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Growing things

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 1:38am by Sergeant Azure Thompson
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:32pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Hydroponincs
Timeline: MD004 1040 hrs
Tags: SD 71378.1040

Navigating a corridor while trying to check on something else, be it a padd or the contents of some container or other was something a Starfleet crew or officer learned early on in their career, Heidy was putting that particular skill to use at the moment as she picked through the opening container that was balanced on an outstretched arm, a container of seeds, pepper seeds in particular from at least four or five different world's.

Satisfied that she had enough and that none had managed to escape during her transfer, she returned her attention to where she was actually supposed to be going. The hydroponics area on the ship was small but well equipped according to the officers she'd had to talk to to obtain permission to indulge in this particular hobby. Just as she approached the door she slowed, intending to allow an Andorian crew member coming in the opposite direction to pass before stepping to the door control and letting herself in.

"Hi, do you need hand?' Azure asked the human female who appeared to be juggling a set of containers.

"I'm only going to here," making a slightly odd forward and side motion with her head along with an eye roll towards the door in question, about to say she was fine but then realising her lack of available hands added. "But as your here and have asked, if you thumbed the door control and let me in that would be great."

"Sure," Azure said activating the door control and letting Heidy enter before following her into the hydroponics bay.

"Thanks very much." Heidy called as she passed through the door twisting her head and speaking a little louder, not expecting the crew member to walk in behind her. "Oh... you're coming in here too. Well isn't that a nice coincidence." Setting the boxes down on a shelf at the end of one of the grow units. "I'm Heidy, so are you a science tech or civilian or got a touch of the green fingers like me?"

"I'm Azure, yes, I know it's a strange nane, but my adoptive parents thought it was funny. Anyway, I'm a Marine Corpsman and a botanist." Azure said. "My fingers aren't exactly green, though I do enjoy gardening and studying plants."

"I like growing things too." Heidy responded cheerily and with a shrug added. "And professionaly I wear the gold to your green, brig guard, so quite, quiet, quiet, then full house. Much like yourself I would imagine. Growing things is a little more meassured and controlable, I find. "

"My thoughts exactly. I'm a failed science experiment, so it feels good to create something of my own." Azure said.

Heidy looked across at this point, the last comment by Azure seemed loaded with a story, and Heidy was unsure if it was one she felt comfortable pressing, especially considering this was their first meeting. So she moved back to why she was here, which felt like much safer ground. "If you're familiar with the setup in here maybe you can point out the plots that are free, I'm growing peppers so a strong light would be better, any thoughts?"

"Over here," Azure said leading the other woman to a section of plots in the far right corner of the room. "There's an adjustable lighting array here which should help and I'll have the computer synthesize the appropriate growth medium for peppers." She added.

Heidy followed the woman towards the corner casting glance over the plot and in particular noting the lighting features. "This should do fine, and I can sort out the growth medium, don't trouble yourself to much." She agreed with a smile and a nod. "So is there anything you're working on in particular."

"Not yet, I've been busy getting this room sorted out, I had to convince the CO we needed this before I could this set up." Azure explained.

"Really!" Heidy exclaimed as a expression that suggested she was as appreciative as she was. "My surprise is not that he had to be convinced, that's almost a given, but you actually were able to put your case to him. In person?" Heidy asked, given her own checkered dealings with senior and command officers, she was curious to know if this one was likely to be reasonable.

"Yes, I met him in the lounge and plead my case." Azure replied.

"Sociable and reasonable, promising mix." Heidy commented still with a smile but this time adding in an agreeable nod. "So what's your project, organic food for the crew, comparative studies, some funky alien seeds, or something else entirely? "

"Organic food and plants for herbal medication." Azure said.

"An interesting mix." Heidy commented, just about now her eyes fell on a larger module set into one of the walls, the woman paced over to it as she connected Azures role with the area of interest. "I see the conection though, corpsman, medication, nice." The unit was as she expected, and Heidy began to key in her request, while still asking questions. "Is the herbal side just for a better understanding?"

"Yes, but it can also be useful in the field to have an alternate source of medication." Azure replied.

Heidy paused and considerd the responce, a thoughtful expression gracing her features, before a realisation and then can her responce. "Unusual but practical, I know we're used to a standard operation that has resupply a replicator of transporter beam away, but thing aren't always standard as I can call. ............"

She broke off as her attention shaped back to the panel before her. "Oh Damm...............I just add a zero to my request. Point being in think I'm about to get ten times as much as I need." She faced Azure with a nervous smile as her container began to fill beyond its usual capacity " Any chance you can grab a spare container?"

Azure quickly grabbed an empty container from beneath one of the hydroponics apparatuses, and brought it over to Heidy.

"Great, now if you could stick yours at one end of mine then I can." She stated while bracing her own container against the bulkhead with her core and left arm, leaving her right free for a moment, which she used as a scoop pushing much of the excess black-brown mulch into the added container. "Well yeah, my multi-task ability has the odd hiccup." Heidy said while pullingher container away from the now finished dispenser. "So where we're we?"

"Well, you were going plant some peppers." Azure said.

"That I was." Heidy affirmed and turned walking over to the plot picked out for her, but offering as she did. "But if you need a hand with any setup stuff or anything else, I'm over here?"

"I'm fine for now, but I'll give call, if I need a hand later.

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