Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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The Security Chief and the hacker

Posted on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 10:15am by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun
Edited on on Tue Jul 3rd, 2018 @ 6:29pm

Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: After 11 Lounge
Timeline: MD003 1800 hrs
802 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Larim entered After 11. He was dressed in a navy button down shirt and khaki cargo pants. Casual was the uniform of the day for him. He was in high spirits. The ship was safe, and in his mind he'd done his job as CSTO. Granted he was on the away mission for most of the action.

Unwinding was the order of the day. So he walked up to the bar. He wasn't in the mood for anything hard so he just ordered a beer and hung at the bar, hoping someone would chat him up.

Jenn had gotten out of her uniform. She had nothing to do, she wanted to relax at the bar. She put on her civilian uniform, blue tight pants and a pink tank top.

She walked in to the bar and seemed a bit quiet the time of the day. She saw a man at the boor drinking a beer. She walked up to the bar and took a seat on the stool. "A martini please, hold the olive." She hated olives. Then she turned to the man next to her. She recognized him as the Chief of security. She only met him briefly in the holodeck. "Petty officer 1st class Jennifer Masters," she introduced herself holding up her hand.

'Lieutenant Larim Myles' he said, with a grin. 'Pull up a stool?'

"Well, by all means, Lieutenant," She said. "Come sit next to me." She moved the martini glass to wards as it was put in front of her. "So how is security doing?" She asked.

"Doing well, thanks for asking." Larim grinned. "Getting back into the swing of things after having been planetside." he laughed.

"Oh that is so cool, I never been on an away mission. But the excitement we just had, will last me a few days." She said as she grinned and then took a sip from her martini. "I should spend more time here, I am always busy and don't have much time to unwind. I really should." She said putting her glass down.

"I hear you on that. That's why I made that little western thing in the holodeck." Larim said. "What's that old earth saying. "All work and no play?" Something like that." he laughed. "And how about you? Hows intel going? Or do I have clearance?" he laughed.

Jenn grinned. "Well, I am sure your clearance is high enough to tell you that we're doing fine. Just pushing buttons and the likes right. I can't discuss the intell itself though. But I am sure some of it will pop up eventually in a senior staff meeting."

"Youre probably right." he laughed. "It does me good to chill a little bit. Lax says I need to open up more. And I have, until she jabs me in the ribs. Just like when I met Ensign Essu. Still hurts." he laughed

"Well, that depends on how you were looking at the Ensign," said Jenn. "And how the Ensign responded to that look." She looked in to her glass. "So the misses got you on a ball and chain I gather."

"Not really that." Larim laughed. "As much as you literally cannot lie to her. She'll find out." he laughed. "It was all I could do to surprise her with my proposal."

"I see," said Jenn. "Must be hard having someone in your life knowing constantly what you're thinking. Aren't reading her mind as well?" She asked curious. She would know it if she had that ability. She grinned at the prospect.

"Oh most definitely." Larim grinned. "The security officer in me." he laughed.

"What kind of thoughts are you getting from my mind. I want to see if my training of keeping telepaths out of my mind is paying off." She smirked.

"Well it's against regulations, but since you asked." Larim grinned. He put his hand to his head. He shrugged "Seen too many holovids." he laughed. "Anyway, somewhat foggy. But I am getting "this is nice"."

"Oh, hmm," she grinned, "This is nice?" She thought about it intently. She never met a telepath that didn't want to read her mind. She didn't meet that many telepaths at all. And most of them were in her previous occupation.

"This could mean anything, but this is nice." She laughed and finally put her glass down and asked for a refill and then continued on, "Don't worry, nothing that warrants your wife to stomp you in the groin." She chuckled.

"Yes. Lets avoid that." he laughed

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Larim Myles
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer First Class Jennifer Masters
HUMINT Agent, USS Pioneer


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