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Operation Resurgence (The Beginning)

Posted on Sun Apr 22nd, 2018 @ 10:38am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Staff Sergeant Gaagii & Sergeant Shayla Kunadt & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Major Cornelius Tremble & Sergeant Azure Thompson & Corporal Rairror Thoran
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Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Breyet Nor
Timeline: MD006 0930 hrs
Tags: SD 71384.0930

Breyet Nor Ops Center

Commander Ziko was watching as his men where scurrying around in the chaos. The Ops Center was the heart and soul of the station. It was quite expansive and had over a dozen Maquis of varies species working in it. Ziko's nerves, along with everyone's, here jacked to eleven since the fighters that had engaged the federation ship had lead it here. Now the secret was out. "Get those defense turrets powered up" Came his command. The Station had a decent amount of defense systems but they where offline because no one expected to have an Intrepid class ship on its door step.

Breyet Nor Engineering

What was going on around him. His station was usually busy but not like this. Ayala tapped his combadge. "CIC this is Ayala what the bloody hell is going on?"

After a second Ziko came over badge. "Sir, our fighters engaged a Federation vessel in the Badlands and where followed back."

"Blow that Fascist scum bucket out of the sky!!" He said as he turned to the Cardassian scientists. "We may need to change our immediate target. Ready one of the biogentic warheads. It will make a great test before we unleash it on Cardassia Prime."

The two Cardassian scientists that accompanied him looked at Ayala in disbelief. They could not believe that someone from the Federation would do such a thing. This was a new developement that would have to be reported back, they thought.

Shuttle Bay 1 - USS Pioneer

Jack looked around at the mixed group of Starfleet personnel and Marines. He'd never admit it to anyone but Jack hated working in mixed teams. He didn't trust anyone who wasn't Marine trained. He didn't know how they'd handle things when badly and things almost always went badly at some point. Only in a holoprogram did everything turn out ok.

All around him, Marines were pulling on their gear. He'd insisted that they all wear vacuum suits so they could make an insertion exiting the Hawkeye and finding an access port on the station's hull. He walked over to the doctor.

"You doing ok, doc?" He asked with a polite smile.

Richard gave the man a wry smile as he suited up, "I'll be fine, just hate the suits is all." He chuckled, "they make me look fat." His pale eyes landed squarely on Jack, "just can't believe they can't come up with a better design."

"I know what you mean, Doc," Azure said. "they do nothing for my figure."

Larim chuckled, fussing with one of his gloves. "Never did like these things." he smiled.

"Better then the SB5 model," Richard added with a chuckle trying to make light of their situation, "though they are better than nothing."

Tremble listened to the banter as he kept an eye on the Marines getting themselves settled. He passed through the scattering of personnel clad in his own bulky vac suit. He caught the Doctor’s comment as he passed and cast an eye at the physician. “Better than nothing? Well there’s that Doc. Most things are better than eating vacuum and suffocating. At least these models have better heaters and ballistic skins.”

"We'll. I do like breathing." Latin couldn't help but saying. He added a small laugh.

Gaagii knelt by the Hawkeye checking his gear one final time. He secured his phaser rifle and then reached into his duffel. In the bag were two tomahawks that he twirled gently and snapped into a specially crafted holster around his waist. He smiled to the Marines around him. The smile was not a genial one it was one that said it was time. He stood to attention in front of Jack. "Sir Reconn Fire Team is squared away and ready to go sir."

Tremble nodded as he passed the Pioneer's security chief, "That's the general idea, sir. And on that note, please double check all of you fleet types have your bio-feeds linked into the Corporal's network. She's responsible for keeping everyone breathing."

"Everyone's vitals appear to be strong." Azure reported.

Tremble kept moving and made his way over to the shuttles hatch, running a systems check on the breaching collar they'd attached. All of the zip-charges and mango grapples looked ready to go. He glanced inside the shuttle and saw the backup gear was still where it should be. He began circling through the gaggle again, itching to get to work.

"Alright, everyone, let's saddle up," Jack said and moved to stand next to the Hawkeye. "Check your buddies in front of you. Make sure they are squared away. Triple check your weapons. I don't want anyone taking a tour of the sickbay because they have their rifle pointed the wrong way." He watched the faces of his crew as they approached. For the most part they were relaxed.

Richard nodded as he checked the closures on his suit and nodded at Jack. He offered a faint smile as checked his tricorder attachment to the suit. The Azzian was satisfied with how it was and drew in a deep breath awaiting further orders.

Larm double checked his own rig. Satisfied he wouldnt suffocate he poured over his phaser rifle with "careful quickness." as he called it.

Jack waited until the entire team had boarded the Hawkeye, took one last look around the shuttle bay, and boarded himself.

Shayla looked over her shoulder, saw the LT get on and toggled her comms. "Pioneer, this is Hawkeye. Request permission to depart on flight plan Alpha Orion Four." There was a moment of dead air and then the response crackled in her ear.

"Hawkeye you are cleared for depature," the Ops officer on the bridge said. "Good hunting."

Shayla grinned. "Roger that. Catch you on the flip side," she said. The cargo bay doors cracked open as she pushed the throttle forward. The shuttle burst into open space and turned to head towards the looming space station. "ETA five minutes, LT," she yelled.

"Roger that," Jack yelled. "Alright everyone, listen up. We have two goals for this mission. After we breach the station, we will be splitting up into two teams. One team will accompany Doctor Ballston and help him locate our top priority, the bioweapons. The second team will be accompanying me to OPS where we will secure the station controls. We could face immediate resistance at our point of entry. If we do, remember our training. Respond with overwhelming fire and keep moving. Let the medics do their job and watch each other's backs. Any questions?"

Tremble didn't bother fussing with his suit, instead checking the feed from the personnel aboard, noting everything looked right. At the LT's query, he remarked "At least it's not a bug hunt."

Then he asked, "We're going in hot. They'll know we're there, rules of engagement sir? We're not going in on with weapons on stun, are we?"

Jack looked at his Gunny. He wasn't surprised the older man wanted to go in on lethal. Being in wars would do that to a man. "The captain hasn't authorized lethal force, Gunny," he said. "We will use the highest stun possible. However, should you get into a life or death situation, do what you need to stay alive. Any other questions?"

Gaagii glanced around and saw no one asking the obvious so he did. "Sir you said we would be in two teams, however you neglected to specify who is on what team sir."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Neglected, sergeant?" He asked. "That is an interesting choice of words when speaking to your CO." Jack stared at the Marine for a moment "I will be taking the command team and the reconn team with me. You will take fire team two and the doctor and go in search of the bio weapons."

"Sir yes sir" Gaagii replied. This wasn't the first time that his bluntness had gotten him into some hot water, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

It took a matter of moments for the Hawkeye to traverse the short distance between the Pioneer and the station. However, in that short time the silence and tension in the shuttle was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

With a soft bump the Hawkeye was nudged up against the outer ring of the station. Gaagii got the cutting torch ready and looked over his shoulder. "On your command sir"

Jack looked around. All of the Marines were geared up and buttoned up. "Alright, everyone, let's get this party started. Do it," he said to Gaagii. Once more dear friends, into the breach. he thought as the torch flared.

Gaagii turned to the team "Depressurizing in 3... 2... 1... Mark" He opened the rear hatch and engaged the cutting torch. It took a about 5 minutes for the torch to cut it's way through the stations hull plating and then another two for the Marine to widen the opening so people could pass through. "Alright we're in but I am pretty sure they will know that we are here now." He spoke into the comm channel shouldered his weapon and made his way through the opening.

Breyet Nor Security Center

Joseph Kidd had been monitoring the stations security since the New Maquis had taken the station. He never thought he would see what he just saw. They were actually being boarded. How foolish was this Malbrooke. He quickly dispatched a security detail to deal with invaders.

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