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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Arrival at the Pioneer

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 2:04pm by Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Ensign Dana Wakefield
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:25pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Just outside the Badlands
Timeline: MD007 1300 hrs
Tags: SD 71386.1300
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The journey from Empok Nor had been uneventful, but now the shuttle had arrived at its destination.

Darf had heard that they where arriving at their destination. He had spent most of the trip keeping from freaking out. He hated being in shuttles for a prolonged time. Now that they had reached the Pioneer is was anxious to get off the shuttle. He made his way to the front of the shuttle. He looked out the window. "Where is the ship?" He asked the pilot.

Winter, piloting the shuttle, looked over the readouts coming off the console. They were quite illuminating, but there was a missing piece. "I'm not picking up the ship. I've got all sorts of gravitational eddies, but no ship." She double checked the rendevous coordinates, just to make sure, but as expected, they were correct. No ship.

"What, the ship's not here?" Hermia asked from the back of the shuttle where she was checking her gear.

"Looks like it. Darf said as he sat at the co-pilot chair. He started to run scans of the area. "I am not picking up any debris or anything, of course if they are still in the Badlands we would have no clue." Darf pushed somemore buttons. Opening a channel. "USS Pioneer this is Shuttle craft 39-alpha do you copy?"

There was no response form the Pioneer. "Maybe they had to divert do to how soupy the Badlands can be." Darf said

"I may take him some time to contact the Pioneer, so Staff Sergeant, what's your story?" Hermia asked.

Winter was surprised at the question. Usually, most just ignored her presence, which was how she liked it, but today was evidently going to be a new experience. "There's not much to tell," she replied quickly. "Parents died early, joined the ROTC, and I've been with the marines ever since. Always as a pilot."

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents, Staff Sergeant." Hermia said. "I'm a Marine brat myself and I spent 8 assigned SFMCB - Patton on Veltor II."

Dana was sat with a giant smile on her face, although the rest of the shuttle seemed worried she was taking it all in, no security escort, her own assignment without the help of her father. This is what she wanted, what she had begged for. She was gently listening to the people around her, all new faces and they did not know who she was, the smile got wider.

Darf was not typically a patient person. He also was suspicious of people who are oddly quiet. His anxiety was pretty high since he hated shuttle rides and now it was being prolonged. He noticed the quiet one in the corner. She seemed to be smiling? "Looks like someone is having fun. I am not. What's your deal?"

"I am." Dana replied in a soft, educated voice, while glancing at the flustered Commander. "One should simply not panic becuase the ship is delayed, there are many possible reasons. I wouldn't worry Commander, not yet at least."

"I am worried less about the ship not being their and more about making it out of this tin can." Darf expressed the true nature of his uncomfort.

Hermia moved to Darf's side. "Commander, take some deep breaths and concentrate on your breath it will reduce your anxiety." She said.

Darf looked at her sideways. "I will be fine just trying to figure out the quiet ones story and why she likes shuttle rides so much." he replied. "Trying to figure if I have to have her put in for a psych eval." He said giving the first grin in a few hours.

Dana was still smiling "Well you do know the Pioneer is just a bigger tin can, Sir." she said knowing fine well she might get a reaction. "But me, I'm just happy to be here."

"If it helps, her feelings of happiness are genuine," Hermia said.

She then turned to Wakefield. "Its Dana, right?" She asked.

"That is correct, Dana S..." she paused for a moment, it nearly just rolled off her tongue "Dana Wakefield, Chief Operations Officer." she gently replied.

"I'm Hermia O'Rourke, Surgeon," Hermia said.

"I am Darf, the new XO of the missing Pioneer." He let out a grin. "I was going to be the COO but they needed an XO more so."

Dana was looking at Darf rather curiously, in all honesty, he scared her a little, he looked like a stone statue, the things of nightmares that would chase you in your dreams. "Pleased to meet you all." she said eyes still wide and focused.

"First time meeting a Brikarian?" Darf asked with a smile. Talking seemed to calm his nerves. "There are only a handful of us in the service of the Fleet."

"Sorry, I did not mean to stare, but yes, my first time meeting a Brikarian."

Darf shifted in his chair. "It is quite alright. When your people do not leave the confines of your system much it leads to people questioning things." Just as he was explaining things everyone started to stare out the front. Darf turned to see the Intrepid class ship emerge from the edge of the Badlands storm.

He pushed the coms button on the console. "Pioneer this is Lieutenant Commander Darf. Welcome out of the storm."

"Greetings, Commander sorry we were delayed its been a long few days." came the reply from Jax

Dana's mouth slightly dropped, she was in awe, this was going to be her first assignment away from home, away from her security escort, "It's amazing" she said out loud before glancing back at the Commander "See, nothing to worry about Sir, we can transfer to the bigger tin can now."

"That would be preferable." Darf said with a grin. The quiet one was growing on him.

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