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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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The Morning After

Posted on Fri Jun 29th, 2018 @ 5:41pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Elloma Essu

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: Captain's Quarters - Deck 3
Timeline: MD004 0730 hrs
2044 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

Tyler rolled over in the bed as he was half awake he smelled the aromas of a large breakfast cooking. When he rolled over he felt the warm feminine form next to him and snuggled up to it, all the while thinking it was his beloved Kat. Tyler was one of the few men who rather enjoyed 'spooning'. He half opened his eyes to say good morning and saw a series of spots going down the back of the woman's neck. It was then that he realized who was laying next to him. Tyler's eyes widened in fear that Kat would find out.

Elloma felt Tyler's embracing her, she smiled as she laid on the bed. She started to smell the food cooking. Her noise, was curious about the intoxicating aroma, filling up the captain's quarters. She crawled out of bed, wearing a teddy she replicated the night before. "Morning, that smells good." she said as she walked behind Kat, and kissed her neck.

Kat smiled "Have a seat and wait." She said softly but sternly.

Tyler watched Elloma leave the bedroom and he realized that his wife was making breakfast. He never thought that something like this would ever happen. He was still doubtful whether or not he was dreaming. He got up and put a robe on and headed for breakfast. "Morning ladies, well that was certainly something new." Tyler said with a smirk.

Elloma noticed Tyler walking into the kitchen, she could not help but wonder, what would be next for all of them. Was this a one night stand? Was she now in a three way love triangle? She had no idea, she smiled at Tyler, but stood near Kat.

Kat served the breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes with coffee and orange juice, with a stone cold face. She had been deep in thought while the other two slept. Cooking always helped Katherine organize her thoughts, it was something that her grandmother had taught her. She looked at her husband, and her... She didn't know what. "Both of you sit, eat." The tone in Katherine's voice was not anger, but it was stern almost ordering the two to do as she said.

Tyler watched the slow and deliberate movements of his wife, and he knew that look well. She was deep in thought and had something weighing heavily on her mind. He was not sure what could have her in such a mood as last night was quite her idea, at least he thinks it was her idea. He still was not sure if he dreamed last night or not. When Katherine issued her orders Tyler cocked an eyebrow this was it whatever was on her mind was going to come pouring out shortly. He sat rather obediently and started to make himself a plate.

Elloma took a seat, and waited for Tyler to finish dishing up, before she started in. She was observing the face patterns of Kat. Was she upset or just lost in thought. Elloma was not sure. "Thank you for making breakfast." Was all that Elloma could think to say, at this very moment.

"You are very welcome. I did it because I figure the three of us are going to need to have a chat. Especially now that it is out of our respective systems." Katherine had an engineer's mind and as such everything was organized and efficient. She spoke softly and evenly choosing her words carefully. Ultimately she knew that there was one goal here. In terms of Elloma, Kat was going to make sure that she understood who was the wife and who came first. As far as Tyler was concerned he would be made to understand that he may be in charge up on the bridge but this was her bridge and they just served on it.

Tyler sat in silence as he began to eat. He agreed with his wife there was an elephant in this room that needed to get kicked out. However, he was never one to let food get cold or enter into negotiations on an empty stomach.

Elloma listened carefully, to what Kat was going to say. She was following the lead of Tyler, in this case. She sat silently, and took a few bites of food, before asking. "I understand, I am curious to know the rules myself. You are both a lovely couple, and I am honored to be brought into this triangle." She said, hoping to appeal to Kat's good nature.

Tyler smirked "Well, you see this whole thing was..." He was interrupted when Katherine reeled on him, she knew where to start. "Before you even try to make a joke, or take the lead in the conversation, before you even open your mouth, you will shut it. Have you not realized why. Why I developed this idea or are you just too lost in being a man that you didn't realize." She took a deep cleansing breath. "Listen everyone has needs and wants but there can be only one person in control, and I think you have enough weight on those shoulders." Katherine directed her comments toward her husband.

Katherine sipped some coffee while the other two ate she had to gather her next thoughts. She turned toward Elloma "You are a sweet, beautiful, caring woman and what you see in that lug I will never understand. But you are here and even though I refuse to admit it he chose well with you. But, you need to understand that there will never be a two of you. So long as you stay in this relationship that is. So my first point to you is if you ever want out, want someone for yourself, a husband, a family, a whatever you say the word and you are out. No questions asked... I want you to not feel beholden to us, to have a life. Is that understood?" This first step was Katherine's way of gauging exactly where Elloma thought this was going to go.

Elloma was a little saddened by that news, but it was expected. Kat was right, there was never going to be a future with Tyler, but she was not ready to let her lustful desire go just yet. "Understood." Simply replied Elloma, as she looked to Tyler, to see how he was taking the news.

Tyler had been eating while his wife spoke. However, when she mentioned the future he glared at her. He didn't fully understand why Katherine was acting this way, it was her idea. He said nothing and let his wife continue so he could see where this was going.

Katherine still looked toward Elloma as she continued to speak. "The next thing you need to understand is that the two of you happen because I allow it to. I understand that people have needs and the fleet sometimes prevents us from fulfilling those needs. When the ship is out and about what the two of you do, you do. However for both of your sake I would recommend keeping this quiet. When the ship is here my husband is my husband and he will be with me first. Do you understand that as well?"

"Now hold on one moment..." Tyler interjected but Kat shot him a look that could freeze blood. His thought was stopped before it got started. This was definitely her meeting.

"I understand." Simply said Elloma, trying to be a little passive with her response. She was doing that for Tyler's sake, not for her own sake. She was very intrigued about last night. She had never been in a lovers triangle before. It was exciting. However, she still only desired Tyler.

"Now as to last night..." Katherine continued and her voice softened as she did so. "That was as much for me as it was for him." She turned to Elloma and smiled "Also remember that I am here for you should you need or want as much as he is. it is said in most things that it is a two way street. However, in this situation it is a three way street. You need to get what you need from this relationship as well. This is uncharted waters for me so we can explore together."

"I would like that," she said, putting down her fork for a moment. Hoping that her answer would please Tyler, she smiled over at Kat. A small part of her, liked the exploration they did last night. It was fun and very stimulating. "I would like to see you both again, real soon." She said, as she picked up her fork to continue to eating her food.

Tyler smiled at her comment, it seemed that he would be able to have his cake and eat it too. He looked at the two women as they were both smiles. This was not exactly the family that he was looking for, and then he remembered something that his mother used to say to him. "My mom would tell me that very often you do not find the family you want. Instead the family you did not know you wanted finds you. Elloma that is what we are from this point on. Family... As Kat said if you ever feel that this is too much for you, or you meet someone then it will be over. But for the time being I guess we are a trio." He took both of their hands and kissed them simultaneously.

It seemed that the conversation had softened Kat's mood a bit and she was smiling and being a bit flirtatious with Elloma. "You good sir need to know that just because you are not around does not mean that we ladies will not have our fun. We do not always need you..." She said with a devilish smile.

Elloma moved her hand behind the back of Kat and had a big grin on her face, basically giving her a side hug with a hint of seductive touching. She gently stroked the back of Kat, going from her neck all the way down to her ass, making sure to give her a nice squeeze. She could sense, this was turning on Tyler, and she was eager to please him.

The sensation from this experience was gratifying to her as well. "I think the rules we have established are mutually satisfactory for all of us?" Suggestively asked Elloma.

Seeing the two women playing and teasing each other was getting Tyler's engine going. Just when he was about to suggest that they head back to the bedroom, he realized what time it was. "Crap, I have to hit the showers. I have a meeting with Intelligence on the station." He sighed deeply "Duty calls ladies." He rose and headed for the sonic showers.

"You better make it a cold one." Kat said with mischievous grin as she started to nuzzle Elloma and coo. Tyler stopped at the door to the shower and started to disrobe. "You know I can order the Ensign to duty, she does report to my command the last time I checked." He called over his shoulder. "...And you report to my command. So go to work, and she stays here." Kat replied.

Elloma smiled as she watched Tyler leave for the shower, she started to become a little frisky with Kat. unlike Tyler, she did not work this shift, typically. So there was no reason for her to get ready.

When Tyler finished his shower and donning a uniform it was about twenty minutes later. When he emerged he found that the two ladies had gone and he heard the sounds of their play coming from the bedroom. He simply shook his head, smiled as he thought I really think I am going to enjoy this Captain stuff.

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