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Posted on Thu Dec 16th, 2021 @ 3:40am by Captain Winfield Hood & Senior Chief Petty Officer Leela Capella
Edited on on Thu Dec 16th, 2021 @ 3:45am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Station Commander's Office - Central Core Deck 1 - Empok Nor
Timeline: MD002 1000 hrs

Captain Hood sat in his office and looked over a proposal for a Romulan Embassy on Empok Nor. It seemed that an Ambassador Loval wanted the establish an office on the station. Winfield knew that it was ultimately not his decision to make. It was up to the Cardassian government, however, if his word carried any weight he would make sure that the embassy did not happen. He tossed the PADD on his desk as the door chime sounded. "Come on in..."

"Morning, Captain." Leela said. "Nice place you have here, but the Cardassian design ecstatic is too spartan for my liking."

"Morning Chief. Cardassian designs could do with a little homey touches here and there. What can I do for you?" Hood said as he motioned toward the seat in front of his desk.

Taking the offered seat, Leela said. "Well, I've been assigned to the Pioneer and I thought I'd catch up with a few old friends while I was here."

"Well it is certainly good to see you Chief. Tell me what the hell have you been up to. I know I can sleep a little better knowing that you are in the sector." Hood replied and replicated a carafe of rachtijino with all the fixings, for himself and his friend.

"Well after leaving the Starfire, I was assigned to the Bridgetown that was tasked with exploring deep into the Beta Quadrant." Leela began. "It was mostly star mapping, with a little first contact sprinkled in." She paused a moment remembering when things changed for the worst. "The normal stuff. That was until the kojat sh.t hit the fan." She sighed.

"A race called the Zelan, they're kind of like the Pakleds, they use savaged tech, but they are more engineering minded and a lot more violent." The Master-at-Arms explained. "Using a mixture of Romulan, Klingon and Dominion tech, they attacked us without warning. Half the crew were dead or injured, before we even know what hit us."

Hood laughed as he thought about his own younger days. "You know at times I lament my command. I miss the days of living out on the edge doing what it takes and exploring. Not having to make the big decisions." He sighed wistfully. "Well I am sure that Captain Malbrooke will be lucky to have you. I shouldn't be too wishful for excitement. I don't know if you heard but we are recuperating from an occupation here."

"Yeah, Dartaw told me about that. Cardassians, Former Starfleet, Maquis, and Breen, must have been a glorious battle." Leela said. "He'd played down his own role in defending the station, but I'm sure he was on the front line."

"Of course he was. You know a Klingon can't be too far from battle no matter orders. As for the gloriousness of the battle, that is still up for debate..." Hood began the back of his mind turned to how the loss of the station was his fault, or so he thought. And that there was still a traitor out there that needed to be dealt with. "...I am hoping that things will die down around these parts now. Especially now that the Pioneer has been ordered on open patrols. That should allow for the ship to be here a little more often."

"I hope that works out for you, but as I'm sure Dartaw will put in his Security report that he and myself were attacked by a squad of Klingons in Cargo Bay 4. They were led by a man names SorghvuQ and had a personal vendetta with Dartaw. We dispatched three, but the others beamed away, taking the bodies with them." Leela said.

"The fun never stops on this station..." Hood said with an exasperated sigh. "I look forward to reading the report, but I am glad that the two of you made it away without injury. We may have to let our Cardassian friends deal with this. This is after all their station. Did Dartaw say what this vendetta was about?"

"No, but I gathered it was about him defecting from the KDF." Leela said.

"Hmmm that is definitely something to keep an eye on. I would hate to have this station overrun with Klingons seeking a vendetta against one another. I am sure that is one excitement you will not have on the Pioneer." Hood smiled when he spoke. He knew that the Petty Officer liked being where there was always something interesting.

"Indeed." Leela said. "Dartaw and I discussed a few security upgrades, that could be put in place."

"Excellent...." Hood let his voice trail off as something occurred to him. Something that he had been meaning to ask Leela. "Have you ever considered going to the Academy? You would make one hell of an officer."

"I've thought about it." Leela replied. "Part of why I left Capella was that I wanted to make my own decisions." She added. "I may do in the future, but for now I'm fine where I am."

"Well I will say that if you make the decision to go to the Academy. That will be Starfleet's gain for sure." Hood replied with a smile.

"Thank you, sir." Leela said. "I still have some friends on Capella, and you can expect a crate of Capellan red wine in the next few weeks. I know how much you enjoy it." She added with a smile.

"Thank you Chief. Once it is here I will make sure to save a bottle to share and some stories of course. Please do not allow me to keep you from your new crew. I am sure they are anxious to meet you." Winfield was rather pleased to see his station building into a home. A place where old friends can reconnect.

Rising from her chair, she said. "I'd like that." She smiled. "Stay strong, Captain." She added by way of a good bye.

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