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The games afoot

Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2022 @ 6:21am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva
Edited on on Wed Jul 6th, 2022 @ 6:41am

Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Security Office USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 1630 hrs

Ja'sol sat at his desk and connected with the Jutrai central government communications system and reached a receptionist. " Greetings, I am Lieutenant JG Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva of the federation Starship USS Pioneer. May I speak with Security Minister General Tivau please? " He asked with a warm smile. " It is in regards to the joint investigation that your governor requested from the federation council. "

The receptionist waited for him to finish his request. " Please wait while I check to see if she has the time to speak with you. She has been very busy as of late dealing with several matters. Please standby. "

Moments later the image of a stern looking woman appeared on the screen. She looked Romulan except for her stark green eyes and white hair. She wore a gray uniform and a sash that bore her rank and badge of office. Despite the stern look on her face the General was a very attractive woman. "Greetings Lieutenant... I am General Tivau. What can I for you?"

It is a pleasure to speak with you General Tivau. I am Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros Re Seva of the federation Starship Pioneer. Your governor has requested the federations assistance in a joint investigation to the body part mystery that you are currently having. I would like to request the files that I may study them prior to our arrival, I look forward to working with you and getting this matter resolved in satisfactory fashion to both of our respective governments. I am looking forward to working with you General Tivau. " He said bowing his head with respect.

"In the interest of keeping the powers that be happy I will send you the information that I have. It is not much as there is not much information to be had. I have informed the Magistrate that this should be an internal matter. I believe these feet have come from a prison that is located on the shore line." Tivau replied with a fair amount of disdain in her voice and on her face.

Ja'sol gave a polite bow to the General. " I thank you for sending the information, I have just received it. Our ship will be there in less then a day, perhaps we could share a meal together and discuss our observations on the case? " He asked. " We are both professionals in our field, and I would rather work with you and resolve this through mutual co operation. I was unaware that there is a prison located on the shoreline. " He tapped at his screen. " Isn't IT strange that humans and a few other federation species feet were found amongst the remains? That is why we're here. I assure you that we're not here to try to run roughshod all over you and take control of everything, We're here to help at the request of your government and resolve this issue. So, Are we on for that meal meeting tomorrow? I hope you'll say yes. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you. " He said with a warm smile.

"When you arrive I can get you fully caught up on the investigation. You will see then the strange goings on at the prison and then perhaps you will agree to leave this to us. Let our people handle our problems. If you wish to have a meal while we chat I do not see an issue with that." Tivau replied. She wanted to get these Starfleet types in an out. Have them back on their ship within a day. However, the Lieutenant had a point. Why were there other species among the feet if they all came from the prison. This would be something harder to explain, and she would have to confer with her higher ups.

Ja'sol smiled as he studied her and listened to her word, not showing any other expression other then a warm and friendly demeanor. He knew she wasn't telling him everything and was annoyed that he was here, he would find out more when he talked to her tomorrow. " I am so looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, and getting this investigation done to the satisfaction of all involved parties. I truly hope that this is the beginning of a new era of friendship between the Jutrai and the federation, I believe we could learn much from each other and all sides benefit greatly from this co operation and exchange of knowledge. "

"If I may be brutally honest with you. I hope that this is the first and last time that our people collaborate. We have been under the heel of the Romulans for too long. I for one believe that we should be in no hurry to get under the heel of yet another great empire. We should build our own interests, and perhaps our own empire. Outsiders be damned." Perhaps for the first time since the communication began Tivau showed herself. What she believed and how she thought.

"I'm sorry you feel that way General Tivau. But your not the only one who knows what it's like to be under the heels of the Romulans. If you hadn't noticed, I'm an Eldoran. That's only a few hours away by warp speed, nor are they apart of the Federation, So I know what it is like to be suppressed by the Romulan Star Empire. I have my scars from them as well. I escaped and departed the system to find something better, And I did. "

Ja'sol took a breath and chose his next words carefully. " After living under the oppression of the Romulans, do you think I would find another group just to be oppressed again? One would have to be both blind and a fool to willing become enslaved again. The Federation isn't like that, They build partnerships with other worlds and treat them as equals and have the right to govern themselves. Maybe you could talk with the some of our diplomatic officers and they could answer any of your questions, We are here at your governments request to help. We're not here to do the same thing to you as the Romulans, and the Federation could help your people in so many ways if your government wants the help. All I'm asking is to give us a fair chance to prove we are here as friends and not as conquerors."

"No offense Lieutenant but the Romulans said something very similar a millennia or so ago when they arrived. You come from a people who were once oppressed by the Romulans, and you say that you have not joined another group that is just like them. But, I wonder what your fellow countrymen think. Would they welcome the Federation with open arms? You made a decision for yourself, but I doubt the rest of your people would agree with your choice." Tivau spoke with a small amount of attitude in her voice, and a lot of anger. She made it clear that this was not an argument that Ja'sol would win.

Her voice softened a little as she took a breath and continued. "You are right about one thing though. My government requested you to come here. They did this against my better judgment and my advice, and yet here we are. That said the sooner you get here, the sooner you can leave."

Ja'sol's tone softened. " General Tivau, I know I'm not going to change your mind. Right now there is nothing I can say or do that will change that fact. I also know you are concerned for the safety of your people, which you should be. I know what the Romulans can do to a people, I've got the scars to show for it. "

" I know this is a little frightening for the federation to show up here shortly after your people had just gotten out from under the heels of the Romulans, But I promise you that my investigation team and I will do everything we can to help your people to solve this mystery. When this investigation is over with and your government decides that they don't want us and tell us to leave and never come back, then that is what we'll do. " he shrugged. " I wouldn't like it, but that's what we'd do. "

"General Tivau, I'm sure you know somewhat about the Eldoran people, since our planets are only separated by a few hours travel time. I will tell you straight out that I do have a personal goal of my own before I leave your planet. I sense that your an interesting person and we have several things in common. First. We're both in the same line of work. Secondly, We both will do whatever we can to protect our people. And lastly we both have a deep sense of duty and loyalty to our people and cause, and for those reasons alone I think you'd make a good friend. even if you don't agree with the federation, I at least hope that we can look past politics and be friends."

Tivau did not know much about the Eldorans, and what she did know was a mix of good and bad. However, the points that this man brought out and the tone of his voice did put her at ease for a small amount of time. "Lieutenant I see your point and it has some merit. However, it will take a lot more than words for me to believe that people should be accepted and that we should open ourselves and our borders to friends."

" I can't really say that I blame you for your feelings General Tivau. I know how the Romulans are and I would be a bit leery to if someone were to be invited in unexpectedly by your government and you knew next to nothing about them, in your place I would be suspicious as well. As I said a minute ago, You and I do have several things in common. I won't try to sway you to my view point of the federation, Your an Intelligent woman and you can make up your own mind, I know my words alone won't sway your opinion. But that's not the reason that I'd like to earn your trust, I'll tell you that it has nothing to do with politics. I have a feeling that you'd be a worthwhile person to get to know, And if I may I would like the chance. " Ja'sol was quiet for a moment. " The choice is yours of course. "

"I will see you when you arrive and we can go from there. Perhaps this case will begin a journey that could end with trust of the Federation. But, I dare say we are not there yet." The General replied curtly. The words of this Lieutenant made sense but she was not ready to buy into them fully. She still wanted to learn what if anything this Federation could do for her people.

Ja'sol gave a warm smile. " Once again I'd like to thank you for sending the investigation documents prior to our arrival. That and I am looking forward to meeting you when we arrive at your home world. It has truly been a pleasure making your acquaintance General Tivau. "

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