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Beach Trip

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 5:53am by Helena Moreno & Petty Officer 1st Class Kimba Rossi & Corporal Sina Ravenna
Edited on on Tue May 3rd, 2022 @ 6:32am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Risa - Peri's Beach
Timeline: MD011 1130hrs

Helena was ready to go the beach with her mother. She had her swimsuit on under her clothes. She had a bag that carried her towel, a bottle of water, a snack and her sunblock. On her feet were sandals and she wore a wide brimmed sunhat on her head.

The door chime sounded.

Funny Helena thought. Why would mum use the chime? She wouldn't "Who's there she asked?"

"Nurse Kimba Rossi." Kimba said. "I work with your mom. She can't make it to the beach, so she asked me to take you instead."

Helena thought for a moment. "What's the password?" She asked.

"Palindrome." Kimba said.

"Correct." Helena said and opened the door.

Marshall looked at the girl and grinned. She looked to be about the same age as he was. "At least my parents aren't the only ones who have one. Mine is really nerdy."

Helena smiled back. "What's wrong with nerdy?" She asked.

“Nothing!” Marshall grinned. “I get accused of it all the time.” He looked at her. “My names Marshall. I’m new on the ship.”

"I'm Helena, I've been here a while, my mum's the CMO." Helena said.

“My name is Marshall.” He replied. “My mom is the Operations chief and my dads a data analyst.”

"Cool, let's go." Helena said.

Marshall smiled back. She hadn't told him her name but the nurse had said it earlier. He was looking forward to getting out of here for a bit. "I'm ready!' He said, walking beside her and the nurse.

The party made their way to the shuttle bay.

Kimba lead the way to the Earp.

As they approached the shuttle, a brown haired Vulcan female stepped out to meet them.

"Hi, I'm Sina." She said. "You're going to Risa, correct?"

"Yes, why do you ask?" Kimba said.

"I was wondering if I could join you?"

“I would like that.” Marshall said, looking over at Helena. He wanted to make friends on the ship.

"Sure," Helena said. "As my Mum says, the more the merrier." She smiled.

"Looks like you're joining us, Sina." Kimba said.


The shuttle Earp touched down at the Risa space port.

"Remember to grab your gear." Kimba said.

"I have my gear, Nurse Rossi." Helena called.

Sina grabbed her gear.

Marshall grabbed his gear as well and grinned at them. He was more than ready for this trip. "Let's go!'

The small party made their way to a nearby beach. The sand was alabaster colour and the water sapphire blue.

The sun was hot, but a cool, light wind prevented the heat from being stifling. It also brought the sweet sent of tropical flowers.

"Oh, its so beautiful." Kimba said.

"Yes, it is." Sina said. "It reminds me of Nverd Bay, on my homeworld."

"I didn't know that there were beaches like this on Vulcan?" Helena said.

"There aren't, but Vulcan is not my homeworld." Sina said. "I'm from a world known to the Federation as Vellon III, it has lush jungles and beaches like this."

"Oh." Helena said. "anyway, enough talking, I want to swim." She took off her t-shirt and shorts revealing her swim suit and headed for the water.

Marshall grinned as he stripped down to his swim shorts. He ran to catch up with her. “I love swimming.” He said with a smile as he walked into the water.

"Okay, but stay close to the shore, where we can see you." Kimba said.

"I'll watch over them." Sina said, shedding her clothes to reveal her swim suit and the tattoos that covered her upper arms.

“I can swim.” Marshall protested. It was something he was really good at. He liked the water. “But it is good to swim together.”

Sina walked into the water, it was warm but refreshing.

Kimba stripped down to her bikini, lay down on the sand and put a large straw hat over her face, and enjoyed the heat of the sun on her skin.

Her leave mate having been called back to the ship on urgent business, Lunara was taking a stroll to see the sights of Risa by herself. She was dressed fairly modestly, with what basically amounted to shorts and a t shirt. She saw some faces that looked vaguely familiar in the distance and waved. "Hey!" She called out, "You're Pioneer, right?"

Hearing Lunara's voice, Kimba removed her hat and sat up. "Yeah, I'm Nurse Rossi, Kimba."

Lunara grinned. "Finally! I've been looking all over the planet for a familiar face. Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all, you're more than welcome." Kimba said. "Corporal Ravena is swimming with Helena O'Rourke and Marshall Ericson, and I've just been soaking up the sun."

"Mm. Water's a little blue for my tastes, but I suppose there's nothing we can do about that," she grinned, walking over. "Lunara Hol, ship's counselor. Nice to meet you!" She extended a hand, smiling.

"Nice to meet you at last, Lunara, Doctor O'Rourke as mentioned you before." Kimba replied shaking the offered hand.

The two women sat and talked as they enjoyed some lemonade that Kimba had brought with her.

In the water

Helena asked Sina. "What do those mean?" Indicating the tattoos that covered the Marine's shoulders and upper arms.

"They represent my ancestors." Sina said. "Those on my right arm are my mother's family and those on the left are the family of my father." She explained. "Family is very important to my people, and the tattoos are a way of showing my ancestry at a glance." "There are some peoples of Earth that do a similar thing, I've heard."

"Wow." Helena said. "Did they hurt?"

"Yes, a lot, since they were made in a traditional way without anaesthetic." Sina said.

"That's it, I'm not getting any tattoos." Helena said.

Before Sina could say anything in response, her comm. badge chimed.

Answering it she said. "This is Corporal Sina Ravenna of the USS Pioneer, who am I speaking with?"

"This is Commander Zahran Golar of the USS Pershing. We are looking for Marshall Ericson, his parents have been reassigned to this vessel and we are here to collect him.

"The boy is here with me. I await your arrival. Raveena out." Sina said and closed the channel.

Then to Marshall she said. "Marshall, get you gear together, the USS Pershing is on her way to pick up, your parents will explain once you're aboard."

Reluctantly the boy went to grab his gear.

Moments later a transporter beam coalesced into the shape of a Saurian male, dressed in a Command red Commander's uniform. "Marshall, I'm Commander Golar, we've been looking for you all over Risa. I'm here to take you to your new home." He said holding out his hand to the boy.

Marshall reluctantly accepted it.

"Pershing, this is Golar, two to beam up." The Commander said.

Helena waved good bye as the two were enveloped in a transporter beam and were gone.

Helena sighed and returned to her swimming.


Sina and Helena returned to the beach to dry off, before exploring their surroundings.

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