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Medical Exchange

Posted on Sat Dec 18th, 2021 @ 12:56am by Titania (Nee' Jarot) O'Rourke MD PhD & Chief Petty Officer Sara MacCallum
Edited on on Tue Dec 21st, 2021 @ 4:22am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Transport Golden Dawn Empok Nor
Timeline: MD001 0500 hrs

Chief Petty Officer Sara MacCallum sat in her seat aboard the transport Golden Dawn. She was on her way to Empok Nor in order meet up with the USS Pioneer.

There was commotion up front and a flight attendant approached her. "Chief MacCallum, you're a nurse, right?" The attendant asked.

"Yes, how can I help?" Sara asked.

"We have a passenger that is complaining of stomach pain, could you take a look?"

"Of course." Sara said getting up from her seat. "I'm going to need a medkit."

The flight attendant sent another attendant to grab a medkit, while she led Sara to the patient.

"Chief, this is Mr. Alison."

"Mr. Alison, I'm Sara and I'm a nurse. Can you tell me where it hurts?"

"Its my stomach." Mr. Alison said.

"I'm going to lift you shirt and i'm going to touch your stomach andsee if I can find where it hurts, Okay?"


"Okay, here we go." She said lifting his shirt and touch his stomach beginning at the top and working her way down. "Tell when it hurts."

It wasn't until she reached the bottom of his stomach that he screamed out in pain.

"Okay, I think its your appendix and its inflamed." It was at this time that the other attendant arrive with the medkit and Sara drew the tri-corder. and scanned the area. "I was right it is your appendix and I afraid its in bad shape, I'm going to have to remove it."

Addressing the lead attendant, Sara asked "Do you have a portable sterile field?"


"Okay, then replicate me two bottles of vodka, the proper stuff, not synthol."


"You're going to operate here?" Mr. Alison's partner asked. "But, you're a nurse, how many times have you done this?"

"None, but I've observed and assisted many times." Sara replied as she prepared the anaesthetic."

The attendant returned with the bottles and Sara had her help put Mr. Alison in a lying position.

Once he was positioned, Sara asked the lead attendant her name.

"Jen and that's Penny." She replied.

"Okay, Jen, your going to assist me and Penny, you're going to monitor his vital signs using the tri-corder, understood."

"Yes." they both replied.

"Then we'll begin." Sara started by cutting off the patient's shirt.

She then gave Mr. Alison the anaesthetic.

Once he was under, she used the alcohol to wash her hands and put some on the patient where she was going to make the incision.

Picking up the laser scalpel she made the incision, widening it so she could fit a hand inside.

"Jen, I'm going to need you to wash your hands with the alcohol and then reach into the patient and hold the appendix while I cut it from the body, can you do that?"

Jen took a deep calming breath, before saying "yes." and preparing her hands.

Sara directed her to the appendix and made sure she had a firm but gentle grip on the organ.

The nurse then began to cut the veins that joined the appendix to the body. There was no blood as the scalpel cauterized the wounds as it worked.

After a while it was done and Sara was closing the incision.

"Good work everyone." She said.

Mr. Alison partner said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Sara replied.

To Jen and Penny she said. "Thank you." And asked them to bring a pillow and blanket for Mr. Alison. "I'll stay here and monitor him, until we reach Empok Nor.

Later as the transport approached Empok Nor.

"Golden Dawn to Empok Nor."

"Empok Nor to Golden Dawn, what is your condition?"

"We have a passenger who has undergone an appendectomy while enroute request immediate transport to Infirmary."

"Request granted, initiate transport."

Empok Nor Infirmary

There was a shimmer of particles and both the patient and a woman in Starfleet teal materialised in the room.

Dr. Titania O'Rourke ran over to the patient, tri-corder in hand. "What's his condition she asked the other woman.

"Stable." Sara replied. "luckily, it was my first appendectomy."

Titania scanned the patient. "Then you're a natural, I couldn't have done better myself."

"Well I had a good teacher when I was assigned to SFMCB - Diamond." Sara said.

"Would the his teacher happen to be Dr. Hermia O'Rourke by any chance?" Titania asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Sara asked.

"She's my daughter, I'm Dr. Titania O'Rourke nice to meet you."

"Nurse Sara MacCallum, assigned to the USS Pioneer as Head Nurse, nice to meet you too."

"So, the Pioneer, you'll be working with Hermia again."

"Yes and I'm looking forward to it." Sara said. "So, Doc, how did you end up here? You're a civilian after all."

"I originally came here to bring my granddaughter, Helena back to her mother." Titania said.

"Yeah, she talked about Helena and how she missed her. Her ex had full custody, didn't he?" Sara said.

"Yes, and he only did it to hurt Hermia." Titania said. "But, luckily an anonymous caller, contacted the Law Society with some evidence of some illegal actions he'd been involved in and his ties to the Orion, Andorian, and Nausicaan crime syndicates. And after an investigation and trial, he's now locked in a little room for the next few decades."

"That is lucky." Sara said catching the hint that Titania was the anonymous caller. "Break ups can be rough, I'm glad things eventually worked out for the best."

"Me too." Titania said. "Now I've aired my family's dirty laundry, tell me about yourself."

"Me? I'm nothing special, I was born and grew up on a colony on the edge of Federation Space. I always had a need to help others, so I left home at 17 and joined the Marines and trained as a medic. Over time I trained as a nurse and later transferred to 'Fleet." Sara said.

"I must have been lonely out there." Titania said.

"A little, I grew up on the Marine Base where there were other children around my age. My father was a Marine officer and my mother worked at the nearby Science Labs." Sara said.

"I know how that can be, my ex-husband, Hermia's father, is a Marine officer." Titaina said. "He'd be away on some mission or other."

"Is the fact that he's a ex, have anything to do with him being a Marine?" Sara asked. "Sorry, I'm prying."

"Its fine, to answer your question, I'd say partly, but sometimes he was just an arse." Titaina said.

"I've met guys like that." Sara said. "I worked with a Tellarite who took, what I thought was friendly banter, was foreplay." She paused. "That was an interesting situation."

"I can imagine." Titania said with a smile. "Tellarites can be very stubborn, especially when they're wrong."

"Agreed." Sara said. "Well, Its been nice talking to you, Titania, but I better get some sleep, before the Pioneer arrives."

"Of course, I'll take care of Mr. Alison." Titania said. "Transports aren't exactly known for their comfort."

"You can say that again." Sara replied. "I'll stop by later to check on my patient."

"Okay, see you then. Sleep well, Sara." Titania said.

"Thanks, I intend to." Sara said. "Later, Doc." she added as she headed for her assigned quarters on the Station."

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