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Say what now?

Posted on Fri Oct 15th, 2021 @ 11:29am by Major Cornelius Tremble & Captain Larta Daughter of Shog
Edited on on Tue Oct 19th, 2021 @ 4:54am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Various. USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD006 2045 hrs

Neil stretched as he stepped off the Oakley’s boarding ramp and moved to the side. He was tired after being constantly on for the past few days. And he could do with some down time. The inbox icon in his HUD blinked consistently as new messages updated to the queue and rerouted via sub-routine to individual boxes. Then the incoming message icon blinked and he half grinned, half sighed.

It was Larta.

Walking across the landing bay toward the hatch, he active the com and said. “Hello Larta. I want to thank you again for helping me.”

The Klingon Ambassador’s image blinked into his HUD, and she regarded him with her green eyes and she smirked. “You look like Bak’ bait, Neil. Don’t tell me you’re just now getting back aboard the Pioneer.”

“You know I am, Larta,” he responded. “I left that data tracer you downloaded in place until we docked so you would know where we were.”

Making a face at the marine, Larta shrugged. “Well, what did you expect. I don’t mind running a con on Romulan scum, but if they’d called that bluff and you’d gotten dead I’d have looked foolish.”

Neil smirked at that as he stepped into a turbo lift. “Well we couldn’t have that, Neil replied, “But you likely know I also disabled it so what can I do for you?”

“I need a favor,” Larta told him, watching his face as he moved about the Pioneer’s companionways.

“Name it,” Neil replied without hesitation. “I owe you a few, it seems.”

“There’s an ambassadorial function in a few days where it would benefit me to have a suitable Federation escort. The Garalall delegation is hosting another of the endless parties and I thought you’d be ideal.”

Regarding her image steadily, Neil shook his head and said. “That’s going to be some message. The feisty Klingon Ambassador and a Buck Sergeant Federation Marine that was present during the landing and subsequent peace keeping mission.”

“And, “the Klingon ambassador said, leaning back comfortably in her tub, “Who’s a rising member of the Elite Star Fleet Marine Ranks. That’s just the image I want Stregger Deg to remember. You will wear your full dress uniform of course.”

“Larta,” Neil whined, “I just got back from leave and now you want me to…

“Yes,” she said, cutting him off with a smirk. “You said it yourself that you owe me. And we both know that you need to attend these functions when you can to prepare yourself for the inevitable rise in rank to, what did Brigadier Sobel call it? A Field Grade officer.”

“Sobel,” Neil asked somewhat surprised. “How did he get into this conversation?”

“Well Neil,” Larta stated easily, glancing to the side and picking up the stemmed glass of mulled wine that rested on a small table. “Even if you’re not going to actively attend to your career longevity, you can’t blame others who are much wiser and smarter from doing it for you. I was back at Empok Nor for a few days and you came up. Apparently you’re being considered for something or other.”

“Something or other what,” Neil asked, his mind shifting gears now. He wasn’t aware of anything….

“I don’t know a lot,” Larta said. “And if you want to know what I know, you’ll show for the delegation event.” She drained the glass and put it back on the table, her gaze shifting then shifting back to lock onto his. “Quit complaining and just do it, Captain.”

Chuckling as he stepped off of the lift into Marine country, Neil saluted the Corporal of the guard as he passed, Neil said “Fine. Fine. Send me the details with your priority or I might miss them. You have no idea how much paperwork I have staring at me.”

Grinning, the half-klingon said, an evil smile tracing across her face “It’s your own fault. But speaking of that, I have business of my own to attend. Oh, and I mentioned your uniform. The General suggested full mess dress, whatever that means. Qupla!” Then she reached out to touch the screen before grasping the side of the tub and surging up from her bath, giving Neil a flashing view of her naked form before she stepped from the tub and out of the cameras angle.

Neil blinked at the suddenness and said, and said the first thing that came to mind. “Full mess dress. That’s with the cloak and pyro saber…what?”

Larta moved back into the camera, ostentatiously drying her self, giving him a view of her back and posterior. At his voice, she turned as if surprised and gave him a wink before laughingly calling out, “Computer, end transmission. I think he’s seen enough.”

“What the…” Neil verbalized, still a bit shocked by her actions. He was alone In the companionway as he entered his office and chucked his gear bags toward an open corner and dropped into his desk chair.

Processing things, he let his mind linger on the memory of her nude form and wondered what that was about. They’d always flirted occasionally but this was the first time she’d been that suggestive.

He wondered at that and shook his head, pushing it to the back of his mind. He really didn’t have time to try and figure that out just now. Instead he powered up his desk and began wadding through the stack of work.

“Full mess dress,” he growled to himself. “Thraggling wonderful.”

Captain Cornelius Tremble
Second Officer, USS Pioneer
Commanding Officer, The Cure

Ambassador Larta Daughter of Shog
Commanding Officer, Ram Cha' Par
House H'rell Bird of Prey


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