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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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New Friends

Posted on Tue Jun 19th, 2018 @ 4:46pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: Gymnasium - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD003 1300 hrs
2307 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Down in the gym rooms of Empok Nor among all of the various races going about their scheduled exercises many would wonder what the female Vulcan and the lizard had done to each other to be going at each other so viciously.

Hard to believe the two were happily married and this was one of their weekly sessions together. The dazzak as the dragonians called it was a sparring match between partners to strengthen their bond. The combat allowed each other to get any frustrations out and the session of tending each others wounds afterwards.

The security chief grinned as he blocked his mates attack before contouring and putting the hybrid on her back. She grinned up at him as she held up her hands as her chest rose and fell heavily. “I yield.”

Xalanth offered his hand as he pulled her up. He was panting heavily as they made there way off the mat grabbing the two water bottles that sat with there bags. Swigging back the drinks they both leaned against the wall as Xalanth put his arm around his mate. This was the life.

Tyler had decided that all of the sitting he was doing on the Pioneer merited some workouts he didn’t want to put on weight. When he arrived at the gym he saw quite the sight. A Draconian and a Vulcan were sparring. To him it looked like boxing but there were some notable differences. Tyler watched as the two fought with smiles on their face until the female Vulcan indicated her yield from the flat of her back. Tyler could not help but applaud it was quite the fight. “Well fought, well fought indeed.” He said, as he could appreciate a good sparring match. Tyler went over to the bench press and began to set up some weights for himself.

“Thanks. He goes easy on me.” T’para replied with a laughing grin on her face before she took a large sip from her water bottle.

“You’re Tyler Malbrooke captain of the Pioneer aren’t you?” The lizard asked as he stood up and offered his hand.

Tyler took the hand offered and shook it. “Indeed I am I hope my horrible reputation has not preceded me.” Tyler chuckled “However, I am sorry you have me at a loss. I know you are Draconian but other than that…” his voice trailed off.

“Lieutenant Xalanth Chief Tactical Operations Officer of the Juno. This is my mate T’para.” He said looking over his shoulder at the hybrid who was still drinking from her water bottle. She smiled and gave a slight wave from the bench.

Tyler would have never put the two of them together, not in a million years. “Your Commander speaks highly of you. That is a mighty big ship that you have to protect. Vesta class is nothing to shake a stick at. How do you like our little home in Cardassian space?”

“She’s very nice sir. Haven’t seen much of her, but she seems like a fine station. My families enjoying the break from the ship especially my daughters. It’s been nice getting some free time with my mate without having to worry about the ship coming under attack from the crescent.” The security chief responded before he noticed the captains ring on his finger. “ You married sir?” He inquired politely.

“Indeed I am, my wife serves here on the station. Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke she is the Assistant Chief Engineer and one tough cookie.” Tyler smiled as he began to work the bench press. “Please call me Tyler or Ty if you would like when not on duty. The formality of Starfleet can give me the willies sometimes. Attack from the crescent, is that a new threat from the Gamma Quadrant?”

“Indeed. There a nasty piece of work. Any species that knows how to be expert tortures is guaranteed to be bad news." T’para replied as she walked past her husband giving him a jab that she needed a hand with one of the empty bench press.

“My mate was the medic who first treated the rescued hostages. I hope there being kept under guard the crescent seemed to let them go far to easily." Xalanth replied as he helped his mate with a few of the weights.

“Yes, those are the folks that were turned over to Quaid a few days ago, I am sure he and K’Gunn have it well at hand. While you folks were off doing that we were handling the return of the Maquis. They are back with a fundamental shift in their belief system. On top of it all a former Starfleet Admiral seems to have his hands in this pie.” Tyler spoke between lifts of the weights.

“Great two pain in the asses to deal with." Xalanth replied as he finished helping his mate who began using the weights. “ They were around before my time, but wasn’t their beef with the cadassians?" He asked.

“Indeed it was and still is. However, there is the additional dislike for the Federation. It seems now their goal is to get the Federation out of Cardassian space. It is my belief that whoever is pulling these strings wants an all out war between Cardassia and the Federation. Something we all know the Federation cannot afford at the moment.” Tyler replaced the weights on the holder and sat up on the bench. “Listen Xalanth I speak now as one Starfleet officer to another, not as a Captain. As a security chief you need to keep an eye out. With the Maquis back it is a return to the old method of thinking. Anyone could be a member and no one is beyond suspicion. To turn an old Earth phrase, watch your caboose.” Tyler looked up at the Draconian he needed to convey the importance of being vigilant.

“I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and see if i can find out anything. Last thing we need is another enemy with the crescent showing up on are doorsteps." Xalanth responded as he kept one eye on his mate just in case she needed help. He paused for a second as he thought of something. “You don’t think there linked? It seems very suspicious that a new foe shows up just as the maquis start to get restless."

“Ah perhaps… We found that there were Cardassians working with the New Maquis and former Admiral Rodney Leyton is somehow involved. So anything is possible. Just be vigilant especially out there in the Gamma Quadrant. I do not think that the folks out there are fully over the Dominion yet.” Tyler replied as he took a sip of water and went back to lifting weights.

“Will do sir. I’ll keep an eye out on security and make sure to note if i see anything suspicious." Xalanth replied. “I’ll keep an eye out on medical. The Maquis were always know for stealing medical supplies.” The hybrid said as she stopped with her weights. Sitting up she handed it over to her red husband who began using them with ease.

“Excellent, one word of caution though. The Maquis have always felt that they were abandoned by Starfleet and they still do. Whenever possible try to prove them wrong. If they need medical assistance or supplies offer them. Show them that we do care. At least that is my advice.” Tyler got up from the bench and retrieved a jump rope, which he started using.

“As long as it’s not medical supplies that they could turn into bio-weapons we’ll provide anything we can.” T’para replied keeping count of the speed and lifts that her lizard husband was doing.

Tyler nodded “They just need to be made to understand that we are helpers not hindrances. For the time being however, I would suggest that we simply enjoy everything that the station has to offer and our time off. If you would like my wife and I are going to have dinner at the White Stag this evening. You would be welcome to join us.” He smiled up at the two, still wondering how the two of them ended up together. I guess love truly knows no bounds, he thought.

“If we can find a babysitter that would be lovely.” T’para replied smiling slightly at the look that spread over Tyler face. “Yup we have two daughters. People seem even more surprised we have kids than the fact we’re together.”

He laughed “Did my face betray my thoughts that easily. I will have to work on my poker face. I mean I don’t want to pry but it is quite curious. I admit I do not know much of Draconian rituals etc, but on Vulcan if memory serves correctly marriages are usually arranged, and usually that is done at a young age. So if you do not mind me asking. How?” Tyler blushed a little bit as he knew he sounded borderline insulting. But there was no other way around it.

Xalanth finished his weight lifting before sitting up flexing his muscles slightly.

“I’m actually an orphan. My parents abandoned me and my sister on earth and we have no idea why. We joined the academy as soon as we could. I met Xalanth during the riots when the academy was called in to help." T’para replied as the lizard slid his arms around her.

“It took me a long time to work up the courage to tell her that i loved her. From then we were a couple through the rest of the academy. When we were assigned to our first ship she found out she was two months pregnant. Being a creature of honour i proposed to her and she said yes.” Xalanth explained a grin on his face as he rubbed his face gently against T’para’s in a sign of affection.

“How did you and your wife meet Tyler?” T’para asked.

“My freshman year at the Academy I met Kat. She was an engineering major and I could not make heads or tails of warp theory. So a mutual friend introduced us with the thought that she would be my tutor. Over the course of the next two years we became inseparable. However, it wasn’t until our junior year that I got up enough courage to ask her out. We have been together as a couple ever since. Even though the fleet had tried to keep us apart. There was quite a long time while she was serving at Utopia Planitia and I was on the Poseidon where our marriage was nothing more than comm channels when we could. It was a stroke of luck that when I was given command of the Pioneer she was able to transfer to Empok Nor, so that at least when the Pioneer is not on mission we can be together. With any luck a family will come soon.” Tyler finished his jump rope routine and moved on to some basic calisthenics.

“Sounds good. We’re planning on adding a third one to our family soon. Having kids is a big step, but it’s totally worth it.” Xalanth replied grinning. His mate smiled as she peeled out of his embrace and walked off to one of the treadmills. The lizard stayed within talking range of the captain.

“I’m a lucky man to have her and my girls. The thought of never seeing them again scares the hell out of me.” He said his yellow eyes following his mate.

“You don’t think that the fleet life would ever separate all of you? There are a few families that I know of that manage to stay together no matter what assignment. That always amazes me, especially after what I mentioned happened to Kat and I. However, I am glad to see someone making it work first hand.” Tyler said with a broad smile.

“It’s something we’ve been able to avoid for the most of our career. Been on one tour of duty without them. Took me three mouths to not wake up in a panic when i couldn't hear any of them. Still this mission should keep us together for a long time." Xalanth responded.

“That is great to hear. I should be getting back to the Pioneer as I am sure Katherine is waiting for me. But I will be in touch about that dinner.” Tyler started cleaning up his workout area. Xalanth and T’Para certainly make for interesting people he thought. His line of thinking continued to a point that he was sure there was more to both of these two than met the eye.

Xalanth nodded as he turned and walked back to his mate who was waiting on one of the treadmills. She smiled as he got onto the one next to her. “ First one off gets to be on top tonight?” She suggested slyly with a sly smile on her face. He grinned in reply as he started running.

Tyler laughed as he headed out. He was invigorated so different yet so much in love. That was one of the principles of IDIC. In truth he learned a thing or two from this couple, and now he was off to see his wife to put them into practice.

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