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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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The Game Is Afoot

Posted on Fri Jun 29th, 2018 @ 5:32pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Captain Winfield Hood & Lieutenant Commander Dara Jax

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: Station Commander's Office - Ops, Empok Nor
Timeline: MD004 0900 hrs
1961 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Location: Station Promenade

Tyler was strolling the Promenade watching the station come into it's own as it came to life. He was lost in thought when he heard a cough from over his shoulder.

"Ahem, sir... Captain Hood would like to see you and Commander Anderson. He wishes to discuss the future of the sector and plans on how to proceed." Tyler smiled broadly at the Trill woman before him, he knew her well and she was the station's Operations Chief. "Jax how many times do I have to tell you to stop with the sirs. It's me Ty and I will always be just that as far as you are concerned."

Dara smiled "Well Ty the meeting is one hour. I would love to chat but I have to go find Commander Anderson. But dinner tonight bring the misses it would be nice to see her." She stood to attention, not because she was a stickler for protocol but more because she wanted to bust Tyler's chops. After a pause Tyler cocked an eyebrow. "Jax you are dismissed." She smiled and went about her way.

Ten Minutes Later - White Stag Pub

Dara Jax and scoured the station and she finally found the Commanding Officer of the Juno at the White Stag Pub. He was sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee with some of his crew. She came to attention next to the table that he was sitting at. "Sir, I am Lieutenant Commander Dara Jax and Captain Hood sent me to find you."

"What does the Captain need Commander Jax?" Asked Harry. He was surprised that the captain sent her down to the promenade, instead of paging him on his combadge.

"Sir, he would like to meet with you and Captain Malbrooke to discuss the future of the sector and mission orders. He requests you to meet him in the Station Commander's Office at 0900." The soft almost melodic tones of Jax's voice rang true. She hated being a messenger but serving with Captain Hood had it's quirks.

"Thank you Commander." Said Harry, as he finished his drink and morning breakfast. He finished his side chatter with with his crew, and made his way to Captain Hood's office in ops.

Location: Operations, Station Commander's Office

Harry waited to be signaled into the office of Captain Wood. The doors to his office had a big glass window. And no intercom. And he was expected, so he did not bother to signal the captain. When he was ready for him, he would signal him in.

Tyler walked up the stairs from Ops and to the door of the Station Commander's Office. He saw Harold standing there waiting. He smiled "Harrold fancy meeting you here. He keeping you waiting long?"

"I just arrived a couple minutes ago, was having breakfast at the White Stag, with some of my crew when a Commander Jax, advised that Captain Hood, wanted to see us. Do you know what this is about? All I was told, was about new orders. I have a feeling, their is more I am not being told." He said, trying to shake off that feeling.

"When I first arrived here I was told of his nickname. Ole Dark Hood is what they called him, because he is secretive. He thinks that everything is top secret and should only be told face to face. My guess is that he will reveal everything in a moment. Winfield is shall we say cooky to say the least." Tyler responded.

Harry just nodded in agreement, wondering why Tyler thought Captain Wood was a little cooky. No doubt, in a short amount of time, he would discover why he thought that.

A moment after Tyler finished speaking the doors opened and Captain Winifield Hood waved them in from behind his desk. "Gentlemen I am sorry for keeping you waiting. Calls from Cardassia Prime and all. Have seat... Can my assistant get you anything?"

Tyler requested a rachtajino he sensed he was going to need it during a meeting with Dark Hood.

Harry had requested another coffee with cream and sugars. It was already his third cup of coffee, and probably not going to be his last cup for the day. He had a feeling. "What can we do for you, Captain?" Asked Harry, who wanted to cut to the chase. He wanted to know why he sent Jax down in person, and not simply called him on his combadge?

"Gentlemen, we all have jobs to do so I will try not keep you too long. I think first we should all get on the same page. Commander Anderson would you report on the Gamma Quadrant. Is there anything that this station and by extension Cardassia should be aware of or worried about." Hood leaned back in his chair and began to work an old rubix cube. It was his flaw he had to fidget.

"The Juno, responded to the attack on New Bajor, the attack was from a race called the Crescent of Sephira or Crescent for short." Harry started off to say, he had no idea why the Crescent would attack their people.

"They took prisoners, and we tracked them down, thanks to a defector from the Crescent. They appear to have extraordinary telepathic abilities and telekenis." Said Harry, as he continued on. "It's unclear what they wanted, the prisoners were tortured, a few of them killed. From what I am told, this race is looking for something. But, not sure if that is accurate of a complete picture. I was hoping to learn more. Take the Juno back to the sector of space, and try to make first contact, properly."

Hood nodded sagely "Captain Malbrooke your turn, give me an update on things closer to home."

"Well, the Maquis are back and in a big way. There is a Nor Class station deep in the Badlands. The Cardassians referred to it as Breyet Nor or kill station. We found unreported biogenic weapons aboard the station. These were weapons that the Dominion was developing that have been co-opted by the Maquis. What the weapons intention is we still don't know. But I have a team headed by Dr Ballston investigating it. The biggest worry of all in this situation is the scope of involvement. We found Cardassians aboard the station working with the Maquis. As well as messages from former Admiral Rodney Leyton to Michael Ayala. Ayala has died in the skirmish aboard the station but Leyton is at large and we have no leads. With his knowledge of Starfleet operations that could be a big hit for us. We managed to capture their Tactical Chief. She is being held in the Pioneer's brig for questioning." Tyler gave an official report, nothing that was not already in the written report. Which is why he wondered why Hood called the meeting at all.

"I would like any transcripts of her questioning forwarded to Lieutenant Lamberti here on Empok Nor. Keep her apprised of everything. As for Leyton I had a thought about him. His last known whereabouts was in the Gamma Quadrant, however, that was quite some time ago. Commander Anderson head back into the Gamma Quadrant and see if you can make first contact properly as you say. However, while you are out there I would like you to keep your ear to the ground and see if you can dig up anything on Leyton. The sooner we capture him the quicker the Maquis fleas will fall in line." Hood stopped playing with the cube and turned to face Anderson.

"Yes sir, I will have my crew begin to investigate the admiral's last location. We can look for him, while trying to gather data on the Crescent." Said Harry, thinking to himself, why do admiral's go crazy. Made him think twice about, ever accepting promotion to the admiral position.

Hood turned to Tyler "As for you and the Pioneer. You will remain close by and tend to the issues that Cardassia needs tended to. You will also be keeping the Maquis as far away as possible, at all times. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir..." That was all Tyler could muster in response. Hood was a weird one but he was the senior officer in the sector. As such he had domain over the ships and their missions. If home patrol was what Hood wanted then that is what he would get. Although Tyler wished he could be the one going to the Gamma Quadrant. "Harold if I find any updates on Leyton I will be sure to send them your way."

"I prefer Harry, Captain. And of course Captain. I'll keep an eye out for Admiral Layton." Said Harry, as he wondered where the admiral could be hiding. The gamma quadrant is a very big place.

"Well gentlemen if you have nothing else to add you are dismissed." Hood said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Tyler rose to leave and stopped himself. "There is one more thing. With both the Juno and the Pioneer on mission the station will be left undefended. The New Maquis are a real threat, and they have Cardassians working with them. My recommendation to you is to keep the station on alert." Tyler said and then turned to leave.

"Thank you for your candor. I of course will take that under advisement." Hood replied.

"Thank you Captain." Said Harry, a little relieved to be leaving the office of Captain Hood. He did not have any animosity. He just knew the man was very busy, running a station.

When the doors to the office closed Tyler smiled at Harry. "That Hood is weird bird..."

"That he is." Simply said Harry, as they left operations area together, and headed down the lift to the promenade area.

"When is the Pioneer, heading out?" Asked Harry? He wanted to launch the Juno, as soon as possible.

"We would most likely be leaving tomorrow, depending upon what are orders are and when they come in. How about the Juno?" Tyler replied. He was coming to like Harry, for his bluntness. Tyler thought that in the coming months they would become fast friends.

"As soon as possible, finding Admiral Leyton in the GQ is going to be hard, but we still have to investigate this new aggressive race known as a the Crescent. If I have my way, tomorrow as well."

"My suggestion make the Crescent the priority and see if Leyton falls into your lap. Once the Crescent is dealt with we can go after Leyton together. But if you find him take him down, the traitor." Tyler smiled as he stepped off the lift to head for the Pioneer's airlock, he turned to Harry. "Harry it is great to finally meet the Captain of the Juno. I look forward to dinner at the Stag when you get back. Happy hunting Captain."

"The pleasure was mine, Captain. And I am going to hold you to that dinner at White Stag." Said Harry as he watched Tyler leave the area. Harry had a couple of things to discuss with the science officer, as the scene starts to fade.

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Captain Tyler Malbrooke
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Captain Winfield Hood
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Commander Harrold Anderson
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Lieutenant Commander Dara Jax
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