Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Death The Destroyer of Worlds

Posted on Mon May 21st, 2018 @ 10:30pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Staff Sergeant Gaagii & Sergeant Shayla Kunadt & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Corporal Rairror Thoran
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:19pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Breyet Nor
Timeline: MD006 1000 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.1000
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Gaagii had cut through the hull and boarded the station with everyone else on his tail. For the moment the corridor seemed empty he fanned his team out. He took point, and ordered Thoran to watch their six. The rest of the Marines boxed the Doctor and Larim in. "I think if we proceed around the outer ring with caution we should arrive at the lift. However, we don't know where to go. Is there a way to scan for these weapons Doc?"

Richard nodded and lifted his tricorder from where it had been hanging. The station was eerily silent as if they were the only life on the large structure.

"Biological weapons can be tricky to detect." The physician said as his gloved fingers tapped away at his specialized device, "I have made some attempts here to isolate some known signatures but. . . "

He stopped mid sentence and looked up from his device. The expression on his face was extremely grim and disconcerting. Richard drew in a breath and gazed at Gaagii before he spoke again.

"Ahead twenty meters and slightly to our left." There was a slight pause as if for emphasis, "it's emitting a combination of radiation and rather toxic biologic material.

"Right well we all have a job to do let's get it done and get out." Gaagii said softly into the comm channel. He walked down the corridor in silence his weapon shouldered and at the ready. The muzzle making sweeps from right to left as he stayed alert for Maquis.

"No arguements from me," Richard replied as he glanced around in the half lit environment. He began walking towards the reading and hoping what he was reading was not as dangerous as it sounded.

"If this is the weapon I will need the explosive part removed or at least neutralized before dealing with the biohazard," the physician stated calmly.

"Doc, maybe we could vaporize the weapon." Rairror suggested. "I'm sure I have something that could achieve the desired result.

"If we co that, at least be careful. Might be booby trapped." Larim offered. "I certainly wouldn't put it past them." he said. He took out his own tricorder and tried to scan at a safe distance.

"Firing positions..." Gaagii's voice rang through the comms. His team spread out as five Maquis charged their position. Gaagii got two shots of and managed to stun one of them. While his team subdued two more. "Lieutenant you have one coming your way" Gaagii managed to grunt out as he became tangled in wrestling with a Maquis. In a quick movement with little emotion. He reached for a Tomahawk on his hip and he swung it toward his opponent. The large Cardassian used his forearm to block the weapon receiving a gash for his trouble. Two quick punches from the Cardassian caused a small crack in the Marine's face screen and then it was all over. Gaagii pushed the Cardassian off of him and pulled his tomahawk from the Maquis' member's chest.

Myles turned a split second after the Marine called, getting a shot to the ribs for his trouble. He was never so glad for the suit at that moment. He avoided a right handed punch and offered one of his own. The burly Maquis followed up with a haymaker. Larim responded by using the guy's momentum against him, locking his arm and slamming him to the deck.

"Well they know we are here. I suggest we double time it." Gaagii said.

Richard stopped and crouched into a more protective position, "that would work but we got to clean up this mess first."

"Well Doc this is your show. But I would suggest patching them up fast." Gaagii said as he redeployed his team to defensive positions.

Richard looked over at their own crew and diduced they had come out fairly well compared to the attackers. "we can wait on medical care but restraining our unexected friends might be in order."

A Marine shuffled over to where the Maquis lay and he placed manacles on each of them and dragged them up against the wall. "Okay the path seems clear all the way to the lift. Let's move there and we can guard the lift until we can track down the weapons exact location." Gaagii said and he motioned for his men to start moving.

"Did you notice that one of them was Cardassian?" one of the Marines said. "Yeah what the Frak is a Cardassian doing with the Maquis?" another replied. "Enough our job is not to speculate it is to keep moving so the Doc can do his. Now cram it" Gaagii's usual soft spoken voice was filled with an edge right now as he cut the Marines into silence.

"We better get moving," Richard replied taking in a breath. He looked down at a his tricorder and added, before we get more unexpected friends."

The CMO shook his head, "it's not there anymore, it's moved but I don't know how."

"Thoran, where would someone house and build weapons like these? I agree with Dr Ballston but we can't keep moving if we do not know where." Gaagii spoke in the comm channel hoping that the munitions expert would be able to shed some light on the situation.

Rairror thought for a moment. "They'd want to keep them somewhere they can guard them easily and if it were me I'd used a fortified part of the station, perhaps the Infirmary, Main Engineering or the computer core." He replied.

"Main Engineering makes sense to me as the energy core for the station would mask the signatures of the weapons. At least I think... Doc, El T you are the experts here. Am I making sense?" Gaagi replied.

"Makes sense to me." Myles replied. "If I had something to hide. Such as something with a low power signature like a weapon. I'd hide it nearer the core. They probably figure that our sensors would just read the core

"Then we better check Engineering and quick," Richard said sullenly. He glance around before adding, "it would be my guess they wouldn't hesitate to use it on us if they thought we might find it first even if it meant their own lives."

"If this place is the same as Empok Nor Engineering is about two decks up. Let's get moving... I am going to send two men ahead for scouting. Goldberg, Cancielleri you two go on ahead observe and report only do not engage. Do you get me?" Gaagii said.

"Sir we get you..." The two Marines responded in unison and took off at a clip. Gaagii followed behind.

"I'll take the rear." Myles said, raising his rifle, and faling into position.

The station itself was eerily quiet at the team from the Pioneer crept toward Main Engineering. After about ten minutes of sweeping and clearing the various rooms and corridors the team arrived at the junction that led to the engineering bay.

Gaagii did not see his men, but that did not surprise him as the men probabaly engaged their reconn devices. "S1 report..." he whispered. The whole team heard the report in their helmets. "We are inside the Engineering Bay. This is the hot zone, repeat this is the hot zone. 35 WMD, 8 ECs request permission to engage."

"That is a negative S1. Hold position, do not engage until further orders." Gaagii said and then he switched channels. "This is RECONN one to Command Actual..." He said, and after a short pause the voice of Jack Cunningham could be heard responding. "This is Command Actual we are under heavy fire you do not have much time achieve you objective and get out. Command Out..." Gaagii turned to the two officers. "Well sirs it is your show..."

"We have a job to do," Richard said with a nod, "let's teleport that thing out of there, keep it in the buffer until we neutralize it." He chuckled, "probably safer than risking accidentally detonating it."

Gaagii ordered the rest of his men to move out double time. "Sirs upon arrival I recommend you let me and my men keep the enemy at bay. The two of you get moving on those weapons. Kunadt is standing by to beam them onto Hawkeye." He said and then moved out.

Ballston nooded and followed, "let's do it."

"Right." Larim nodded.

Breyet Nor Main Engineering

Gaagii stood at the main entrance to the engineering bay. His two scouts had reported that the enemy had been informed that the station was boarded and was ready. Currently there were two Cardassians standing with the WMDs. Gaagi relayed the information to Lieutenants Ballston and Myles. "El Ts on your order. I will send one Marine with the two of you and the rest will engage."

"Serg, I would like to volunteer to accompany the El Ts." Rairror said.

Gaagii nodded "Then full assault it is I will break the door down. Corporals you take the El ts and break left. let's do it." Gaagii shouldered his rifle with one hand and held a tomahawk in the other. He stepped in and threw the tomahawk at the nearest Maquis, it hit the man in the shoulder as he stumbled back. The two Marines who had been in hiding began to fire a cross fire as all hell broke loose.

Rarrior led the Lieutenants to the left. They found themselves at a locked door. The Orion briefly examined the doors, he then took an explosive breaching charge from one of pockets and arming it he attached it to the doors. "I suggest, you stand back, sirs." He said.

Once they were clear, there was an explosion, leaving a mansized opening.

When the smoke cleared, the small three person team could see that the room was filled wall to wall with torpedoes. They were brightly colored yellow with Cardassian symbols on them. There were also two Cardassian men, wearing uniforms of the old military government setting up transport enhancers. The two Cardassians stopped what they were doing, drew disruptors and opened fire.

"They don't want to make this easy do they?" Richard hit the decking and could almost feel how close the weapons discharge was to his head, "brings back memories."

Larim responded in kind, firing his phaser rifle from the hip. He spotted the transport enhancers. Couldn't have planned that. Just in time he thought as he fired.

Protecting Ballston, Rarrior trained his SMAW on the Cardassians and fired. He hit one in the shoulder, the impact causing the terrorist, to spin around and hit the deck hard.

Gaagii and his men were holding the rest of the Maquis at bay. This was new for the RECONN Sergeant as he was used to working from the shadows in the background. "We offer no quarter. Give them one warning and if arms are not laid down fire." Two humans one woman and one male came charging at Gaagii. He dropped his rifle as it hung from it's lanyard and drew his other tomahawk. He reached down to the man at his feet and pulled his other tomahawk from him. The male Maquis took the first swing and Gaagii deftly avoided it while hitching the knife with the blade of his tomahawk. Gaagii managed to swing the man's arm so that he cut the arm of the woman. Three engaged in what Gaagii's ancestor's called the dance of the crow. In the end the man lay bleeding with a severe cut through his chest and his hand severed. The woman stood clutching her midsection as there was a cut there. "You have one chance..." Gaagii said as blood trickled down his face, he was unsure if it were his or someone else's. The woman dropped her weapons and ran. The Marine holstered his tomahawks saying a silent prayer to his ancestors as he drew his rifle and returned to the fray.

Richard glanced at his tricorder, "I have two weapons indicated." He glanced away at the fight around him and gave a wry smile," only about five meters away, over there." The physician raised up onto his elbows and glanced over at Larim, "who's got the best throwing arm?"

Larim winked. "I have thrown a few photon grenades in my day."

The other Cardassian charged at Rairror firing randomly until his phaser failed, he then engaged the Orion with a bladed weapon. Rairror caught the man's wrist, applying pressure until he dropped the blade. The Orion then threw him into a bulkhead as if he were a rag doll.

The first Cardassian rose and aimed at the 'Fleet officers, but before he could open fire, the Orion picked up the discarded blade, and threw it at him. The blade hit him with such force, that it sliced through the man's ribcage and pierced his heart. He was dead in moments.

"We need to get to those weapons before this gets worse," Richard stated as he pulled himself along by his elbows. He glanced around and threw a transporter enhancement device towards the weapon he could see only to have it tap against the side of it and roll fall just under the platform it rested on. "close, we need to secure that thing and now."

Having dispatched the Cardassians, Rairror moved over to the weapons. Looking under the platform, he used his long arms to retrieve the transporter enhancement device and attached it to the weapons. "Ready when you are, Doc." He said.

Larim ran a tricorder over the weapons. "Seem stable to me." he offered. "Got the Myles stamp of approval.

Richard had gotten back to his feet and came over to the weapon and nodded at Larim. He already has his tricorder in hand and began scanning, "agreed, let's get it and us out of here."

Kunadt was running low on tricks to keep avoiding the onslaught of Maquis fighters. The fighters were trying to force her to disconnect and retreat, which would leave the teams stranded on the station. "Smart move guys but not smart enough. When you run out of tricks in the book, you start a new book." She shouted as she invented a power configuration to keep her shields going. She glanced at the console and she was being hailed by the Doctor's team. "This is Hawkeye... Go ahead Doc. I am kind of in the shower here." Her hands were dancing as she returned fire.

The Azzian physician glanced over at Larim as he affixed a small device and tapped the activation button. A thin blue glow quickly overtook the housing of the weapon, "it's a personal protective field Richard mentioned, "works both ways, keeps things from leaking out." His face was rather stern, "we need to keep this thing quarantined until we know they haven't done something to it."

Shayla had to think quickly, she was afterall an EVAC Specialist. What did it matter that right now she was evacuating weapons of mass destruction. "Sir, if we time it just right I can drop the shields and energize the three of you and the weapons. Of course you will materialize in the cargo bay, and the weapons behind a munitions screen. Initiating Evasive Standby..." The sounds of weapons fire could be heard through the open channel as the Hawkeye took a pounding. Softly as if she was talking to herself Shayla's voice could be heard "Thank the gods for these Argo Class transports..." "Alright sirs I am ready... On your command..." She took a deep breath and hoped this jury rig worked.

"Ready when you are." Larim said, looking at the Doctor. "Energize."

The weapons, the Doctor, Larim, and Thoran were all consumed by the transporter beam. Whatever trick Shayla pulled out of the air worked because they were all safely aboard. "The First Lieutenant's team is beaming back shortly and then we are Pioneer bound." Shayla called out from the pilot's chair.

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