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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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Dangerous Liasons

Posted on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 5:38pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Elloma Essu

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: Captain's Quarters, Deck 3
Timeline: MD003 2200 Hrs
2222 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

“Don’t do it, He is a married man. You just need to get some air. Clear your mind, Elloma!” silently and in the mind of Elloma. She decided to go on a walk, after the party. She noticed that Tyler and his wife, the fiery hot looking redhead, looked all happy in love, but just the other night, it appeared that Tyler was about to kiss her, there was physical and sexual tension in the air between them. And it was really bothering Elloma, that she had to keep it bottled up.

She remembered overhearing Tyler and his wife, talking about the fact she had to go back to work. If there ever was a time for her to address her lustful desires, this was probably that time. She needed a resolution, she felt that she could not move on, unless she talked to him. She found herself walking over to his door. They both lived on the third deck of the USS Pioneer. She walked over to his door, she felt she had no choice, but come clean to the captain about how she was feeling.

She walked up to his door and rang the intercom button, thinking to herself. Here goes nothing. She said as she waited in the low cut dress she wore to the party, hoping to get his attention at the party. She was not sure if she was successful.

The party was a success and Tyler marvelled at the promotion that the Admiral had given him. It was a shame that Kat was called back to the station and could not enjoy the promotion with him. But that was probably for the best, because there were two things nagging at his mind. The first being the conversation that Kat and him had the other night, which they continued. Kat was dead serious and even had a few suggestions from the crew. In fact the only argument that they had on the subject was when Tyler brought up Chloe as a prospect, hell Kat threatened to divorce him if he went there. There is definitely some sort of threat that Kat gets from Chloe. Tyler thought but he still was not sure if he should get involved with anyone from the crew.

Then there was Elloma, she was stunning and smart and different than any other woman Tyler had ever been with. At the Admiral's dinner she was a knockout and Tyler actually caught his wife checking her out. He smirked as he thought of the image of his beautiful red headed wife with the beautiful blonde with spots. His door chime brought him out of that revelry and he found himself crossing his legs self consciously as he called "Come..." to the door.

Elloma walked through the doors, as they swished open. She took a small step inside his quarters, she could tell that he had not expected her to stop by. She looked at Tyler, with seductive eyes. She kept her distance, waiting for him to either accept this bold move, or to lecture her. She had put herself out on the line, waiting to see what he did next.

He sat at his desk wearing the purple turtle neck, his uniform jacket on the back of his chair. When the doors parted the exact woman that he hoped it would or rather hoped it wouldn't be depending upon which way you looked at it stood there. She looked a little out of sorts. "Ensign, come in come in... Is there something wrong, anything I can get you?" He motioned for her to have a seat. He dared not get up just yet. Tyler knew the look that was in her eyes, he just had to not give in to it.

"I had a few drinks, and I prefer to stay somewhat sober for this next part." She said as she walked over to him and took a seat near him, clearly invading his personal space, but keeping enough distance, incase he rejected her. She took a small breath and continued on. "Is there something going on between us?" She flat out ask. She was not sure how to bring it up casually, so she decided best approach, was the honest approach.

His eyes widened for a very brief moment. So brief in fact that he hoped that she did not notice it. His facial expression changed just as quickly to one of a more serious tone. He had to admit she had balls. Her closeness was getting to him too he wanted her but the wall of the CO, as it was called took effect. "What do you mean Ensign? As far as I know you are a member of this crew, what do you mean between us?"

Had Elloma misread his intentions, the last few nights at After 11 Lounge and Bar? At the moment she felt a little embarrassed. but deep down, she had a feeling he was trying to resist her. His voice said one thing, but his body was saying another, and he did not react negatively when she drew in closer to him. She prepared to leave the room. Clearly he was not ready to talk about this. "Never mind, we can talk about this later." She said, getting ready to flea this awkward scenario. She felt like a fool, and the captain had every right to shoot her down.

He stood up rubbed his face, sighed and got some coffee from the replicator. "Ensign wait..." There was a pause that hung thick in the room for a moment. "Elloma wait, there is clearly something on your mind. Sit down and spill it. Don't make me have to order you to do it." His boyish charm took over again as he smirked and pointed to the couch.

"I think, have taken up enough of your time." She said trying to leave, but her mind was not stronger than her physical pull to the captain. She walked back over to him, eventually and slowly sitting down. She basically complied cause he playfully suggested he would order her to comply. She sat down near him again, still feeling the burn of rejection.

When she sat down on the couch Tyler sipped his coffee in strategic thought for a moment. On the one hand he wanted her, he thought his wife wanted her, and the icing on the cake was that he had permission from his one true love. The only con that he could think of was that she was under his command. So long as she understood she would never be able to speak about this, and he didn't let it muddy the waters that should work out. So Tyler Malbrooke resolved to "cheat" on his wife and see where the night took him.

"Please call me Elle, most of my friends do." She suggested to him. She was trying to get him to express himself a little bit. She felt that same physical desire to be with him. Being this close, even with no alcohol, she felt a passion, a rage to want to embrace him.

He sat down on the couch next to her and nonchalantly placed his arm up on the back of the couch. "So I have read that your people create the perfect woman. Once every generation or so. Any truth to that..." Tyler turned the charm up full blast, he was going somewhere with this and if it worked his night might be interesting indeed.

"That is true my people do, but I do not think I am the perfect woman. But I am a woman with desires and passions. A perfect woman, would not be in her captain's room while his wife was on the station at work." Said Elloma, as she leaned in a little to see how he reacted.

"Well, I think you might just be, well perfect." Tyler knew that he shouldn't but he thought what the heck, let's see where this goes. So he leaned in to match her intimacy. For the time being he was willing to let her play the Captain. "A perfect woman, does not worry about someone else's problems...." His voice trailed off as he contemplated kissing her. But no there would be time for that.

"I had to see you again. These past few days, have sparked emotional and a physical connection, one I have not explored a lot. But here I am," she said softly pausing momentarily before continuing on, and leaning in closer to Tyler. "Wanting and desiring to be with you." She said softly and leaning in for a kiss. Would he reject her again or accept her kiss?

"Well here I am and here you are standing on the edge. You don't push me and I won't push you..." He whispered and threw caution into the wind and kissed her. He kissed her with every fiber of his being. As that was all he wanted in that moment. He wasn't sure why perhaps it was the mission, perhaps it was the excitement of the mission, or what his wife had said. But he wanted Elloma and sometime a Captain had to give in to his wants.

Elloma returned his embrace with equal passion. She felt a surge of emotions pour through her body, most of them where lustful, yet very powerful. She had been waiting for this moment, and had no idea how far to take it, when all of a sudden the door to the captain's room opened. And Elloma felt a cold rush down her spine.

Kat had the late shift, Paret had been working the engineering staff like dogs. It was for a good cause, with the New Maquis confirmed to be about the station needed it's defensive systems up and running. Paret wanted it done within the next two days, which of course was nigh impossible. So the weight of the station defensive fell to Katherine's very heavy, very tired shoulders.

She wanted nothing at the moment more than to climb in bed with her husband, perhaps talk him into giving her a massage and then sleep. "You can squeeze more power out of the core, it is partially alive and can handle it." She said to Crewman Giles, he was working on the Pioneer's warp core and happened to pass by in the corridor. As she spoke the doors to her husband's quarters opened.

The lights were dim and she rubbed her eyes partially from sleep and partially from the lighting. When they adjusted she was greeted by quite the sight. It seemed her husband was having quite the make out session. On the one hand Kat thought he chose well she is quite beautiful and at least she is not the vixen barkeep. On the other hand how often does a wife get to bust her husband's balls. "AHEM... What in the name of sam hill is going on here?" Kat modulated her voice so it was loud but not too loud that it would be heard outside the quarters.

Elloma jumped a little when she realized they were busted, she had a guilty look on her, as she turned to Kat, and tried to apologize. But instead she softly said, "Waiting for you to join us." Said Elloma, as she reached out with her hand, and walking over to her slowly and seductively. She did not realize what was happening. But something drew her to Kat, like she was being drawn to Tyler. She waited to see what Kat was going to do.

Tyler was frozen, he blanched pale not knowing what her reaction was going to be. Also, he had not spoken to Elloma about the conversation that he had with Katherine. It happened at warp speed. His eyes followed his wife passed Elloman and she crossed the room to the replicator.

Katherine replicated a tray of synthahol whiskey sours. As the replicator made the drinks Katherine was not sure how she was going to react. She was angry, confused, intrigued and oddly interested. At the Admiral's dinner Katherine had her eye on the Ensign and in truth she had a vague interest in her as well. She made a decision and picked up the drinks. When she turned around she saw her pale embarrassed husband and the pretty young ensign standing there not knowing what to do. Elloma's back was to Katherine and Kat winked to her husband as she let him know that she approved of his choice. Kat Malbrooke placed the drinks on the coffee table in front of the couple.

She placed her hands on Elloma's shoulders and rubbed them lovingly. "The three of us need to have a talk, but that could wait." Was the only words she could muster as the sensations of something she wanted for so long overtook her.

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