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Bridging The Gap Part II

Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 @ 1:12am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Paul Michael
Edited on on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 @ 1:19am

Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: Various
Timeline: MD005 1030 hrs

Last Time on Bridging The Gap Part I

"There is a large enough place to land at coordinates 336 mark 9." Lisae called out over the din of the shuttle. The shuttle began to shake and consoles burst into sparks as the it made its descent to the moon.

Paul used what was left of the thrusters to try to raise the nose of the runabout. "Brace yourself!!" The runabout crashed into the surface and skipped for hundreds of yards before coming to a stop.

And Now The Continuation

It took Paul a few seconds to gather his senses after he regained consciousness. He looked around...saw the damaged ship...then looked over to see if his passenger survived. He stood up, slowly, and went over to the still form of his passenger. He checked for a pulse.

USS Pioneer ~ Bridge
Meanwhile on the USS Pioneer, sensors could see that the Runabout had a rough landing. Shortly after that, an automated buoy started signaling that the Runabout Serenity was in trouble. Quinn frantically tried to opened a call to the runabout on the surface. "Runabout Serenity, status report." Quinn called out, but not getting a response. There was nothing but silence.

Runabout Serenity
Paul found a pulse, but she was still unconscious. He saw some blood. He stood up and started looking for a medkit. The windows of the runabout were cracked and missing. He walked to the back and saw that the aft section of the ruanbout was also gone. He grabbed some medical supplies and rations. He also grabbed a couple of phasers and phaser rifles. He returned to her and ran the medical scanner over her head.

Lisae came to groggily as Paul administered to her wounds. Getting injured was not in the brief. She would take this up with the Council and request hazard pay. Although now was not the time for such thoughts. She allowed herself a groan and the found that her voice was quite raspy and there was a dull pain in her right leg. "What happened?"

Paul cleaned her wounds. "We crash landed. The runabouts a wreck.. it's not flying again. How do you feel? Any injuries?"

"I think my leg is broken or pinned under the console. Where the hell are we?" Lisae asked as through gritted teeth as the pain shot through her body.

"We're on the planet that you spotted." Paul pulled a hypo out of the med kit. "This will help with the pain." He pressed it against her neck.

USS Pioneer ~ Bridge

Quinn was a little concerned when he did not get a response from the runabout. He continued to read his monitor. It was clear that the Runabout had crashed on the planet's surface. "Pioneer to the Serenity, please respond." Quinn called out, as he started to notice the bridge staff was looking at him. They were clearly waiting his orders.

Runabout Serenity

The pain dwindled as the medication that Paul administered took effect. Lisae was not sure how she would get out from under the console but one thing was for sure if they did not do something soon they would be stuck on this rock. She knew that she had to play on his sympathies, such was her mission. But perhaps if she played the hero for a moment... "I will be ok for the moment. Perhaps you should get the communications repaired and we can contact your ship."

"I jettisoned a distress bouy as we entered the planets gravity. My hope is that it actually did jettison, and is now in orbit, sending out a distress call." He ran the tricorder over her again. "First things first, I have to free you from that panel." Paul stood up, walked around her to the fallen panel, and sized it up. "I'm going to try to lift this up, and hopefully you can pull free." He knelt and grabbed the edge of the panel. "Ready?"

Lisae took a deep breath as she braced herself for the pain that would surely come, that and the sight of her mangled and most likely useless leg. After three breaths she nodded that she was ready and braced herself. The pain was overwhelming. While she appreciated the assistance Paul gave, she wondered why he did not just leave her there. It would have been what her people would have done.

Paul walked near the console. "I'm going to try to lift this some, so you may be able to pull yourself out." He knelt near the console. "Ready?"

Lisae gritted her teeth and bore down as she awaited the influx of pain. She nodded that she was ready. She braced herself with her hands to prevent from falling over. All at once Lisae realized that the scope of her original mission had changed. However, as the events unfolded she decided that there was something else that she could learn from this Paul Michael.

Paul tried to lift the console wouldn't budge....but on the third try, it lifted enough fpr Llise to get her leg free of the console. Paul pushed the console away, and helped Lisae get out of the way in case the console fell again. He pulled out the medical tricorder and scanned her leg.

The pants on her left leg had ripped away from just above the knee.

"The leg is broken, that much I can say for sure. Not sure what else could be wrong, but there is an intense pain everywhere." Lisae spoke through gritted teeth as a trickle of green blood trailed its way down her chin from the corner of her mouth.

Paul scanned her again. "Looks like you got internal bleeding, and I can't do anything for'll need a surgeon."

USS Pioneer ~ Bridge

Quinn started to receive the automated distress call, he was observing it from the display console. He had a big concerning look on his face. He knew that would only be activated for an emergency. Quinn looked around at the bridge crew, and was about to take action. The scene fades on the bridge.

Runabout Serenity

A small look of worry crawled across Lisae's face. "If that is is the case then we need to get off of this rock. May I suggest that for the time being you leave me be and concentrate on getting us airborne again. Perhaps then we can contact your ship." She was not going to tell him that she had arranged this, at least not yet. She had not learned all she could yet.

"I can't fix the ship, if I don't know what's wrong with it! All my scans say that the ship is completely operational yet nothing works." Paul paused. "I ejected a distress beacon before we crashed, if the ship picks up the signal, they should be here I need you to hang on!"

"I will try... I am sorry that I have dragged you out here and away from your loved one for what seems to be no reason. Hopefully we can get home. I need some water..." Lisae's voice trailed off as she allowed herself to feign unconsciousness for the briefest of moments.

He checked her vitals with the tricorder. He frowned when he looked at the readings. "No need to's part of the job." He picked up a water container and rubbed some water over her lips.

"Right so how long do you think it will take for your ship to receive the message and mount a rescue?" Lisae was curious how long she had. She also wondered exactly how quick Starfleet could respond.

"If the beacon reached orbit, they should be on their way here now."

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