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A Brief Infiltration

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2023 @ 4:41am by Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna
Edited on on Wed Jan 11th, 2023 @ 4:46am

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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Romulan Encampment - Planet Igion
Timeline: MD006 2230 hrs

The encampment was surrounded by trees, which worked in Jayna's favor. She grew up in a forest and knew how to move quickly and quietly through the terrain. It also gave her a better chance of getting in unnoticed—provided she didn't draw attention to herself by making noise or startling the birds and insects into silence. She'd used the holodeck to keep in practice, but sometimes reality didn't act predictably.

The sounds and scents were different from her childhood on Bajor, but the trees still reminded her of how long it had been since she'd gone back. She shook off those thoughts and concentrated on the task at hand.

Since becoming the intel liaison to the Marines, Jayna spent several hours with their Capture the Flag program. While she was not nearly as proficient as Neil, she'd learned a few things and this might be a good time to put them into practice.

She also hoped that she could time her entrance to correspond with that of the Marines in case she needed a distraction from her skulking. But she couldn't and wouldn't rely on that. She took a few minutes to map the best route, using her small tricorder and listened for  any signs of guards or patrols.

After a careful examination of the area, she made her way to the fence, pausing at the gate to scan for guards in the nearby tower. When she was sure no one was watching, she carefully cut the wires and slipped through, making sure to affix them to the post so her passage wouldn't be noticed for a while. The plan was to meet up with the main group of Marines once she had the information she sought, but a secondary retreat might come in handy.
Pausing on the far side of an outbuilding, Jayna heard someone a few yards ahead. She wasn't sure if they were dumping something or relieving themselves. Either way, it sounded like the person was alone. She slipped quietly through several trees until she was close, then peered around the trunk. A Romulan male was readjusting his clothing. Relieving himself, then.
She stepped into the clearing as he turned and saw her. He reached for his disruptor, but Jayna was faster. A Vulcan nerve pinch dropped him to the ground before he could use it. "Sorry, buddy," she whispered, "You should have stayed inside." She dragged him further into the trees to keep him out of site and relieved him of his uniform top. It smelled like he hadn't bathed in days, but beggars couldn't be choosers. She searched him for his keys, communicator, and disruptor, slipping them into her own pockets. Finally, she spread her fingers over the touch points on his face. "My thoughts to your thoughts…" she whispered, connecting to his mind. Then she spoke one word. "Forget."
One hurdle down—as long as no one got a good look at her. She definitely looked Vulcan and not Romulan. It would have to do. Checking her tricorder again to ensure she was heading in the building she wanted, she headed off at a purposeful pace.
She saw no one else on her way to the administration building. The door was locked, but the keys let her into the side door. It was going too well, which put her even more on her guard. Her internal clock began a five-minute countdown. She didn't have a specific timeframe, but she needed to be alert and the longer she was in here, the greater her chances were of getting caught.
She heard footsteps ahead of her and paused. They were coming her direction. She opened the nearest door and slipped inside. One woman sat at a console. She turned when the door opened. "Can I…"
Jayna cold-cocked her before she could finish the sentence. The clock in her head warned her she'd been in the building for five minutes. She took a deep breath, knowing she had to hurry. First, she exchanged tops as the other woman's was more her size, then she used another nerve pinch to make sure she didn't wake up too quickly.
The computer monitor showed a half-finished list of needed supplies and medical equipment. Jayna set her phaser and tricorder on the desk and read it over, then took two minutes to familiarized herself with the program before slipping a data rod out of an internal pocket and inserting it in the computer.

She copied the document and everything else in the file, then released a nano program into the system that wormed its way through several subroutines and into the records vault. The security was good, but she'd spent most of her life breaking into various systems and was soon downloading everything she could find on the compound and the experiments to her data rod. One file remained secured. That one fascinated her. the encryption was elegant and well-crafted. She took a moment to appreciate it before carefully unraveling it, buffering it so it would think it was still encrypted, then copying it to a protected sandbox so it wouldn't harm any other files, just in case. She double-checked that all the files were passively secure and slipped the rod back into its hidden pocket. It was time to go. Feeling antsy, she sent her nano program to unlock all doors and gates, then remove all sign of its existence.
The woman was still unconscious, but Jayna wasn't so sure about the man outside. She picked up her tricorder and noted where the Marines were now. She also picked up the signatures of the science party. After calculating the safest route to them, she went into the corridor, locking the door behind her.
She almost made it through the building without running into anyone. She heard someone talking up ahead, then a door opened on her left. A stubby Romulan walked out and looked at her. "Who are you?"

"Who is it, Stanos?" Another man pushed past him. "You're not Romulan."

Jayna stunned both of them. She had no doubt the phaser fire would alert security to her location, but as the Marines were already in the compound, she figured it would deflect some of the guards her way. But first, she wanted to see what the men were doing.

The room held another office with one computer and one desk. It showed a map of the complex and names at each of the towers and buildings. Guard locations. Not something she needed to take with her.
information. She switched the phaser setting and shot the computer, starting a fire. Sometimes a little chaos was in order.

She stunned two more guards in the corridor before she made it to the door and back outside. Now to rendezvous with the others.

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