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Tubleweeds and outlaws

Posted on Sun Apr 22nd, 2018 @ 10:18am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Sergeant Azure Thompson
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Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Holodeck 2-Oklahoma of the Old west
Timeline: MD006 2000 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.2000

"Computer, Begin Myles Old west program. and extend an open invitation." he said.

(You are clear to enter) the computer said, Myles nodded, and enter he did. What he entered to was a town straight out of a John Wayne movie. Town drunk leaning up against a hitching post. Piano music coming out of the town saloon. Little children running around It was great.

He only forgot one thing. "Computer arch." he said. The arch appeared. He quickly ran to his quarters and changed ou of his uniform, donning period dress. He ran back, iliciting looks from ships company. But he didn't care. He got back and started exploring the town

He started down the toad, tipping his hat to ladies he passed through town to the saloon.

"Howdy, stranger. New in town?" the bartender asked.

"You could say that." he smiled. "Whiskey."

"Coming right up!"

Jenn got an invitation to join the new holodeck program from the security chief. "Wow, I didn't know our security department was so creative." She replicated some period related clothes and changed from her uniform in to that. She made her way to the holodeck. It was already running.

As she walked in to town, she looked around and then made her way to the saloon. She looked around as everyone looked at her. She then walked up to the bar. She gave a look to the security chief. She then turned to the bartender. "Whatever he's having!" She gave a nod to him. She then walked to Myles and then leaned backwards on the bar. "Jessica Willows, but you can call me Jessie! She said in an attempt to make conversation. Of course that wasn't her name, but he should know that, being the security chief.

"Pleasure ma'am." he tipped his hat. "They call me Myles." he smiled.

Tyler had been in his quarters reviewing the after action report from Jack when the message from Larim came across his screen. "Well someone is bucking for a promotion." He said to the empty room. Thinking that the prisoners were secure in the brig and the ship making it's way out of the Badlands with little effort some R&R is in order. He replicated some clothes and headed for the holodeck, but not before he donned his stetson.

He entered the holodeck and stood just outside of a town in Oklahoma. He knew it was Oklahoma as he would recognize those mountains and plains anywhere. He wore a pair of brown cowboy boots, brown slacks, a colt peacemaker in a drop holster on his hip, a red shirt and black duster coat. He walked into town tipping his hat to the ladies and smiling good morns to the gents.

He walked into the saloon and recognized a couple of his crew already enjoying themselves. He sat at the bar and the barkeep spoke "How do stranger!" "How do. I'll take a sassparilla" Tyler replied with a smile.

"Well, it's probably better than the watered down whiskey." Azure said as she entered the saloon. She was dressed in Civil War army surplus pants, scuffed cavalry boots, an old faded shirt and a great coat. Around her waist was a belt which held a holstered colt and a hunting knife. Her look was topped with a scarf around her throat and a grey stetson on her head.

"Set 'em up on me." Larim smiled.

Jenn saw the captain had strolled in. She tipped her head up and walked to him. "Howdy, I'm Jessica Willows, but call me Jessie." She took the drink the bartender had poured for her. She smelled it and then put it back on the bar. She was reminded spoiled she was with sweet alcoholic beverages. "Probably the only thing I hate from this time period.The drinks." She laughed. "Well, maybe I should get on a horse and go herd some cows."

"How do Miss Willows. I don reckon I've seen you around these parts before." Tyler lost himself in the part. Larim had out done himself here. "Barkeep round for the house on me." The barkeep replied "Well that is mighty generous of you." Then he started setting up the drinks.

"Yes, very generous," Jenn was now looking at two glasses in front of her. She took one and took a deep breath and pushed it down her throat. She tried her best not show her disgust. She turned back to the captain. "You are right, sir, I just arrived. Do you have a name I can address you with?" She kept asking.

"You can call me Ty..." Tyler replied.

Hurrying though a side door to one side of the bar came Dilucca, sweeping an apron from a peg and apologising in what she imagined was an frontier drawl. "I 'nows, I 'nows, I'm later again I'm awful sorry, but I was checking the heny-hen and the chicks made a run for it" She continued fighting to don the apron while walking. "and I was chasing them round the yard, but i got 'em all squared away and I'm here now." She anounced with a smile, before giving attention to her shipmates. "Well lookie here we got strangers, always a pleasure meeting new folks."

Jenn walked over to Dilucca. "Howdy, Jessica Willows, but you can call me, Jessie," She said. "Chasing chickens ey, well my chasing chickens days are over. Where I came from I took care of the cows, the chickens and my six brothers. God knows why, they should get married in my opinion. So I took off."

"Maybe you should've stayed there," Said the bartender, "Here you wouldn't last either, little girl."

Jenn bit her lip a second, she was doubting a bit with security and the captain in the same room. But Hologram or not she walked to the bar and grabbed the man and pulled him over the bar towards her. "I am not a little girl and I would gladly proof it to you." She wouldn't mind sparring a bit, she wasn't afraid to pick on a fight, back in highschool she always got in to fights. Her aunt never knew what to do with her.

"Oh please Miss Willows don't hurt 'im, he just grumpy ol' barkeep nothing else." Dilucca pleaded, going for the small town girl act for this particular perfromance. Whispering a rebuke to the barkeep. "Reedy, I told you that surly tounge 'uld get you into trouble, now look."

"Missie you can either let go, or get out." Barkeep carried on staring straight at Jenn.

Jenn pushed the man back behind the bar. "What? No apology? Then give me another drink of that disgusting stuff you call a drink. My glass is empty." When she got a refill she walked back to Dilucca and took sip of it. "I just don't know people can stomach the stuff."

"Nothin' else Jessie I'm afraid, 'splians why Barkeep Reedy so grouchy." Dilucca responded with a sigh and shrug. "You travel alone? Looking for a place or passing though?"

"I travel alone," Said Jenn, "Possibly a place to stay, aside from grouchy over here, I like it here. I just keep me away from the chickens, ok. Unless they're roasted." She chuckled.

"They be a 'bit yella' an' little to be roatin' just yet." Heidy cracked with a giggle, "Be fine if you stick around, interesting too if your encounter with 'keep anything to go by." She added before turning to the other four glancing though the faces and calling across. "Get any o' you Folks a refills?"

"I wouldn't mind one, miss." Larim said, loving it already. "Just blew into town m'self. Probably bed down. Unless theres excitement around here?" he smiled. "Been a long ride"

"Sure thing comin' right up" She called. "Scuse me Jessie." She added before taking a few paces and stopping in front of Myles and fling up his shot glass. "Well beds we can do, excitement.....maybe, 'is the call of the frontier, lot of maybes." She added with a wry smile. "If you're lookin' for work, most of our stapin' fellas gone wrangling cattle, means were a little exposed if follow, bandits taken a shine to works on the ol' salting house, don't knows why no gold in there, mayhaps 'tis the iron. Sheriff might have use for you, or the ol' boys fixin' the roof if you got muscles for it." Heidy grinned as she leant against the bar, she'd made the last statement up the program could be tweaked she was sure, this was a program she liked, total escapism.

Tyler sat at the bar and watched his crew take in the sights and sounds of the west. He for one thought that Larim had really outdone himself. He signaled for the barkeep to give him another round as he kicked his feet out and thought that he would do a little R&R. Next time he came to this town he would make sure that there was a horse waiting for him.

To Be Continued...

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