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Happy Hour

Posted on Sun Aug 7th, 2022 @ 10:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren & Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Ensign Rachel Sinclair & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Junior Grade R'mes & Major Cornelius Tremble & Captain Edmund Merrick & Ensign Auba Lyna & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaylara Loran & Warrant Officer Mercy Ryan
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: After 11 - Deck 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1700 hrs

It was, technically, happy hour in After 11. Although with three different duty shifts, it was generally happy hour for someone at any given time of the day--or night. Kaylara was sitting at the bar, nursing a drink, and watching people come and go. It was a good way to get a feel for the crew and it gave her somewhere to be other than her bunk.

Mercy entered After 11. She grabbed a glass of Pinot Noir from the bar and spotted an attractive dark haired woman sitting alone. Approaching her, she asked. "Mind if I join you?" "I've heard drinking alone is bad for your health." She added with a smile.

Kaylara looked at the other woman for a moment. "Not at all." So far, this ship had been friendlier than her last, which was a good thing.

"Thanks, I'm Mercy." She said sitting down. "What's your name?"

"Kaylara. I'm new here." She raised her glass in a salute. "Nice to meet you."

"Me, too." Mercy said. "I'm a Marine sniper." She added before taking a sip of her wine.

Walking into After 11, Rachel was surprised by the sight before her. It looked like they’d taken a fancy bar from earth and somehow fit it into the ships frame. The polished wooden design was quite beautiful. Spotting a pair of officers at one of the tables, she figured she might as well introduce herself and get to know some of the crew. “Um, excuse me, mind if I join you?”

"Not at all," Kaylara replied. "Have a seat."

"The more the merrier." Mercy said with a smile.

"Thank you, i'm Ensign Sinclair, assistant security chief" Rachel said as she took the seat

"Kaylara Loran," the Romulan replied. Ï'm in intelligence. I take it you're new here, too?"

Rachel nodded, “I am, this is my very first assignment. are you new here as well?”

"It is." Kaylara smiled. "I've only been on the ship a few days. I'm still feeling my way around."

"well, I'm glad i'm not the only one 'feeling their way around', when did you graduate?" Rachel asked

The Romulan chuckled. "I'm a non-com. I never went to the Academy. I did take some training courses, though."

"Mercy Ryan, Marine sniper." Mercy said introducing herself.

The door slid open as Thex stepped into the room. Having gotten of duty the blue girl was planning on heading to the holodeck, but not before getting a drink. Wearing her gym clothes with her dancing outfit in a bag under her shoulder the Andorian approached the bar. "Cana girl get an Orion starburst?" she asked after the others had ordered.

Kaylara raised a hand to get the bartender's attention. "I'm pretty sure you can."

Paul Michael walked in with Lyna arm in arm.

Ja'sol came in and sat down at the bar and ordered a large mug of ale and a plate of buffalo wings .

The sounds of talking and the smell of old wood and food greeted Rowena as she walked in to the lounge. She had been here before with a few crew mates and her department. Which wasn't complete either. She still needed to meet a couple of the people on her department. She looked around at the new faces. A lot of them were quite new. She walked over to the bar and sat down next to what seems to be the new chief of security. She looked at the buffalo wings in front of him. "Oh that looks nice. I haven't eaten yet. I might take one of those." She turned over to the hostess. "And a small pint of Andorian ale." She smiled.

Ja'sol turned his attention to The newcomer sitting next to him, A tall slender brunette with lieutenant commander pips and a Intelligence Uniform. " Might I assume that you are Chief Intelligence Officer Rowena McGowen? I was planning on dropping in on you to discuss an issue with you, but this in not the time nor place to bring it up. Just popping in for a bite or is there something you need to discuss as well? "
Rowena smiled."Just popping in for a bite. Discussing things work related should not be done in a bar."

Merrick arrived wanting to get a drink, his nose catching the scent of the wings followed it to where the new Chief of Security sat next to, the chief of intelligence. He knew of him but they'd not really spoken to each other formally as of yet. He went up to Ja'sol and held out his hand. "Edmund Merrick, First Lieutenant, and XO of the Marines."

Ja'sol looked to the bartender . " May I have two smaller plates and a bowl for the chicken wing bones please? It looks like I'll be sharing, but I don't mind. Never liked eating alone much anyway. " He asked. The bartender nodded . " Not a problem Sir, coming right up. " As he delivered the requested items. Ja'sol placed a plate in front of both of the ladies. " Help yourself looks like this is becoming a small party. " He said to both Rowena on the one side of him and Kaylara on the other. He turned his barstool in place to face the voice coming from behind him and reached out to shake the other man's hand. " It is a pleasure to meet you First Lieutenant Merrick. Would you care to join us? We'll need to move to a table. I am Lieutenant JG Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva, Please feel free to join us. This is turning into a nice little get together, Not that I mind. "He stated with a grin. " Please Lieutenant, Join us. A table is more comfortable then sitting at the bar. " He pulled out the chairs for the ladies and sat down himself, leaving space for Lieutenant Merrick to sit directly across from him.

"Nothing like getting together," Kaylara added, flashing a smile at the new arrival. They were getting to be quite the gathering around the bar. Maybe they should move to a table or two.

"Looks like a table is needed with all the people coming in." Rowena nodded with a grin.

Ja'sol looked surprised but pleased. " Well this is turning into an unexpected gathering, Not that I mind. It reminds me of home . One family would set up on the beach for a meal, and before you knew it there would be somewhere between thirty and two hundred families out and having a good time. The adults talking and relaxing from the days chores and the children running and playing. " He sighed wistfully. " Nothing more precious then family. " He said. He looked to Edmund. " So Edmund, What may I do for the X.O. of the Marines aboard this vessel? It is a pleasure to meet you. "

"Just meeting the man who is the chief of security. I used to be chief a while back ago." Merrick picking up a wing and taking a bite. "These are most definitely good.

"The wings smell great is the room for one more? " Thex asked as she got her Orion Starburst.

Mercy picked up her glass and approached the table. "It looks like this is where the party is." She said.

"Come join us," Kaylara said, figuring the more the merrier.

Mercy smiled. "Okay, I'm going to order a platter, any preferences?"

"Anything you order will be welcome," Kaylara said with a laugh. "I don't think anyone here is very picky."

"Okay." Mercy said and walked back to the bar. Getting bar tender's attention, she said. "I'd like a bar platter, with onion rings, samosas, garlic bread, buffalo chips, spring rolls, and ribs, if you have 'em. Please?"

"Okay, I'll have someone bring them over when they're ready." The Bar tender said.

"Thanks." Mercy said and returned to the table.

"Grubs on the way." She said as she took a seat.

Alyssa was feeling restless and decided to see what was going on in the lounge. She recognized several sitting at a table and walked up to them. "Hello, everyone."

Paul walked up to the bar and raised two fingers to the bartender. "Two Bajorian spring wines, please."

"Looks like we'll be needing more than one table maybe even two." Edmund responded. He noticed that the Helm officer had arrived in After 11 and raised his glass towards him. "Greetings Paul, Good to see you!" then he retrieved his plate of wings to go sit down at the table.

" This is starting to become a community table. He thought as he lightly dipped his buffalo wing into the ranch dressing. He felt a vibration from his hip where he kept his PaDD, An incoming message. He read over the message and looke minorly annoyed and replaced the PaDD into it's pouch. " Same old story. " He said softly.

Paul nodded to Edmund. Then he picked up his order and headed back to Auba.

Thex smiled as she took a seat and slid her bag under the table. " Terrans sure do know how to make good grub." She said with a smile as she took a chicken wing.

Soon enough the platter arrived almost overflowing with food. "Dig in." Mercy said grabbing an onion ring for herself.

Kaylara didn't need to be told twice. She grabbed a couple of onion rings and set them on a small plate.

Alyssa sat down at the table. "Thanks. This looks great." She'd been too busy to eat earlier, and this all smelled good. She put some wings and rings on a small plate, smiling her thanks before she took a bite.

Ja'sol got some more wings and then noticed the party tray. He helped himself to to some onion rings, and then noticed the pull and peel shrimp and the Jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon and had to snag some of those as well. He had no idea that when he came in here for a bite to eat, that his plate of wings would turn into a party and about twenty people now gathered around the tables so far and more might be joining this little impromptu shin ding.
Ja'sol laughed. " This is what I love about being in Starfleet, with all of our differences and cultures it doesn't take a lot to bring people together. " He lifted his coffee mug. " Here's to the finest ship in the fleet and the fine crew that serves aboard her! " He said loudly.

Alyssa raised her lemonade. "To the Pioneer."

"Hear, hear." Mercy said raising her wine.

" To the Pioneer," Thex said raising her own glass.

Both Paul and Auba raised their classes.

Merrick raised his glass as well to the salute to the ship.

Kaylara joined them in the salute and all drank. From what she'd seen so far, she had high hopes for her time here.

Thex was rather happy with her food and drink. " I'm going to have to dance so hard to burn off these calories." She said as she finished her plate of nachos.

"Honestly, with the amount of swimming you like to do, Thex, I wouldn't worry about the calories. " Edmund remarked, with a smile. He looked at Ja'sol "This lady swims like a mermaid." giving a nod. Then took another wing to munch on.

Ja'sol Walked over to Thex and gave a slight bow. " Did I hear you say M'Lady that you needed to dance to burn off some calories? If that is so, I am a fairly decent dancer myself and would offer to be your dance companion if you so desire. " He said with a warm smile.

A warm smile and a slight chuckle came across Thex face. " I thank you for the offer good sir, but my style of dancing is known to be danced by animal women for a reason. You're more than welcome to watch."

Ja'sol smiled as he motioned to the dance floor and pulled up a chair to watch. " I am unfamiliar with that style of dancing, and your statement leaves me intrigued. I would love to see this form of dance. If you are ready I would gladly be your audience. "

Thex smiled as she dropped her bag and stepped onto the dance floor. Stretching her body slightly as she flicked her head back. She could easily do a warm-up here. " Computer play Thex track fourteen. " She said with a smile as she heard the soft beat start. As the beat began to pick up in pace her body began to move with the beat until she was moving with all the skills of the Orion dancers she learned from.

Ja'sol watched Thex dance, Her graceful movements made her seem like she was gliding across the surface. She moved with grace and agility and he was enthralled by the dancing. He didn't even realize that the music had ended until a good ten or fifteen seconds afterwards. " That was incredible and beautiful, I have never seen anything like that before. Where did you learn that if I may ask? And who are the animal women? "

A smile was on Thex face as she bowed as she finished her dance. " I learned from my mentor Nainaa. She basically got me through the academy. As for the term, animal women was the term used to describe the free dancers in pre-fall Orion space."

Ja'sol nodded. " Ahh... I know of the Orion people of course, But I don't remember hearing of them being referred to as animal women before. No matter, I am highly impressed with your skills in dancing and I would say that your mentor would be proud of her student for such an excellent performance, Would you like me to get you a beverage from the bar while you cool down? It's the least I could do to show some appreciation for your beautiful dancing. "

" Ice cold andorian ale. I may not be the best andorian but I know how to quench my fire." Thex replied with a grin.

Ja'sol went to the bar and returned with two frosted mugs of andorian ale and handed one to Thex. " The bartender has a supply of real Andorian ale. It has a unique color to it doesn't it? " He asked Thex. He handed one of the mugs to her. He said it would pair well with some Barghest liver strips. Would you like me to get some? " He smiled at her. " Your dancing was spot on and i would dare say perfect in form as well. "

Paul put his glass down, took Auba's glass and also placed it down on the table. Then he took her hand. "We both have plenty of leave coming, so, what if, after this mission, I go to the captain and ask for a month's leave and the use of a runabout? I'm sure he'll grant it."

Auba looked at him. "That sounds like a great idea? Where would we go?"

Paul smiled at her. "First we go to Deep Space 9, and see the wormhole open. We'll stay there a couple of days, then we'll go down to Bajor...and get a Vedek, liked you always wanted. Then we travel to Risa and honeymoon there for a couple of weeks. What do you say?" he asked.

Auba looked at him, and answered, "When do we leave?" Then she kissed him.

Alyssa decided to leave the dancing to the others. She wasn't sure if any of them were familiar with Latin Ballroom, and right now, she was more interested in another activity. "Anyone up for a game of darts?"

"You play darts?" Kaylara asked. "I'd like to see that." She finished her drink and stood.

"I do, but not quite the way most people do," the science officer admitted. She set her napkin on her plate to signify that she was done and stood as well. "Come on, I'll show you."

The two women headed toward the dartboard. When they got there, Alyssa took out her blowgun and several small darts.

"You have permission to use that?" Kaylara asked, fascinated with the possibilities the blowgun offered.

"I do. I use tranquilizer darts and I need to practice my accuracy."

"Next time, I want to try one of those, too," the Romulan said, smiling.

"Sure. I usually practice in my quarters, but I can get more distance here."

Kaylara nodded. "Makes sense." She got a set of darts to use and the game began.

"Mind if I watch?" Mercy asked. "I'm not a darts player, but I know a thing or two about accuracy." She added.

"Not at all." Alyssa smiled. "You're welcome to watch or make suggestions." She could hit her target, but the science officer knew she could do better.

Kaylara shrugged. "Sure."

Edmund watched more as the others went their way, it was really great to see more people come meet and greet each other. He finished off his wings. Drank the rest of his beverage and headed out of After 11. It was time to get some sleep.

After several games of darts, Alyssa was ready to head to her quarters and read for a bit before bed. She waved to those who remained as she headed out the door.

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