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Family People

Posted on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 @ 9:56am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Claire Eriksson
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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Eriksson Quarters - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1000 hrs

Most if not all of the new transfers had checked in with either him or their department heads. That is all except one, his new Chief of Operations. Tyler knew that filling the shoes of one O Flannagain would be a hard task. But filling the shoes of both was almost monumental. However, he was happy to see that Ameri was replaced with another family woman. Secretly Tyler hoped that he would learn a thing or two from the woman about juggling fleet life and family life. So, he decided to make his way to the Eriksson quarters to get to know the new officer.

Tyler walked his ship deep in thought and in short order arrived at the quarters on deck 2. He rang the chime as he smiled and wished a passing crew member a good day.

Claire heard the chime and headed to the door. Marshall was in his room, catching up on some school work. She opened the door and her eyes widened, not expecting to see the captain.

Tyler smiled. "Welcome aboard the Pioneer Lieutenant...." He raised his hand to let her know everything was okay, before she jumped out of her skin. "At ease, I was taking a stroll and thought I would stop in to say hello."

"Please, come in." Claire stepped out of the way. "Thank you, Captain. I am honored to have been assigned here." She paused for a moment. "And even more relieved that my family is here as well."

Tyler walked into the quarters and took a look around. He could tell that a child lived there by the toys and such sprawled about. It was something that he looked forward to with his own family. He smirked when she mentioned her family being on the ship. It reminded him of his old friend who no longer on the ship. "You have our former XO to thank for that. He managed to talk me into allowing families on the ship. It is a long story but he won me over. I hope you are up to speed on the system upgrades like the QSD."

"I am." Claire said confidently. "I am glad he was able to. Happy crew are more dedicated and their minds are focused better." She smiled then. "Have you met Clark yet?"

"Not as of yet. Our Intel Chief runs a tight ship down there in the SCIF. But I am sure I will get to meet him soon enough..." Tyler's voice trailed off as he realized there was another reason that he sought the woman out. "If I may talk on a personal level for a few moments. Something that is not out to the crew yet is that my wife is pregnant. So, I was curious what life with a child is like in the fleet."

Claire smiled at him. "When I found out I was pregnant, I was so worried about raising a child on board a starship or a starbase. I was concerned that he wouldn't make friends or learn the value of maintaining them with us being transferred to different places." She took a deep breath and looked at the captain. "A child born on board learns early that things can and will change in a moments notice and they learn to adapt. Marshall was excited about this move. He likes meeting new people. When he was young, he had moments where he was bored but we introduced him to the holodeck and had some programs built so that he could experience life on a planet as well."

"The holo-programs are a great idea. Of course I know that what you are saying is correct, that a kid will make friends where ever they are. I think my bigger worry is concentration, and I mean my concentration. Can I really be trusted to command a ship that has my wife and child aboard. There is a risk... That... I don't if I am ready for." Tyler began to walk, almost pace as he spoke. He ran his hand through his hair as talked, an affectation that he did when stressed or when he worked a problem. In the back of his mind he felt bad for unloading on Claire, but he needed answers and she seemed the best person to give them.

“I get that.” Claire nodded. “Especially in your position. You have a crew and family to consider.” She took a deep breath. “I learned that in times of crisis to have an evacuation plan in place for Clark and Our son, just in case. It helps me to concentrate on my duties when I know that he will ensure their safety. It is all I can do because I love my job and this is the choice I made.”

"You do not have to worry about the possibility of ordering your husband to his death. As Captain that is always an option when your family is aboard the vessel." Tyler said as he began to pace. He did not mean to unload on his new Ops Chief. However, he could not help but pick her brain. "My biggest fear is whether or not I can make that decision should it arise, and arise it will."

"And it is something you will never truly know the answer to until the situation arises." Claire smiled sympathetically. "I know it isn't the answer you hoped for but there isn't really any way to 'know' Just like the first time you handled a crisis as the captain of a ship. I am sure you second guessed yourself until you were in the seat."

Tyler smiled as he looked at Claire. "I still do..." He let he voice trail off as he was lost in thought for the moment. "You know you are right. I can't live in the what if. I have to live in the here and now. Sorry to have bombarded you with this. Now tell me how you have been settling in, etc... I probably have talked enough." He tried to change the subject and shift gears before he dragged on for too long.

“I am honored you felt you could talk to me.” Claire said with a smile. “Please feel free to anytime.” She paused for a moment. “We are settling in well. I haven’t had a chance to meet many of the crew but I start work in the morning and that will change fast.”

"Well taking some time to settle in is always the best way of things. Do you have any questions, concerns or comments?" Tyler felt that he had taken up enough of her time with his worries and now felt like he should hear her out. That is if she had anything to talk about.

"Not yet." Claire replied. "Give me a couple days and you may wish you hadn't asked." She had a grin on her face, to show the captain she was teasing.

"Very well... I have taken up enough of your time and I am sure you have a lot of settling in to do. I will see you on the Bridge." Tyler smiled and made his way for the door. When the doors swished open he turned back. "And Lieutenant... Thanks for everything..."

"Anytime Captain." Claire said sincerely. "I am honored by the visit, Sir." This had set any concerns she had about their transfer. This is just what they needed.

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