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New Ship New Day

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2022 @ 2:07am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros
Edited on on Wed Apr 6th, 2022 @ 2:16am

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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Bridge - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD011 1100 hrs

Ja'sol showed up about a quarter an hour early for his shift on the bridge. Upon arrival he noticed the Captain standing nearby and went over to introduce himself. " Captain Malbrooke, I am Lieutenant JG JA'sol H'ros. " He lowered his head briefly. " I am here to serve, and I am pleased to be here as your Asst. CSTO and look forward to serving the ship sir."

Tyler gave the man a once over and smiled. This Ja'sol was certainly and interesting person. Tyler had glanced at his file, or at least he thought he had glanced at his file. So many crew transfers... "Welcome aboard Lieutenant. I am certainly proud to have the only Eldoran in Starfleet aboard. I am sure with you and Larim on the watch nothing will get through our systems."

Ja'sol smiled. " I shall do everything in my power to make certain that the ship and crew remain safe Captain. I have a vested interest in keeping this ship safe as well. Not only is this just a ship, nor are the people that serve aboard her merely crew, The crew are family and this ship is our home. I protect my family and home captain, so failure is not an option."

"Glad to hear it. I have read that your people have a strong family connection. It must be hard being away from them for such a long period of time." Tyler truly wondered about this species. He knew Klingons, and Cardassians to have have strong families but according to the records the Eldoran connection was even stronger.

"Do I miss my family? Of course I do Captain Malbrooke. One day I will once again return home to see my family, of that there is no doubt. I may go back home alone or with someone at my side, who can tell? " He looked at the viewscreen and smiled. "I've found that I'm here at home amongst the stars, and whatever my soul is seeking sir, it's out there. I don't know if I'm looking for a person, place or object, but find it I shall."

"Very artistically put..." Tyler began. "...It seems that you may get home sooner than you thought. Our current patrol zone puts us within the Romulan Empire. I am sure we may be able to take a detour to the Reach once in a while." Tyler smiled broadly and just as quickly his brow furrowed as he thought of something. "From what I have read the Reach was a state protectorate of the original Romulan Empire. It was the same with a race of people known as the Jutrai. They are people we are just getting to know. Tell me has your people had any dealings with them?"

"The Jutrai? " Ja'sol stroked his chin as he thought." I recall hearing about them, Just how many dealings my people has had with them I am unsure. I was still in my teens at the time I heard of them and was more interested in hoover cars, speeder bikes and impressing girls at the time I'm afraid. Thoughts of Geo-political ramifications were nowhere near my mind at that time, just girls and going fast."

"Ah, yes the trials of youth. If only it could stay that way and we would never have to worry about the geo-political ramifications. Any information that you can gain would be helpful. From our first contact mission with them. They seemed to be a peaceful race, if lacking tact. I just want to cover all of my bases as it were." Tyler knew that this new officer could be a resource into this small bit of unknown.

"With what little I do know about them captain, I can tell you that they are somewhat deceptive when getting to know someone and hide their true intentions until they can decide if they can trust that person. Kind of like my people, We do the same, it stems from dealing with the Romulans. So they would most likely test a person somehow to determine their worth."

Tyler looked at the Lieutenant thoughtfully. "I never thought of it that way. Never thought what the possibility of extended dealings with the Romulans could do to a race. Make them suspicious of everything. Hell, I don't deal with them everyday and I am suspicious of them. Thank you! Now, have you any questions for me?"

"I might have a question or two." Said Ja'sol. " Since I'm new to the ship, has there any problems that have occurred prior to my arrival that I should be aware of? And since this is a first contact mission Will there be any diplomatic functions I should be planning for and need to provide security for?"

The specifics of their next mission had not been hammered out fully as of yet. So, Tyler thought it best to address Ja'sol's first question. "Now that you mention it... We are investigating the use of a former officer's command codes. The former Strategic Operations Officer at Empok nor went MIA after we fought to regain the station from hostile forces. Recently his command codes were used to access the Pioneer's ship's logs and alter the data. I know Commander Myles is working on it along with the Chief of the Boat. However, the more eyes on it the better. As to the Jutrai I would like an eye kept on them for the time being. There is something about them that just does not set well with me. This time around when we get to Jutus we may have a state dinner of sorts. So be ready with your dress uniform and no small amount of charm."

"I always try to keep my dress uniform pressed and a spit shine on my dress boots sir, That and I've been known to be pleasant company and a fair dancer at a formal gathering." Ja'sol frowned. "That is most troubling news Captain. A strategic operations officer goes missing and his codes were used to change ship's logs? Do we know which logs were altered? If so we might be able to figure out what they might be planning and thwart them. "

As for the strategic officer, he may have been kidnapped. Has anyone tried to trace him through his combadge? That or have his codes spiked where they can be traced or have the codes canceled? " Ja'sol inquired.

"The hacker attempted to change the ship's logs to show that the Pioneer had instigated the battle at Cardassia Prime instead of rouge Cardassian forces. This is most likely a continuation of the conspiracy that the Pioneer was involved in with the Obsidian Order and the New Maquis. People have tried to search for him and track him down. However, it seems that he simply disappeared. One of Empok Nor's security people tracked down that it was his codes that lowered the shields on the station and allowed the enemy forces to board...." Tyler's voice trailed off as his demeanor switched form business to a friendlier tone. "...But all of that can wait. I am sure you would want to get settled and meet the crew before being launched head long into an investigation."

"I do have a concern about what you just said and it raises yet another question. You stated that the hacker tried to alter the logs to show the Pioneer instigated the attack on Cardassia Prime, Did you know the strategic officer well? Could he be the hacker and perhaps a Maquis sympathizer? Think about it, The maquis gets what they want in the form of a war between the Cardassian Union and the Federation. How many Cardassians would die in that conflict? The Maquis get what it wants and the federation does their dirty work for them. There's a thought that will keep you up at night, and sadly it's in the realm of possibility."

A look passed over Tyler's face when Ja'sol finished speaking. The only way to describe the look was that his eyes were opened to a possibility that he did not see before. "I did not know Quaid except in passing. He was close with Captain Hood though. It is possible that he is a sympathizer, I think it may be equally possible that he has betrayed Starfleet to the Obsidian Order. Either way the first step is finding him and bringing him in for questioning."

"I apologize captain if my line of thinking is disturbing and distasteful, But my duty to you and this ship is for me to keep it safe. That duty also extends to the federation as a whole, I will even look into the matter on my own time if I must sir, Millions of lives may be at stake." He paused for a moment. " Sometimes I can be a little blunt of my assessment of a situation, I guess it's because of my upbringing and living near Romulans. Always looking for an ulterior motive. wheels within wheels laced with deception and triple lies, That's how it is growing up with Romulans as your neighbors . And I whole heartedly agree, we must find this Quaid."

"Understood Lieutenant. It is one of the reasons that you find yourself on this ship. I need someone who can see the ulterior motives." Tyler smiled as he leaned in to his new Assistant Security Chief. He spoke in a hushed tone. "I will let you in on a secret. My greatest flaw as a Captain is that I can be too trusting. So I for one am glad that you are here." He clapped the Eldoran on the back.

"Thank you for that insight Captain, I shall endeavor to always make certain that I will provide you with all of the relative information and aspects of the investigation so that you may make the right conclusion with the intelligence provided." He once again bowed his head and placed his hand upon his chest. " As I've said before Captain, I am here to serve."

"Take on the Quaid investigation. Lieutenant Commander Calvin Quaid that is. I will make sure that all pertinent information is sent to you. As of now the investigation is yours." Tyler knew that Ja'sol was the best man for this job as he had never met Quaid, and had no attachment to him. The Eldoran would simply be going after a person of interest instead of a family member. He thought that fresh eyes was exactly what this case needed. "So I will leave you to it Lieutenant... Welcome to the Pioneer."

"As you wish Captain." With that said he turned to begin his task and start the investigation.

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