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Inside The Blue

Posted on Tue Apr 5th, 2022 @ 7:56pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Chief Petty Officer Sara MacCallum
Edited on on Wed Apr 6th, 2022 @ 2:11am

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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Sickbay - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: M011 1430hrs

Thex had a smile on her face as she stepped into the ship's sickbay. She'd forgotten how small the Intrepid class sickbay could be. Patiently she waited as she looked around the sickbay thinking off everything she'd need to keep in check.

Sara noticed a new Andorian enter Sickbay, approaching her, she said. "Good day, Lieutenant, I'm Head Nurse MacCallum, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Thanks I'm looking for the chief medical officer I'm here for my checkup," Thex explained politely.

"Okay, follow me, Lieutenant." Sara said and led Thex to Hermia's office.

"Doctor, the Lieutenant is here for he checkup."

"Thank you, Sara." Hermia said. Then turning to Thex. "Good day, Lieutenant and welcome aboard. "I'm Doctor Hermia O'Rourke."

"Nice to be here." Thex replied with a warm smile.

Hermia returned the smile and said. "I just require your name and previous assignment, so we can see if your medical records have arrived yet."

"Thex sh'Zoarhi and my last assignment was on the USS Aberdeen. I did scratch my leg on Risa treated by the local doctor." The Andorian explained.

Hermia went over to a nearby terminal and brought up Thex's medical record.

Skimming through the data. "Did the local doctor give you any medication for the scratch?" Hermia asked. "I haven't managed to make it to Risa, but my daughter's there enjoying the beaches."

"Some minor medication just in case. You know Andorians we can bleed out rather quickly. " Thex added.

"Coagulants." Hermia said. "Andorians possess a mutated gene that slows the production of clotting factors in their blood." She explained. "Its not much of a problem in cold, due to constriction of the blood cells, but in warmer climates it can lead to severe, even lethal blood loss."

Hermia led Thex to one of the biobeds, if you'll, I program the scanner to Andorian Female and I'll perform a full body scan." She told the Andorian.

"Yeah my species fell out of the evolutionary tree with that biological trait." Thex chuckled as she hoped onto one of the biobeds.

"You're not alone, the black iris and sclera present in my mother's people, means that Betazoids are more prone, than other species to vision problems." Hermia said. "Now, lay back this will only take moment."

Thex nodded as she laid back on the biobed. "So how are the ship and crew?" She inquired

"The crew are good for the most part." Hermia replied. "Even in these enlightened times, people still have their prejudices."

Thex let out a slight sigh. "I know all about that. I was raised by a bunch of Andorian doomsday cultists."

"Wow, I'm sorry, and I thought the bullies, and their parents at my school on Earth were bad." Hermia said. "I take it someone helped you escape?" She asked.

Thex paused for a second as she thought through what to say in her head. "If a voice in my head telling me to run counts, then yes I did have help. When I was old enough I hopped the fence and ran for it. Didn't stop till I reached the nearest city and just happened to burst into the Starfleet recruitment office."

"That was very brave, I've fought extremists myself, and they tend to stop at nothing to achieve their goals." She said, remembering how her laser scalpel had sliced through throat of the True Way cultist who had killed her patient and was going to kill her. Also the look of fear and surprise on the face of the other Cardassian, as the disruptor bolt impacted his chest.

"Indeed. Thex said as she thought back to her time on her homeworld. "Luckily the fleet's here isn't it."

Before she could say anything further the biobed beeped indicating that the scan was complete.

Hermia studied the results.

After a moment, she said. "Lieutenant, you appear to be in almost perfect health. You just have a minor copper deficiency, but I can fix that with an intramuscular injection of copper in solution." She said.

"Go ahead," Thex replied pushing herself up on the bio bed. " May I ask about something doctor?" She added after thinking about it for a minute as the doctor went about her work.

"Of course, ask away," Hermia said as she administered the injection.

"Well, are you aware of my people's population and fertility problems?" Thex said biting her lip as she did so.

"I have heard some rumours, your government can be somewhat tight lipped when it comes to such matters." Hermia replied.

"Well, you can scratch the rumours part. They are true. " Thex said letting out a sigh as she did so. "My people are experiencing a population decline. We need to have four kids to maintain a zero population growth and people are losing fertility at around thirty."

Thex looked at the doctor. "Could we arrange it so some of my eggs could be frozen? " She asked calmly.

Something that Azure had told her came to mind. The Marine had told her that an Andorian scientist had created her and her 'brothers' in an attempt to cure a loss of fertility on the Andorian colony Almadixarian. At the time Hermia had assumed the loss of fertility was a localised problem, she was obviously wrong.

"I can arrange that." Hermia said.

A weak smile spread over Thex face. " Thank you, doctor. I'm sorry for bringing my people's troubles to your door."

"No problem, Lieutenant, its all part of the service." Hermia said with a smile.

"It shouldn't though." Thex said running her fingers through her hair. " If we'd just be open about it to are friends we might not be in this mess."

"Indeed, but as a warrior race, Andorians would see asking for help with such an intimate thing as a sign of weakness." Hermia said.

"I guess." Thex said with a sigh. "I hope we can find something to start turning this around."

"I'm no expert in Andorian medicine, but I'll do what I can to help." Hermia replied.

Thex simply replied with a warm smile and a "Thank you, doctor. Now I believe you have an injection for me."

"Its already done." Hermia said. "I administered it while we were talking."

"Thanks. Anything else you need me for or can I get out of your hair." the Andorian inquired.

"You're free to go." Hermia said. "I keep you informed on my progress when it comes to Andoria's fertility problems. I have a few colleagues I can consult." She added. "Other than that welcome to the Pioneer and enjoy the rest of your day."

"Thank you doctor. Maybe I'll see you later for a drink." Thex said as she headed for the door.

"I'd like that." Hermia said with a smile.

Once Thex was gone, Hermia started to put together a list of Andorian physiology, and fertility experts. She hoped to pick their brains, in an effort to find a solution to the problem.

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