sorry I just did not..."

"No worries Chief we all have been through a lot. A little leeway is granted." Tyler interrupted.

"Is Jennifer back?" Calhoun asked to both officers.

"Sorry, not yet. I can check with the other ship, people are popping back there too." She said, with a genuinely sad tone.

The look on the Chief's face went from happy to sad as quickly as a ship jumps to warp. He simply nodded at Diari's response and then regathered his resolve. "I am sure that she will be back any minute now. Captain, Lieutenant with your permission I would like to return to duty in the SCIF immediately. As an El Aurian I have a brain filled with what happened here, and I need to get it into the database before I forget. One never knows when the information will be needed."

"If it's Ok with the captain, it's alright by me. If you want, you can use my office so you're nearby when Jenny gets here." El offered, feeling the chief's sadness.

Tyler nodded his agreement with Diari. Billy for his part turned to Elen smiled and went into her office. But before he did he simply offered her an old fashioned salute. To Leslie Calhoun that was the only way that he knew how to thank a superior officer. He knew Elen would understand, after-all she was Betazoid.

When the doors to the office closed Tyler spoke again. "Right Lieutenant let's get to work on getting our home back on it's feet. You are in command here and for the time being I am naught but an Ops officer. So what do you need?"

"Nothing really. The Winchester's doing the heavy lifting in regards our crew, I'm just here as the return wormholes seem to like warp engine cores and open near them. Repairs are going well, short of a Baryon sweep and antimatter refill, the Pioneer will be good to go once everyone's back. Main thing is the psyche stuff of people returning, some haven't had such a good experience as I did, maybe you could give some of them a welcoming shoulder ?" Elen replied, " When you talk with the admiral, ask them for a company of counselors."

Kat had been silent and rather enjoyed the touching scene that presented itself when the crew members reunited. She grabbed her husband from behind and kissed his neck. "Listen babe let the engineers worry about the ship. You go upstairs to the bridge and Captain. These people need you in the center seat." She then leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I am as worried about Elloma as you are. I will let you know the minute she is back."

"She is okay and back. I have already spoken to her. Check in on her when you can." Tyler whispered back to his wife.

Tyler embraced his wife, kissed her and headed for the bridge. He had a bounce in his step and a new determination about him. There was a change on the horizon and he was looking forward to it.

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