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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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The Captain's Table

Posted on Wed May 30th, 2018 @ 10:08am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Michael Taggart
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 10:01pm

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: White Stag Pub - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD003 1130 hrs
Tags: SD 71400.1130
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The last time that Tyler had been on the station things were very different. First off he had not had time to enjoy all of the pleasures that the station had to offer. Secondly, the personnel had changed drastically. The USS Firebird had been reassigned as had been the USS Archimedes. However, when the Pioneer was docking he saw the USS Juno Vesta Class docked at one of the upper pylons. That ship was sure something to see.

Tyler had to make his first stop back to see Mickey at the White Stag. After exchanging pleasantries with the Scot, he took a table, as he had a mind to sample some of the food. He sat lost in thought as he enjoyed a Scottish cider.

Harry got the request to meet Captain Tyler Malbrooke on Empok Nor at a bar. A strange place for a meeting, but a place that Harry use to frequent, back in his past when he was the first officer of the USS Halifax. She would make several trips to the station.

Harry was currently in uniform, and refrained from ordering a beer, as he walked into the White Stag Pub, the smell, the sounds and the look of the place brought back a lot of great memories in this place. He noticed Tyler sitting down, Harry walked over to join him.

"Hello Captain, mind if I join you?" He asked, thinking it was a little silly of him to ask, when he was asked to meet Tyler at the White Stag pub. But sometimes you really do not have a choice. And in this case he did not want to be rude to Tyler and just sit down.

"Not at all Commander, pull up a chair. Let's drop the ranks I just thought it would be nice to meet seeing as we are in charge of keeping the sector running. The names Tyler or Ty if you would prefer." Tyler smiled and pointed to the seat across from him. He took a sip of a cold cyser as one of Mickey's serving women came to the table and asked if they needed anything from the kitchen. Tyler ordered a plate of scotch eggs, he motioned to Harry as if to say anything for you.

Harry ordered two eggs, sausage, hash browns with 2 slices of whole wheat toast. And a large coffee with creamer. He missed breakfast this morning and was starving. "My friends call me Harry, nice to meet you Tyler." Said Harry, as he waited for the food to be brought back to the table. He was trying to be polite, but his mind was distracted with the re assignment of his 14 year old daughter going to Deep Space Nine, and his 16 year old daughter taking her place on the USS Juno.

"Harry welcome to the Trivas System. I got a gander at the Juno as we were docking. She is something to see, Vesta Class looks like a moving city." Tyler smiled broadly and sipped his cider.

"Have you heard from Captain Winfield Hood the station commander, or Captain Dom Martinez of the Ottawa?" Asked Harry, wondering how long it would take the four captain's to meet up, and talk about strategy.

"Hood is busy running this place and getting it up to snuff. There are still some systems that need work. He usually leaves his planning to Commander Quaid, the Stategic Operations Officer. As to the Ottawa she is coming here that is some good news. I just got back from the Badlands, I hadn't heard. Is Captain Martinez a good man? What do you make of the Ottawa?" Tyler liked that Harry was a business first kind of person.

"Not much, here's what I know. The Ottawa" is an insignia class starship. She is a state of the art, cruiser. The Ottawa just completed her maiden voyage, now with that said she, is not the Juno, but she will do." He said with a slight smirk on his face. The Juno was also a cruiser, and the configuration of both vessels was so different.

"I am sure that Captain Hood will be overjoyed to hear that another cruiser will be in the sector. The station's defensive systems aren't running yet and with the New Maquis around one can never be too ready. Speaking of the Juno I know you have transwarp. How is that treating you? I have to admit I am a little envious, but nothing beats my Intrepid, you understand." Tyler returned the pride in his vessel and the smirk.

"We have used the QSD several times already, coming from Earth to Deep Space, then again from he enemy planet back to the wormhole. The Pioneer, is still a suitable and resilent ship for the fleet." Said Harry, trying to be careful with his words. The Pioneer, was a ship from the 70's, but Juno, was brand new, state of the art. And like he said, featured new systems like the QSD.

"Quite so... The Intrepid Class has certainly become the workhorse of the fleet. Ever since it proved itself in the Delta Quadrant. I am sure that when Voyager returned the Intrepid designers all cracked and bottle of champagne and a box of cigars." Tyler chuckled, "Well what do you think of our little corner of Cardassian space?"

"Not bad at all Tyler, I like this establishment." Said Harry, taking a look around the pub, and loving the d├ęcor and the atmosphere of the place. "My crew likes it too, they don't want to leave. Already explained to them, there is a whole quadrant to explore on the other side of the wormhole." Harry said, hoping that not every race was like the Crescent.

"The White Stag is a mainstay if you want good food, good drink and fine Scottish hospitality..." Tyler raised his glass toward the bar as he spoke and he was not disappointed as Mickey interrupted him.

"You bet yer arse it tis..." The Scottish accent rang out as the food was served. "Slainte..." He added with a broad smile.

"...Harry I must say we are glad to have you and the Ottawa here. With Cardassia Prime still rebuilding the vultures are circling. The Romulans, the Klingons, even the Breen want a piece of the pie. I sure hope you can find some allies out there in the Gamma Quadrant. You tell your crew that Empok Nor will always be here as a home when they return from the other side of the wormhole." Tyler finished his statement.

"Aaaaand da crew of da Juno is welcome 'ere anytime. There will always be food and drink, me hearth will always be lit for da crews of Nor air their return be fast and true." Mickey said and as if on crew various patrons raised there glass and responded here here, and well said Mick etc...

"Thank you both for your hospitality and I would be delighted to tell my crew, this place is a lot of fun, you can feel the energy vibrating in this place." Suggested Harry with a big grin on his face.

"Absolutely..." Tyler said with a smile and then added. "Harry welcome home."

Harry simply nodded and grinned, as he continued chatting with Tyler for a bit.

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