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Ballroom Blitz

Posted on Tue Mar 1st, 2022 @ 3:11am by Commander Jek'Lar Son of Koss & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Claire Eriksson & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren & Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Ensign Eleanor Raine & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lunara Hol & Major Cornelius Tremble & 1st Lieutenant Edmund Merrick & Lieutenant Commander Dartaw K'gunn & Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Empok Nor- The Breakers
Timeline: MD002 2230 hrs

Neil had half a load on.

That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. If there was ever a time and place for it, this might be it. His natural proclivity was to be sober and slightly aloof. The corps manual said leaders had to be approachable, but his experience as an NCO had taught him that you always wanted junior enlisted (and junior officers) to develop problem solving skills and know what should be brought up the chain and what could be handled without bothering your sergeant.

Neil polished off his glass and was turning to place it on the counter when he sensed someone moving into his personal space.

Larta slid a leather and silk clad arm across Neil’s shoulders and smiled at him as he started. She grinned a toothy grin at him and said, “You’re getting old. Or slow. Maybe both Neil? You didn’t see me enter.”

Squinting at the Klingon, he glanced at her and nodded appreciatively. “And we all know how you like to make an entrance, Ambassador.” Neil suspected that certain parts of her outfit were actually painted on, but the leather and silk tunic she wore was real enough.

Larta squinted back at the use of her title and shoved a glass in his hand. “Here. Blood wine is a more suitable drink for such an occasion.” She gathered another glass and clinked it against the one she’d given Neil.

“To, you my brother,” she said, raising a toast. “Congratulations on your promotion. May both your days and nights be filled with conquests for many years to come. And when you die, may you do so gloriously, regardless of the battlefield.”

The glasses overflowed with the force of their touch and then she was drinking and Neil could only follow suit.

It was really bad luck not to drink when toasted by a Klingon.

Larta laughed as she watched Neil drain his cup and tossed the empty onto the bar and said, “Right. Now what are we drinking?”

Neil nearly coughed as the blood wine rushed into his system. Sighing through a burp, he grabbed two more staged glasses from the bar and shoved one into Larta’s hand this time. “Our medic states this is Rakshi. A fermented drink from someplace, he half slurred before taking a breath and steadying himself. “Thank you, Larta. Here’s to you and here’s to me. And if we ever disagree, Clot you and here’s to me!!” He drained the glass, slapping the empty glass onto the bar and eyeing her as she started to sniff the drink.

Larta started to sniff the strange brew, but as Neil tossed his back, she followed suit and felt the alcohol burn at her nostrils and start to do battle with the blood wine she’d drunk previously.

“Ooooh. Very nice,” she grinned at Neil. A tone sounded in her ear and her grin widened. “And here comes the entertainment.

Neil followed her gaze and he saw five Klingons climbing the band platform and ushered the previous band off. They unlimbered instruments and struck up a deafening sound. He’d heard it before. Klingon death metal. Eyeing Larta, he half shouted. “Well, there goes the neighborhood.”

Larta was letting her head bang with the music, her hair loose and floating as she grinned and felt the music in her bones. She met Neil’s gaze and said, “You have to set the stage for these things. Here comes the rest of the gift: from me to you and the Federation Marine Corp.”

Now Neil’s gaze was drawn to the entrance and he saw Klingon’s begin pouring into the bar. They began pooling in front of the stage and by the time the band had hit its third song, this one not quite as loud, a mosh pit had started.

It wasn’t long after that that Larta grinned at Neil and said, “Congratulations.”

Leaning in close, as if to make sure he could hear what she had to say, Larta instead head-butted Neil, sending him reeling.

Miranda was late to the party due to a last-minute order from somewhere. Probably someone who wanted to be at the Major's party. She heard the noise as she approached and cringed. She was not a fan of Klingon death metal. But she did like the Major, so she took a deep breath and walked in...just in time to see a Klingon female hit her boss. She stormed in and grabbed a bottle. "This is on me," she told the bartender as she approached. Only, one of the dancing Klingons got in her way, so she swung at him with the bottle, connecting with his face. Then she elbowed him in the solar plexus.

"He's Klingon," a female said from behind her. "He's like a rock. You have to hit him where it hurts most, and he's probably not wearing a codpiece." Kaylara grinned. "I'm in Intel. Give me a crack at him." She didn't wait for an answer, but kneed him in the groin, then hit him in the face with a chair. "Name's Kaylara. Hi."

Miranda grinned back. "Hi." She elbowed the Klingon again to make sure he was down and looked for the Major.

Hermia had been sitting at a table just off the stage when the Klingon Death Metal started. She was just getting to her feet, when the room started filling with Klingons.

The CMO rolled her eyes and ducked as a fist approached her face.

Avoiding the blow, she sent an elbow into the Klingon's throat.
In spite of his size and lung capacity, he was temporary struggling for breath.

"You'll be okay," She told him and headed off into the fray.

Alyssa, as a new arrival, had not been privy to the party for Tremble. But the cacophony of Klingon Death Metal got her attention. She walked into the bar and instantly regretted it as it brought back too many memories. Still, she walked in and picked up a plate, hoping not to use it.

Lunara had only just gotten out of an emergency appointment herself, and hoped she hadn't missed the party. Turning the corner into the bar, it seemed she was right on time.

"What the hell!?" She took a few quick steps into the bar, intending to break it up, before she thought better of it. She'd get broken like a twig, and it didn't look like anybody was using any weapons. Blowing off some steam might do everybody a bit of good. She saw a familiar, non-fighting face and walked over to its owner, quickly sidestepping a sprawling pair of entangled bodies on the way. "Come here often?" She winked at Alyssa.

The science officer chuckled. "First time. I should have expected something like this with Marines and Klingons in a bar." Although she hadn't expected the Klingons--or the music.

Jek'Lar had taken to his new posting with relative ease. The only hitch at the moment was learning what happened to his predecessor. Although that could wait as he had heard his old friend Larta was on the station and he wanted to catch up with one of his old COs. He headed to The Breakers and found a number of Starfleet and Klingon personnel already enjoying themselves.

Jek'Lar made his way to the bar where he saw Larta and the Pioneer's XO Major Tremble talking. "Evening Major... Captain Larta it is good to see you it has been a long time."

The two had been circling each other, stupid grins on their faces and blood trailing from the Marine's nose and the ambassador's lip. At the sound of their names coming so calmly through the din of the celebration, Neil risked a glance toward Jek'Lar and then glanced back at Larta who shrugged.

"We can continue your beating later, blood brother," Larta grinned, turning to Jek'Lar. "Jek'Lar. I had heard you were about. She ducked as a glass sailed past them and thumped into the crowd that was trying to decide if they were fighting or dancing.

"Welcome to the Breakers, Commander" Neil said, wiping at the blood on his face, taking in the Klingon officer. "The Ambassador brought blood wine for the festivities. Though I do think all the paperwork is starting to get to her. And that nice, soft desk chair she's been nesting in.."

Scowling at the human, Larta let go several choice expletives and said. "You're one to talk, Neil. A marine agreeing to become the executive officer of a starship? They'll talk you into switching over to Starfleet next..."

Then she glanced back toward Jek'Lar, wiping what appeared to be beer from her face as she looked him over. "Not interested in taking joy in the celebration, Jek'Lar? Or has my position as Ambassador changed me?"

"I can see that you practice Klingon diplomacy Ambassador. I have in fact come to see you and to celebrate the Major's promotion..." A steel looking chalice was placed in front of Jek'Lar and filled with bloodwine. He raised the chalice. "To the glory of House Shog. Long may it stand..."

Larta automatically grabbed a drink from the bar, ripped the lid off of it and raised the tankard into the air, meeting Jek'Lar's toast. After draining the blood wine, she dropped the tankard back onto the bar and claimed another. Then, grinning maliciously she said, "Indeed. And, since he is the guest of honor: To Major Tremble, may he survive the night."

Neil followed suit with the toast, draining his own tankards and then squinted at Larta as she toasted him and he picked up another tankard grimly. "Thanks Larta."

"Oh, don't thank my yet, brother," she grinned at him. "I think Jek'Lar just changed this to a drinking contest."

Jek'Lar was a Klingon, but he was also a Starfleet Officer and was not one to strike a superior officer. However, a drinking contest was something he could get behind. "What say you Tremble... We drink until Kahless himself takes the wine away." He signaled for another round.

Channeling his inner gunny, Neil nodded toward Jek'Lar and then jostled Larta's elbow as she was drinking from her tankard, causing her to spill. Grimly he picked up two more tankards, thrusting one to the Ambassador as he held the other up toward Jek'Lar. "To Kahless!" he toasted. "May he guide your staggering steps." Then he drained the tankard and let it drop.

Larta recovered, wiping off her chin and glared briefly before taking the next canard and downing it without comment. She gathered more tankards as the three drank and handed them out, offering her own toast. "To Kahless," she breathed. "May your stamina equal his as you try to beat me in this!!"

Jek'Lar gathered another round and raised his tankard. "To Kahless, may you never waiver as he is steadfast."

Neil raised his mug along with the two Klingons, wordlessly as they turned to serious drinking.

Even with all the noise, Alyssa recognized the voice at the bar. Jek'Lar. Emotions and memories swarmed around her like a tornado. For a moment she felt like she couldn't breathe. The plate she was holding cracked, snapping her back to reality. What was he doing here? She set the plate on the nearest table and looked for a way to carefully extract herself from the room without being noticed. And without getting caught in the middle of the bar fight. Even so, she couldn't help watching him for a long moment.

As he sipped his bloodwine Jek'Lar saw Alyssa out of the corner of his eye. He had not seen her in a few years, since he was assigned to the Archimedes. It seemed that the years had been kind to her and simply made her more attractive. However, for the moment he was here for the Ambassador and the Major. He would talk with her as soon as he could, and when he was sure she was ready to talk to him. Klingons may be all glory and honor in the public world, but the private world was another story.

The sound of a table breaking snapped Alyssa out of her shock at seeing her former bondmate again. The last time she'd accidentally been in a bar fight was with Teenah...and Jek'Lar. That was a little over two years ago. He was transferred to the Federation Consulate on Qo'noS shortly after. She heard from him once, after he arrived. When she tried to reach him a month later, she'd been informed that he was going to marry a woman from another house and she would not be allowed to speak with him again. She wondered, briefly, if his wife here with him. The thought was still too painful.

She realized that she still hadn't moved, and that she was trembling. She had to leave, to go somewhere quiet and get control of herself. She didn't think that seeing him again would still hurt this much after so long.

"Excuse me," Alyssa said to Lunara. Her voice was mostly calm. Without waiting for a response, she turned and walked out. She couldn't stop herself from casting one agonized glance at Jek’Lar as she passed him. The arboretum. She'd go there until she could get control of herself again. It might take a while.

"Oh, I'll see you later." Lunara didn't need to be a counselor to know something was up. She'd have to check on her later. Right now, it looked like she needed some time alone.

Kaylara was having fun. She didn't go looking for a fight, but she didn't walk away from one, either. She grinned at the Marine beside her. The other woman was a decent fighter and it was always better to take on trouble with a partner. "Ready for another one?'

Miranda raised an eyebrow. "Only if he--or she--swings first." She didn't generally attack unprovoked. But the situation could quickly get out of hand. Marines, Klingons, and alcohol was a dangerous combination.

The Romulan chuckled. "Let's see if we can assist some of your friends, then." Without waiting for a response, she headed for another fight.

Miranda chuckled and followed her. A rather inebriated Klingon was glaring at another Starfleet officer. She nodded to Kaylara and then slipped behind him.

"Hey, ugly!" Kaylara called, coming up to the man.

He turned to face the Romulan and gave her a feral grin. "Romulan!"

Miranda dropped to her knees right behind him just before Kaylara pushed. As the Klingon tripped over her, she moved out of the way. She got to her feet and pulled a tablecloth off the nearest table and covered him with it. "I don't think he'll get out of that in a hurry."

The Romulan laughed and dropped the centerpiece on top of him. "Now, I think we should have a drink."

"You hit like a child!" Hermia said to her opponent, as she wiped blood from the side of her mouth.

The Klingon bellowed and throw another punch.

Hermia grabbed his wrist and used his own momentum, to roll him over her hip and into a nearby bulkhead.

The Klingon metal was rather boisterous and loud, but it fit the mood that Merrick was in, a fighting mood. A large gloved fist came towards him from the right side and catching sight of the movement in his peripheral vision Merrick pivoted enough for the fist to be just a grazing blow, he going with the blow and turning to face his opponent. It was a rather large Klingon, who stood a foot taller than he Merrick being six foot in height. The momentum of the spin he made, Merrick landed a hard blow to just below the ribs of the Klingon. He followed up with a strike with his left fist to the solar plexus, resulting in a slight grunt from the Klingon. The Klingon growled as he swung once more at Merrick, who ducked under it, slamming his right fist to the stomach then upwards with his left fist, which the Klingon grabbed.

The Klingon pulled him forward to do a head butt. Merrick saw stars when the ridged forehead connected to his, sending him stumbling back. Shaking his head to clear it some he saw the Klingon moving forward to press his attack. There was just barely enough room for Merrick to do a spinning back kick, sending the Klingon reeling backwards when his kick hit the stomach once more. He followed up with a spinning kick to the side of the head of the Klingon, which had him off balance and sent the Klingon spinning and hitting a table then hit the floor. Merrick grinned, that felt good. Feeling a trickle of blood, Merrick wiped it off with the back of his sleeve to keep it from getting into his eyes. Then he looked for another opponent.

Seeing what happened to Merrick, she said. "LT, that's going to leave a mark." Indicating his forehead.

A Klingon approached Merrick from behind. Hermia saw him. Using the Marine Officer for balance, she grabbed on to his shoulders, and sent a high kick into the Klingon's face, and heard the wet crack as she broke his nose.

"Thank you, dance class." She whispered.

Merrick laughed, "Yes it will and nice kick." he stated, "Oh looks like someone wants a dance with you!" noting another Klingon coming from behind Hermia. "Sorry pal, she's dancing with me." then said to Hermia, "Care to do a duet kick?" he quipped.

"Sure, let's show 'em how it’s done." Hermia said.

"On my mark." he said quietly and when the Klingon was just close enough, he said. "Now." as a signal for them both to kick the incoming male, Merrick aiming for the stomach.

While Hermia's kick impacted with the Klingon's lower chest. The power of both kicks sent the Klingon stumbling into a nearby table, as he lost his balance.

Merrick grinned as he turned to Hermia, "Now I call that teamwork." he took another look around, "This has certainly turned into quite the party." giving a laugh. "So, dance classes? You must have been one of the top students."

"You flatter me, sir." Hermia said. "I ended up learning from a hologram, because all the flesh and blood instructors, said something about me not taking instruction well. Imagine that."

"Well people tend to learn at their own pace and speed. And seems like you hadn't found the right instructors except for the holo instructor." Merrick looked around to maybe get into another fight then decided he maybe had enough. "I think I'll get another drink before I call it a night." giving a bit of a grin.

"Would you like some company?" Hermia asked.

Merrick looked at Hermia, he was feeling conflicted should he or should he not? Well heck why not. Having a drink with the one who teamed up with him. It didn't have to lead into anything. She was a beautiful red head. He paused, "You know, sure let's get a drink, maybe not here? It’s getting a bit noisy, but I don't quite know where to go to get another drink at. Do you have any suggestions?" He grabbed hold of her shoulder making Hermia and himself duck as a chair flew through the air.

"I'd invite you back my quarters, but I don't want to wake my daughter." Hermia said. "Perhaps we could find another open bar."

Edmund gave a nod, "Sounds good to me. And I wouldn't want to wake your daughter either."

Dartaw entered the Bar. He signaled for the band to take five.

When the music stopped, he plucked a glass out of the air that was flying towards him and ducked a thrown chair.

"Okay, fun's over." He said in his big deep voice. "I'm Lieutenant Commander K'gunn, Chief of Station Security, and anyone that doesn't want to spend the night in the Brig, better leave now."

Kaylara and Miranda didn't need to be told twice. Both women turned and walked out of the bar.

Edmund seeing and hearing the entrance of the Chief of Station security, was most impressed then he looked at Hermia, "Guess that is our cue to exit stage left. C'mon then let's go and find another place to have a drink then." he crooked his arm towards Hermia, gave a gesture with his head, with a brief smile.

Hermia linked her arm in his and said, "Far be for me to stay where I'm not wanted." And accompanied the Marine Officer out of the bar.

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