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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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Eliminating suspects

Posted on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 7:21am by Lieutenant Elloma Essu & Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Edited on on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 6:45pm

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: Security Office
Timeline: MD003 0500 Hours
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"Elle you okay?" Asked Rissie as she walked into the security office unannounced. She had heard about the murder. Which surprised Elloma.

Elloma thought to herself that the murder was only a few hours old. How did Rissie know about it. Then she remembered something from her training at the academy. Bad news travels fast, especially on a small ship.

Elloma had been reviewing the camera footage, all night. She did not have any time to quash rumors. Who ever this perp was, he or she was good in getting in and out without being seen.

"I'm fine Rissie, please have a seat." Suggested Elle. She needed to talk to Rissie anyways. Even though the logs do not show her near the deceased crewman, she was in the same lounge that night. Rissie left 30 minutes before Commander Krakden found the Crewman.

Rissie was a little confused by her tone. She was only stopping by to check in on her friend. "Okay, I only have a few minutes, I am needed in engineering." Said Rissie, wondering why Elle had asked her to take a seat.

"Were you in After 11 lounge last night and earlier this morning?" Asked Elloma, as she decided best not to beat around the bush. She knew her friend was busy.

"Yes." Said Rissie. "Surely you do not think I am suspect?" Asked Rissie, feeling a little hurt. Then realized that Elloma was only doing her job.

"Can you recall when you entered After 11 Lounge and when you departed?" Asked Elloma. She had the logs for the actually time, so she would be able to tell if Rissie was lying or telling the truth.

"I arrived around 2230 hours that night, after pulling another double duty, then I left around 1245 hours-ish, but there was cute officer, that was distracting me. It could have been closer to 0100 hours. I am not exactly sure." Rissie said.

The timestamp on the camera footage showed she arrived at 2227 hours and left at 0103 hours. "Did you have contact last night with Crewman Goldberg?" Asked Elloma.

"No he is a crewman, I rarely fraternize with the enlisted." Said Rissie, a little defensive. She kept telling herself, that was only doing her job. And try not to take offense.

"Did you know Crewman Goldberg?" Asked Rissie.

"No not really, he seemed like a capable crewman, but I did not know him personally, as I stated before. I do not fraternize with the enlisted." Said Rissie.

"Did you notice anything suspicious in the lounge last night or anything out of the ordinary?" Asked Elloma. She hoped that maybe Rissie saw something, or that something got her attention.

"Now that you mentioned it, there was a couple of enlisted near Crewman Goldberg that were sitting a couple tables down having a small heated conversation." Said Rissie, recalling that moment in her mind.

"Do you know what they were discussing?" Asked Elloma.

"No they were talking quietly, but you could tell they were upset by their body language." Pointed out Rissie. She wondered if they had anything to do with the murder?

Elloma thought the same thing. She wondered if Crewman Goldberg overheard something he should not have, and was killed to prevent him from telling anyone. "Did you notice anything else out of the ordinary?" Asked Elloma. She was grateful that Rissie gave her more insight. The camera's did not pick up on the heated argument. It was her first real lead.

"No. sorry. I hope this helps in your investigation." Said Rissie, feeling a little anxious to leave. She did not like the feeling of being a suspect.

"Thank you Rissie, your free to go. And you have been a big help. Appreciate it." Said Elloma, as she watched Rissie leave. She then went back to watching the camera feed, this time she wanted to pay close attention to the couple of officers arguing.

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Ensign Elloma Essu
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Clarissa Rockwell
Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer


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