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Showing Promise

Posted on Wed Apr 13th, 2022 @ 12:24am by Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Edited on on Wed Apr 13th, 2022 @ 12:36am

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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Sickbay - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD011 1300 hrs

Kat walked into sickbay for her scheduled checkup. She was past the morning sickness and had enjoyed her brief vacation with Ty. It had been a while since they were able to actually get away somewhere and visiting Bajor had been a much-needed break for both of them. But now it was time to get back into a routine, which meant checking in with the doctor to make sure everything was progressing as it should.

"Hi, Kat, how was Bajor?" Hermia asked by way of greeting as she left her office to meet her.

"Perfect. We went camping." Kat grinned. "It'll probably be the last time we can get away before the baby is born. Did you do anything fun?"

"I spent some time with Lieutenant Merrick. Other than that, I played martyr and let everyone else in my department have shoreleave. You know how much of a workaholic I am." Hermia replied.

"That was our Christmas," Kat said, chuckling. "We worked on the bridge so everyone else could go to the party. It was actually fun working with him like that." She raised an eyebrow at Hermia, wanting more information. "He's the new Marine XO, isn't he?"

"Yes," Hermia said unable to keep a grin from her face. "We're taking things slow; he hasn't even met Helena yet."

She grinned. "Nothing wrong with slow as long as it's moving forward." Being happily married, Kat loved seeing others happy, too. And Hermia deserved a good man. "You'll have to let me know how it goes."

"Okay, I'll keep you informed, but please keep it to yourself, I'm a little out of practice, so don't want to scare him off." Hermia said. "after my divorce, I swore off romantic relationships and buried myself in my work." She admitted. "But, enough about me, we're here to check on you and your little one."

"So, before we get started, how's the morning sickness?" She asked.

Kat grinned. "Over. It stopped a week before we left for Bajor. It's such a relief to be able to get up in the morning without having to eat crackers first. But," she put a hand on her stomach, "I'm beginning to notice that my clothes are a little tighter around the middle."

"I'm happy to hear morning sickness has stopped for you." Hermia said. "The stretching of your skin is normal, it’s your body preparing for your baby's growth. Are you experiencing any itching associated with your stretching skin?" She asked.

"Not yet, but I'm sure it'll come in the next few weeks." Kat had looked up a lot of information on pregnancy and babies, just so she'd know what to expect. At the same time, she also knew that research didn't replace a doctor as each pregnancy was slightly different.

Hermia smiled. "Good, now let me know immediately if you experience itching anywhere but around your breasts and belly as this can indicate liver problems that can be dangerous to both you and your baby. I don't expect this to be a problem as your previous liver enzyme concentrations are within the healthy range, it’s just something to look out for." The CMO explained. "I'm sure you've been doing your own research; do you have any questions before we begin the scan?" She asked.

"Not yet, but do let me know if you notice anything," Kat replied with a humorous twinkle in her eye. "This is much better than book learning."

"Next is the scan." Hermia said leading Kat to the nearest biobed and helping her on to it. "Just lay still, this won't take long." Hermia said.

Kat's biggest concern was that the baby was growing well. At least she was past the twelve-week mark. "I never thought I'd enjoy researching and writing papers before, but I do, and it means I can stay on the ship with Ty."

"I'm happy for the both of you, Kat." Hermia said as she adjusted the biobed and began the scan. "It’s great to have family around, I'm lucky to have Helena with me here on the Ship and my mother on Empok Nor. "

"Definitely. This is the first time Tyler and I have been in the same place for more than a few days in a long time. And now Skye is around, so he has her, too."

"I have yet to meet the elusive Skye Malbrooke, as Doctor Goldberg usually deals with the civilians." Hermia said.

"I haven't seen her this trip, but Ty has. Between the morning sickness and the vacation, I've been otherwise occupied." Kat shook her head. "I need to invite her to dinner."

"I made dinner for Edmund." Hermia said. "Spanish food, a friend at the Academy taught me."

"What did you fix?" Kat asked. She hadn't tried much Spanish food, but what little she tried she liked. "And how did the dinner go?" She liked Hermia and really wanted this to work out for her.

"I made paella and Spanish potato pancakes, using as much fresh produce as I could get from Empok Nor." Hermia said. "What I did replicate, I did so 'raw' and cooked it myself." She explained. "I enjoyed myself and I think he did too."

"Good. We'll give the credit to the captain." Kat grinned, very tongue-in-cheek. "I'm sure he'd like to think he was a good influence on his crew."

"Edmund told me that he and the captain were friends at the Academy." Hermia said.

"Yes, he mentioned that." Kat hat yet to meet him. She really hadn't done more than snack and study of late.

The biobed beeped to show the scan was complete, and Hermia studied the results.

"Everything looks good here, your pregnancy is progressing well." Hermia said.

"Great," Kat grinned. "I'm hoping the next few weeks will be easier so I can get things done. We haven't even talked about setting up a room for the baby. I know we have plenty of time, but I'd like to be ready early, if possible. That way I can order things I can't replicate."

"That's a good idea." Hermia said. "If I can help, let me know."

"I will. How soon do you want me back?" Kat asked.

"In three months, unless you experience itching or any other symptoms." Hermia said.

Kat nodded. "I'll be here." She slipped off the biobed and hugged Hermia. "Thanks!" It was good to know that so far, everything was going well.

"No problem, Kat." Hermia said with a smile. "Just a minute, I've got something for you." She said racing to her office and returning with a smallish box and handed it to Kat. "Something to keep your mind busy, when standing gets too much. It was a model kit of an Intrepid Class ship.

She opened the present and laughed. "Perfect. I'll put it together and give it lights, sound, and a computer chip to run everything." She hugged the doctor again. "I'm going to have fun with this. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Kat." Hermia said. "I'll stop by to see it , when you're finished."

"I'll definitely let you know." She grinned. "Maybe Tyler will let me keep it in the baby's room." With the model under one arm, Kat turned and headed back to her quarters to see what she would need before putting it together.

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