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All Rise...

Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 3:48am by Captain Jelane 'Firefly' Shiqwue & Brigadier General Francis 'Judge' Sobel
Edited on on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 4:27am

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Mission: Back To Basics - Empok Nor Episode 3
Location: The Hive - Docking Ring Deck 14 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD002 0001 hrs

With hands clasped behind his back, Frank looked at the flat screen representation of Poseidon station and the surrounding sector. Later when they got down to the tactical bones, they could blow it out to a full 3D rendering in the holo projector. But for now, it suited the way his mind worked.

An aide added information to the wall and the Brigade's transport and fighter wing information scrolled onto the right hand margin and the station's tactical information populated the bottom of the screen.

Jelane "Firefly" Shiqwue had been serving as the Commander of the Airgroup at Empok Nor for only a short time. In that time she and her pilots had proven their worth in reclaiming the station from forces that looked to take it from Cardassia. Now it was for the second time in as many months that she headed for The Hive's conference room and battle planning with the General.

She walked into the room and found Sobel already reviewing data on Poseidon Station. She came to attention and saluted. "Captain Jelane reporting as ordered sir."

Frank didn't bother looking over his shoulder at his CAG as she entered, keeping his attention on the tactical display. After half a minute, he turned and returned her salute and then gestured at the wall. "We've had a formal request from Poseidon for the air wing to provide CAP and strike elements against an unknown number of Breen ships."

Jelane looked at the tactical display as she stood next to the General. "Alert one and two squads could launch within the next twenty minutes if you give the order. The only way that I can see us being any use to Poseidon would involve clearance from the Bajorans. We would need to use the Bajoran wormhole to cut the travel time. With their permission our eta could be sixteen hours from launch. We would also be a long way from Empok Nor so no sign of torpedo restock etc..."

"The 5845th will be going with, as well as a contingent of combat engineers," Sobel commented, highlighting a bit of the margin. "They'll be going with full stores and taking their machine shop...Poseidon is going to have their hands full. And I won't trust my people to others, though we'll have to rely on their medical staff."

"Makes sense sir..." Jelane began to speak and was interrupted as her squad Sergeant approached with a PADD. The man came to attention and saluted the two officers. "Captain this message just came in for your eyes only. It is from the Cardassian Defense Fleet." The Sergeant stood at attention. "Thank you Sergeant. Make sure that Ready one and two squads are ready for launch within the hour. I will be done with orders shortly." Jelane addressed the Sergeant and he nodded and took his leave.

Jelane read the message and the Bajoran's lips parted in a wide smile. "Sir this is from Legate Markuul. When I received your message I sent a message to the CDF cancelling the war game we had scheduled. It seems that the Legate would like to assist and is assigning the Galor Class Jorel to go with us to Poseidon. That is if you accept his assistance. I see this as the Cardassians trying to return the favor of the amount of times we have bailed their asses out of a sling."

The general nodded and rubbed the back of his neck, "Sounds like a nice ace in the hole to have for a flank maneuver, Firefly. I'm sorely tempted to go with you on this but Command might have kittens..."

Jelane laughed heartily. "I would agree sir. You are needed here however, the Jury will have a verdict in your favor I am sure. If I may be so bold sir. I know that you want to get back to the cockpit. However, someone needs to make sure Empok Nor stays safe. It is the reason you were put here sir." Jelane risked a reprimand by speaking so familiarly to her superior officer. However, she felt that they had developed a kinship of sorts, one that can only be made when you share the heat of battle.

Fixing her with a steady, considering eye he said. "Nice. But one thing...don't let the Fleet types that think they know tactics dictate how you deploy the fighters. Look at their plan, then tell them how best to utilize the birds. If someone starts getting rank happy, get me on the horn."

Sobel moved his eyes to the star chart and randomly traced things. "The Breen will be sneaky. They likely won't try to come in hard and hammer their way through like Klingons. And they won't try grand schemes like the Romulans. I'd recommend dropping early warning sensors and, if it works out, seeding mines...."

Then he stopped and shrugged, giving her a sheepish look. "Right. Might be some of my monkeys, but not my zoo this time."

"Indeed but your advice never goes unheeded. From the reports it seems that the Breen are after something or someone specific. Which may work in our favor. I do not think they will be out there to destroy the station." Jelane took the advice to heart, much like a child getting some sage advice from a parent would. If she was entirely honest that was how she looked at the General, as a father figure of sorts.

Frank studied the displays for a few more beats and thenreduced the holo feed. "Starting at it won't reveal more than what we know now and I have other things to attend. You're in command of the task force, Firefly. Take care of them. And yourself." After regarding the pilot, he gathered up a padd and walked over to a knot of officers that were waiting his attention.

Firefly watched as the General waded into the others waiting for his attention. As for her she tapped her comm badge. "This is the CAG to all pilots. Suit up, briefing in five. Court is now in session..." She closed the channel and smiled. This was after all why she became a pilot and damn this was going to be fun."

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